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LISTEN UP FOLKS! We can offer a well expressed welcome to adulthood without being cozy with creepy.

Pasties. Really. Every. single. time. Let's put a tent over the Taj Mahal, then.

Fantastic set of pictures before Milena got her boob job. Please post more of her earlier pictures with her small breasts! She is beautiful. Reminds me of her LS days.

I love all Milena's hair! her pussy is glorious. Santa please bring her to me....

I must have been a good boy this year, Santa brought me exactly what I wanted

Wow! Absolutely gorgeous. Like the pubic hair. Beautiful eyes.

Shaved would be better...

At least try it with a haiku, or something....

Wesley, now that you mention it, she does look rather young. Still...

Still what?

Image #3 ... look at the eyes ... these are not child-like eyes.

An application of an eye standard will have be buying sunglasses as gifts for a substantial number of my extended family.

Another case of perfect timing; What song comes on as I view this?

'Just You and Me' from Chicago VI.

I could only wish it was just Milena and me spending the holidays together...

Jingle Bells to You too Milena. I will at least see you in my dreams tonight!

I'm sure she's eighteen and all but, she looks twelve and I can't get into that.

no 12 year old has a bush like that. This is a woman. an incredibly sexy one at that...

Absolutely, positively 18+... which doesn't alter the fact that she looks much, much younger, always has. Not 12, but certainly 15. I am with Wesley... I have yet to download a set of hers, nor spend much time looking.

Me, I have conducted no such study.

I do join the majority opinion, well stated with the last ten words.

I think we've run out of positive adjectives for her. perfect set in my opinion. Anyway, Merry Christmas Milena.

great concept, poor follow through, but lovely pictures.

...and all I got was a lousy lump of coal!

Good job from Erik for Christmas:-) It would be nice to find Milena as Gift under the Christmas Tree... I would unpack Her softly and after give Her a lot of Christmas Kisses all over:-):-):-) Merry Christmas Milena (normally on January 7th in Russia and Ukraine) She's Dreamly...

Ms. Milena is very cute,snsb if the stockings are a little large as she is so slender.AS she demonstrates in shot no 70,she is packed with goodies.

Tsk, tsk, tsk Erik! So many opportunities to provide in focus close ups of Milena's lovely labia; so many missed opportunities.

It's nice to see pictures from early in Milena's life; before her breasts "matured".

Thanks Milena and Erik for this grainy but otherwise nice visit.

A different wording might maybe be seemly.

I am open to different ways to express myself in non disputatious ways. An example please. Be warned I have been known to borrow phrases; but generally the first time with proper attribution.

Non disputation from now may I seek,
A bit of humble, a little more meek.

-earlier in her career. that would suffice, and leave quotation marks of irony. or -when she was sleeker. or -before her late "rise".

For me, one comment at the top would suffice, but I posted that last. ): -Now I am clutter.

Grainy pics and poor focus.

Thank you, can never get enough of this beautiful woman.

I agree with that!

Such a precious little Christmas gift from sweet little Milena and Erik Latika. Very nice.

Pasties1? The last time I saw those was in a strip joint on Bourbon St. back in the Jurassic. They're a nice touch here and reinforce Milena's 125-picture tease. (Alyssa was absolutely right.) Christmas can't come soon enough.

Yeah, but what was on the bottom on Bourbon St. Hope you are having a good Christmas Eve. Wonder what else Santa K. has for us tomorrow. Leave it to Erik and Milena to do this... She can be my Elev any day.

Love the looks on her face! Such a little tease! Guess we have to wait till Christmas before fully unwrapping her, though.


She's Ukrainian, she is under Sailor's evergreen.

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