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Milena, great job being completely nude for the entire set, and showing off that wonderful anus in a few shots along with your irresistable pussy !

How is it we lack inspiration for commentary worthy of this marvel of a model?

he tratado por todos los medios posibles y no he podido ver un solo vídeo de milena D solo el de milena en las rocas pero quiero ver uno xxx si alguien puede ayudarme o enviarme aunque sea un vídeo de milena D se lo agrade seria mi correo carrerasilo@hotmail.com

Thanks for shaving again! That's much better.

Folks, it's like this. They try things, we provide feedback. If they pay attention to the feedback, we return, if they don't, neither do we. Simple equation.

Always been my favorite. Hair or no hair.The ultimate sexy babe.

She is a gorgeous woman, but liked her better with natural pubic hair and looked more innocent and her age and was always my favorite with some pubic hair.

Good job from Erik. Milena seems to be a big Pearl with this small pearls:-) Shaved or not, for me Milena is the Girl of my dreams... Kisses all over nice Angel from Switzerland:-)

She's got an incredible pussy even when it's without the hair. I still prefer her not shaved as she has a gorgeous bush when she lets it grow out to its full, natural state.

Not me. Shaved smooth is best.

Actually for me the biggest turnoff in the world is hard core porn where the emphasis is always big fake boobs, the women are getting fucked not made love to from 3 different directions, and of course they're almost always
Shaved, waxed, airbrushed, and lasered with their makeup all perfect just to remind you that they're not the girl next door. That for me is a turn off. However girls who remind me of when I was in my 20s back in the 80s before all the wax and laser, or when looking at them with unshaved armpits or very obviously stubbly telling me they're from France or some other part of Europe were or still are a big turn on.

I agree with that unshaved armpits and full hairy pussy are just natural and I love it, I think a hairy pussy or armpit produce something in our brain that makes her more beautiful and irresistible, more tasty pussy, and more feminine specially these days that wax and laser had change the girl's ideal of beauty. Society and the big cosmetic companies had already set new beauty rules that obligates every single woman to follow up. I prefer a woman as natural as she is, with a hairy pussy and armpit.

looking good as usual milena you are one sexy girl lovely pussy

Personally I prefer when she keeps a tuft of hair and braids or decorates it. Sort of her signature look in my book.
And (using a little imaginary license) she would be worth a bathtub filled with caviar! Salty, sweet, decadent and so tasty.

It's nice to see a shaved Milana set.She's always pretty with or without hair on her pussy.

Very uhmmm....different? But hey, it is still Milena.

Although I think she's sexier when doesn't shave her armpits I still adore this woman's face and ass. She's beautiful enough for porn.

Keep her shaved, also nothing wrong with this set, she's spreading those long legs for us. What more do you want?

If you all want artistic photos, try National Geographic.

Finally .....shaved again ...thank god ... now she is perfect again


A set definitely very original and offbeat.
Milena with a different look but still very nice.

Milena too you with Hitler's mustache?

Milena is a remarkably beautiful young woman and a talented model. But Erik Latika lets her down with these weird photo shoots. She is game to do whatever Latika wants. So Latika should take care to avoid making her look like a trained monkey. Milena deserves better than this. It would help if MetArt would not buy such junk.

I also like her better hairy. After seeing her hairy she looks far less erotic shaved.

So does far less erotic mean you'd kick her out of bed?



If the gripers would look, they would see that Milena does a fair amount of girl on girl in other parts of the Met Universe and she is no more lovely than she is here, being a Very beautiful girl. She always looks hot.

I forgot to say she does mostly girl on girl on sexart,and she is incredibly beautiful.

I concur. She's more of a turn on hairy or at least stubbly.

NO to hairy, Hell no to stubby!

I think whoever had the idea for this set has lost their marbles! A ridiculous display in an effort to find something "new"!

Like her better hairy

I rather liked this set of photos...however, I cant help but wonder if any those baubles ended up someplace most of us would like be

I don't think so. I would like to see them all shoved up the ass of the person who thought this set up!

I hereby nominate Magwich for appointment to the committee of comment removal.

thank goodness she shaved that pussy. looks very nice

I have to agree. But clearly there are those who don't.

Prefer this dilightful young lady with her pubic hair

She is way to hairy to not shave

I'll download this one -- she shaved.

Interesting set of the lovely Milena. Milena is looking as beautiful as ever.

Yes. It's hard to argue with those two beautiful rear shots, 61 and 62 ... they make up for a lot of the redundant marble ones

All these experimental photography is absolutely unnecessary & unerotic.

Where are beautiful esthetic & erotic photos like we've got in the years 2010 & 2011?

Well, It's different. I would think it was awfully uncomfortable for Milena but it was colorful and made for an interesting set.

Milena is cute but I wish she wouldn't suck her tummy in like that. It makes her look down right anorexic. She is already on the skinny side so she sure doesn't need to accentuate it.

That's no interesting set but an unnecessary set!

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