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Everyone wants to see her bush back again, it was so natural and sweet and beautiful girl, grow it back!

so delightfully lurid, as ever

Get ready boo birds here I go again. Milena first appeared her in January 2010 she was presnted in a set by Leonardo. I fell for her then. Goncharov gave us he second set 30 days later. She had a top ten flag. Back to Leomardo and no flag. Then in March she hooked up with Erik Latika and was back in the top ten. She was only 19 then if we believe the info given. Her next 30+ sets, all with Eric. That's every one she has done, here. It should be obvious there is a special relationship there. I have repeated called her his Muse. Any newbie should review all of her sets. Her trust in Erik is obvious! In my opinion she is probably the most exotic/adventuresome model her. She has trusted Erik to try almost unbelievable sets. You never know what they will bring us next. She has allowed him to cover her in honey, climb tree's/ with a gun, look sexy laying on coastal rocks with surf slamming her, dressed as ballarena and her set Paix is one of the most unusual sets ever done here. At one point she stayed in the top ten for 6 or sevenn sets. And has popped back in later. Regarding her choice to be unshaven. Hell the site has flagged her that way on several sets so they have no complaint. The state of her trim changes constantly. she has gone from mild to wild, triangle to just a strip. But overall her unshaven or waxed look is just a much part of her as the emerging tattoo's on other models. We are still light on piercings. Since some of you are aware I am pushing for a Hall of Fame with the criteria I am going to propose in the next few days, even though Milena is my #1, she sadly fails to meet that criteria. A final point about her, if you do review her past sets pay attention to many "dressed" shots Eric has shared of her. She was still a teen when she started and seeing her in those shots you would never belief she is anything but a cute student.

Excellent accolades. She deserves every word of it. You do not have to like all of her work, but she does deserve your repect and admiration. She is willing to try anything. I bet some of the ideas are hers.

Thumbs up. Thumbs up. Thumbs up.

This is the officially translation of my comment: Very nice set from Erik Latika. Sweet little Milena:-) This dream Girl make me crazy... Bride? To marry immediately:-) Kisses all over from Switzerland...

The bush is coming back nicely! :)

There's nothing wrong with a little bush )).

I went looking for Met-Art and found a 20-year-old Frederick's of Hollywood catalog.

I don't understand these Frederick's and Victoria's comments... When has either of these catalogs shown their model's pussy!? Let's keep it real!

My comment was meant for a MetArt set..Maybe I could dream a little dream.


(ROFL !!!!!)

Milena is her usually fabulous self. And for the gross-out lovers she does do more erotic poses in other Met sites. I like her just fine.

Another wasted set due to stockings not being removed at some point.

I love Milena but wish the clothes had come off for this set.

Interesting 11 comments so far no real negative except maybe properly named Idealist about her unshaven status. Yet so boo birds pop the the thumbs down. Is it about her or the comment. How in the world is "Awesome set start to finish" call for a thumbs down. Another mystery.

Not really. Voters were showing their displeasure with the pics, not the model. If you like being teased & frustrated, then this set is for you.

If you like being teased and frustrated, this entire SITE is for you!! What else are we here for!?...LOL

105 !!!

Milena is very sexy in this "Victoria's Secret" set.

Good set from Erik Latika. Sladinka Milenschka is my favourite Girl:-) This Girl make me crazy... Sposa? Da sposare immediately:-) Kisses from Switzerland to this Sweety...

If your information is correct, isn't this exactly what Rylsky asked members NOT to do. Such is truly for stalkers with no regard for the life and safety of the models. Hopefully she has deeper cover if she so desires.

"Sladinka Milenschka" is not her name. I expect that it's some kind of slavic verbal game with meaning something like "sweet small cute Milena".

Yes, Sladinka Milenschka means in russian sweet little Milena... Just for information...

Roger where did you come up with that name.

