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I love her hairy pussy. It has enough hair to look natural, but it does not hide her sex - which is what hapens with many other unshaven models.

The bush does not look prehistoric, it looks just natural. Hairy human natural. I really respect men who don't like hairy pussy. But I really love it it is just natural and sexy. It makes her to be irresistible.

The hottest little hairy girl on the planet...no debate!

I am aware of only four videos with her, and only two of quality.

This little nymph is perfect in EVERY way!!!!!!!!

milena simply perfect beautiful such a hot woman what a wonderful pussy still waiting for some movies milena cant wait

By far my favorite model here. I'm just in love with her and her full, thick bush. I wish there were more like her. She's what a woman should look like.

This hairy pussy is a question of taste. I don't like it. But Milena is a beauty - no doubt! Especially her sweet face and her perfect tits are adorable. The background could be a little more interesting.

This is too much hair for me! Please shave! I love her so much when she is shaved!

I'd be happy to pick her pubes out from between my teeth any time any where

My favorite woman on this site. Never shave!


There is no question that Milena is probably the least "groomed" of models here unshaven/waxed. But that aspect of her is also one that has propelled her to her position on MetArt and Sexart. You never know what degree that will be until you view the set. I have commented before that she has done almost anything Erik could imagine. If he asked her to go bare she probably would. Both her and Erik seem to use that feature as part of their work together. It is not always the same. As the comments today show, it has worked for them. Accept her as she is because overall she and Erik have given us some of the spectacular sets ever published here.

Oh, I accept her -- I just don't download her stuff.

I prefer neatly trimmed

Too much hair --

Too obviously displayed.

Surprised not to see a "yay" from Doug, who is always cajoling the models to "let it grow". Well, she let it grow, that's for sure. She's stunning, I would welcome her with open arms, shaved or unshaved. Yum!

The bush lovers have to love this! For me it's a total thumbs down. This is one of the hairiest women on this site. But alas, one mans gold is another's trash and we all pay to see what we want. Enjoy.

For you that was a very fair comment... No boo bird from me...

Milena has been concentrating lately on demonstrating that she is a full-grown and VERY sexual woman. Catch her on some of the other Met sites, where she really gets into it.

Milena dressed / undressed
like a cavalry charge, gets into the heart of the battle
and brings into play all her jewels.

I prefer the girls completely shaved
but .... Milena is another thing.

Agreed, gaetano... Milena is in a class entirely to herself!

No matter how you look at Milena, she is a natural beauty, no if`s, or buts about it. Would love to know more about her.

I hit puberty when all girls had bushes, so that probably fixed my tastes for good. Clean is nice, but *hating* bush kind of makes me wonder if there's a bit of lust for prepubescent girls, IMHO. A million years of evolution cannot be wrong ;)

I agree with that. A million years of evolution cannot be wrong. I really love hairy pussy, it is just something that I am more interested, a shaved pussy is also lovely and tasty but when is full hairy it just become naturally human. I also hit puberty when all girls had bushes, PUSSY FULL OF HAIR, it makes a woman irresistible, hairy pussy is just natural, it is already computed and stored in our brain from long long time ago, that is why I love it and a lot of men also love a hairy pussy, some other guys don't like it they prefer just a shaved pussy no hair. But in my case I really LOVE HAIRY PUSSY IS JUST SO NATURAL AND BEAUTIFUL OR JUST BEAUTIFULLY NATURAL. THANKS METART FOR BRINGING THIS STUNNING HAIRY WOMAN TO US...


I thought the same thing about my tastes being set when I first saw women who had shaved. I hated it! I was adament that women should be furry down there. Over time I began to appreciate that a woman's body can be captivating shaved as well as unshaved.

But we all have our tastes- for me tattoos and piercings leave me cold and I wonder why they are so popular? No sense in trying to convert each other, might as well enjoy what you enjoy and move on.

Lotta excellent wallpaper material here...

Guess I'll be busy today!

The poses of Milena on this set from Erik are not bad. Shaved or not, she's my favourite Girl on Met-Art. She's very sexy. So sweet like a red strawberry to kiss all over:-)

Nice to see Milena back unshaved. The lighting could have been better and the clothes could have come off sooner. And more armpits please!

I figured you and Doug would be happy about this set. Very surprised he hasn't chimed in here (yet?). Nice to mix it up with the nether hairstyle and Milena is good at doing it.

A Hairytale!

The Seller

Milina you are stunningly beautiful. However, the body hair, all of it, gives me a gagging sensation as I view your set. Beauty is an intagible quality that our culture defines. The definition I adhere to involves shaving body hair (not head hair) or at least trimming body hair to a neat, tight and delightful display. I do this to my body hair as well. I wish your sets would be presented in this fashion. I would love to see more of your perfect and alabaster skin.

I like her just like this.

The full bush is awesome. The photography, not so much. Too many out of focus pictures. Also, 500-600 Kb pictures are not up to Met-Art's usually very high standards.

Milena is naturally EXQUISITE! I'm especially impressed with her ability to 'pucker' her lips- both 'Upper'and 'Lower'...absolutely delicious!

That gnarly bush looks prehistoric

Yep. Definitely Neanderthal. She makes me want to find a VW bus, pull the curtains and park in a field for the whole festival. Oh well! So last century.

Milena is smokin'...no doubt. I don't mind a little bush but a little landscaping would not hurt.

Milena is such a beautiful young lady, a beautifully sweet face. I think the unshaved natural look works for her. She presents herself exactly how Mother Nature made her and she is perfectly beautiful.

Mother nature intended? I bet some of her beautiful bush has been trimmed. Oh well, I guess I just have to take what I can get!!!

Comparing to the wonderful exciting & tasteful photosets of the years 2010 & 2011 this set is a new low-point!



Milena is wonderfully sexy. I love the combination of that baby doll face on top and that full bush below. Takes be back to my wonderfully misspent youth. Really tasty.

See my rely to metlover above.
Maybe some just did not to enjoy the times or just can't remember any more. Kind of like the senior comment, "I got to see the best bands."
A great band and a few Milena's around was pretty close to heaven.

Nah! Someone had to invent bikini waxes before men could enjoy sex. The species almost didn't survive!

That's what I heard also. Guess that is why I refused to become a man for so long. Always considered juvenile to be a compliment.

It looks like the full bush has polarised the comments and thumbs here today.

I like a shaved or neatly trimmed bush personally but there is something to be said for a full bush from time to time, there's something very rudimentary about it and Milena's looks great IMO.


Full bush indeed, it would be like going on a treasure hunt! I too am of a mind that it works for Milena. I have been a fan of Milena's from the first set and bush or no bush Milena is a beautiful woman.


Her full bush is a treasure indeed! I love this girl. All her hair perfectly frames such a wonderful petite feminine figure and angel face. She would be an amazingly fun young women to spend a couple evenings with.... Very arousing set.

Ah Milena is back up to a full bush. When they flag her as unshaven they really mean it, pubic and arm pits. IMO for her it works. Have to admit she is one of my very top favs, and has been from when she first appeared here. Love the dressed on the beach shots at the end. Not her best today but just glad to see she is still with us. Thanks Erik.

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