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This girl always looks too 15 to me.

Milena is such a turn on with super looks and a very nice body. It is very enjoyable to see a women that does not have a tan with skin like leather! It is very erotic to have a women with very soft skin tones, veins showing on and in around the breasts. Very Hot session, with a lot going to the quality of the model and excellent work with the lens, thank you Erik Latika!

What a beautiful pussy! What a sweet, sweet cunt!!

I love the body hair, and lament that it is hidden in almost all the photos. I don't see the point.

I was very tired when I made the 1st comment today on this set. Those of you who pay attention to my comments know that Milena is in my top 3. I have been in love with here from her debut. So today we now have 31 comments before this one. All but one totally positive. Milena has had over 8000 votes and is still holding in at over a 9. It seems that many other members really care for her and can find varying reason for her beauty, style, sexiness, etc. Erik found her and ha used her brilliantly this whole time so thanks to him, also. My only regret is that we have, so far, never enticed her or Erik to join us in the comments. (Hint, Hint) But in truth just seeing her is very fulfilling. To both of you keep up your great partnership...

Lord have mercy! The best model on the Met.

Another very nice job from Erik. Beautiful as always, the Pearl Milena show us another piece of Paradise on Earth... To kiss and lick completely from Her Head to Her Toes is this Flower Sweety:-):-):-)

love you milena you are stunning you are one of the best always look forward to seeing you the more of you the better

Milena is amazing. In this set in particular, there's something Aneli-ish about
her. Although her body is thinner, she exudes sensuality and earthiness. I love
the colors/softness of this set. Superb set...model and Erik. Great job Erik of
presenting such loveliness...

You are absolutely right, Janusface! When I read your post a light went on. Aneli, the great Earth Mother is present in spirit in every shot of Milena's set. That's why my pants got so small! : )

There goes my Dr. Pepper again, Sailor!

Good thing you weren't drinking beer! : )

I know? "Alcohol abuse"...

Pure femininity.

The fabrics, the poses, the soft light.

Fantastic set of photographs.

Milena, you are a force of nature.

Semmi and Milena on the same day deserves a big Thank You! to Met-Art.

Milena is it! I mean, in every way, Milena is just perfect to me. The sweetest face, pouty lips, amazing, perfect sized breasts with amazing areolae and nipples, and the most amazing pussy in existence. She must keep her beautiful bush though; it is as a woman should be! All I can say is "Wow".

What a way to start the month! Milena is the reason I signed up for Met. She looks the way a woman and a pussy should look.

Photog allowed the background color to overwhelm the skin hue.

One of the best stomachs on all of Met-Art, but the clothes never come completely off. I love Milena, but I can see clothing in the Sears catalog.

Please,- let some more girls show their pretty pubic bush... SUCH beauty..!

March 24th 2010, the day a set by a new artist named Erik Latika, featuring a Top 10 model named Milena D was published by MetArt. Since then, Erik and Milena have become an amazing team. Again and again the artist and his muse has produced wonderfully beautiful photosets. Each set has been wonderfully unique and fresh. One could not imagine this beautiful Milena being photographed by anyone but Erik.

She is another I would consider a signature MA model.


Milena D and Virginia Sun could be sisters; their general descriptions are virtually identical. But look closer, and they could not be more different. Where Virginia is ethereal, Milena is a sexpot. That pretty little bush between her legs is perfectly in character. Like in-your-face sensuality? Check out Baby Doll sitting on the back of that chair in image 60. And the two-frame goodbye kiss would get a rise out of a corpse.

How about this for a truly great family, Milena and Virginia Sun, with Jeff Milton, Alexandra D and Ceasaria. They are not identical but they have that cute sexy youthful beauty. Delicious!

A family like that would make a great classic novel. The kind of novel that high school boys would be happy to read, particularly if it had plenty of pictures. "Milena and Her Sisters, " look for it in book stores.

I'd never resurface from dinner!

I'd never resurface from dinner!

(Don't ask me…)

Sailor, now you're making ME snort my pop... Dr. Pepper in my case. LOLZ

I like that both of them have beautiful long hair. Having them both posted on the same day is a real treat!

For my money, they can both be posted every day. Love 'em! (with a special affection for Virginia) : )

I think the 'D' in Milena D must stand for Divine! What an angelic creature!

Best thing about a new month: A new Milena set! Worst thing? It'll be at least a whole 'nother month more till we see the next one. MORE PLEEEEEAASSEE!!

Milena is so very beautiful, and the set is perfect in my book. I have noticed that she is trying to appear more adult, which takes work on her part,since she has such immature features and so tiny.

So good to see the most superb model on met or anywhere back with her natural hair!

The pictures ## 36, 38 & 92 rotated 90 degree to the right (landscape format) makes them 100% better.

Finally a new set on the level of the wonderful sets in the years 2010 & 2011.

As cute and beautiful as always, great to see you here Milena.

Thank heavens the bush is back . :-)

I think the choice of background color and lighting was a bold one, and that Erik succeeded admirably in making it work. Milena's extraordinary loveliness is a big help, and some shots, like those delicious tight labia in 76, are a huge turn on. Bravo!

I like the way the light dances on her skin, but it gets old and tired after a few shots. There came a point where it stopped being atmospheric and became an obscuring irritant. I think we all want to see her, not the pretty patterns of light and shadow.

Having said that, Milena is so beautiful that I am happy to see her even when the light is irritating me.

Not their best set but any day with Milena being posted is a treat...

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