I think he pulled it out of his 'alp'...;o)

I am so glad your still here, great comment...

lol Thanks. When I'm being a smartass, I never expect positive reactions... Most members are a bit too serious to appreciate my humor...or my sarcasm lol

Very nice set from Erik Latika. Sladinka Milenschka:-) This dream Girl make me crazy... Sposa? Da sposare immediately... Kisses all over from Switzerland...

Roger....you must be Russian, living in Switzerland...?
Are you sure "this dream girl" is what makes you "crazy"..?? lol If you want to get married, maybe you crazy long time...;o)

I'm italian, but I live in Switzerland. I was married for 8 years but I divorced 3 years ago:-) After the divorce, I discovered Met-Art and I subscribed for the lifetime:-):-):-) Beautiful Girls and Art or beautiful Girls and Landscapes are a perfect Cocktail...

Now that's what my wedding night is going to look like ... thanks for the insight into my honeymoon and another amazing look at Milena

I appreciate everything about Milena (with a slight reservation when her under arm hair is rampant). She is so attractive I would save sets comprised entirely of non explicit pictures. Thanks to both Milena and Erik.

Milena has some nice features but for someone who doesn't like hairy models it's a big pity for me to see she doesn't have a single set of pics without the bloody hairs :( Sooooooooooooo Sooooooooooo very pity!!! It tells me that she is just too lazy or doesn't care how many fans she might have or not have.

Well with the hope that her next set of photos may be fully shaved, I cross everything that I possess in pairs.

This is probably one of Milena's least hair-covered sets, not having yet checked out LATIKA as Neil suggests. I prefer less hair myself, but her shortly-cropped hairstyle of today's set gives me no grief. It is so thin that one can even see the subtle curves of her mound.

How the models keep themselves is likely to be a reflection of society more than what fans want. Right now, the trend is little if any pubic hair with the majority of young women. If you look at a cross-section of Met models, that is what you see, however Milena usually has hair, this is nothing new.

If you really want to see Milena almost completely shaved, check out LATIKA released on MetArt in 2010. It was one of her earliest sets and one of Erik Latika's first sets. But be warned, it is not a pretty sight. It was, in my estimation, a failed experiment. That is what I mean when I say she is an incredible model. She is game to try any idea. She and Erik have been creating a very large body of work for at least four years, for MetArt and other websites.

I think you may find that Milena poses in sets that get published on sites that are dedicated to hair fans. Therefore her hair may be "a tool of her trade." Or maybe she just likes her hair. Maybe she thinks her hair is part of her personal beauty.

Its about time, i was wondering when we would see her again. Please give us more of Milena, in daring & provocative pictures. Thx

Milena D is a perfectly incredible model. Her features speak for themselves. Her hair is just amazing. Milena can pull off any look, any expression. This particular set is a true pleasure and joy. Great work Milena, you are great.

Neil your comments garner a well deserved number of thumbs up, and a hard to understand number of thumbs down. Do you read the comments of other members? If you do read them how do you respond; ignore all comments, use your thumb buttons, post a new or reply comment, or . . .? Here I chose to give you a thumbs up and a reply comment.

When I write a comment, my main goal is to support and promote the model's self esteem. I try to imagine that the model is dressed at least in a t shirt and shorts. The size, shape or color of her genitalia is irrelevant at this point, as is her intimate grooming habits. I like to read her biography and study her face. Would I like her if I met her?

I give a thumds up to comments that respectfully compliment the model. I give no thumb up or down to an impolite compliment. And I give a thumbs down to comments that insult the model.

Most of these young ladies model for only two to five years before moving on to other interests. They are not battle hardened sex workers. I hope they can look back on their modeling experience with pride, remembering that they were beautiful.

I agree 100% with Neil's sentiment above and I tend to follow the same philosophy.

The models here put themselves 'out there' and I have high praise for them all, the same could be said for the photographers. If I am not attracted to a particular model or photographers style then apart from a little constructive criticism (photographers) I tend to keep my mouth shut as my taste may not be the same as other peoples taste.

Rant over!

And a fine rant it is!! ;o)

Awesome set from start to finish.

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