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love hairy armpits, hairy pussy

I've never seen a beautiful girl with hair under her arms. This girl is perfect. She should never shave under her arms again!

Can anyone find a more joyful celebration of hands and feet?!!!

Our artist photographer has provided more that 50 offerings of this model. Many have some of the best imagery on site, which propelled our breathtaking subject to the top of the model rankings.

Some of our chaetophobic (I had to cut and paste) hair hating fellows, drawn by the high scores, applied a single facet standard which gave her a plummet. This was as gentlemanly as a push into a mud puddle.

However, no model is likely to benefit from a large body of work with one artist. 50 is to many. Not all could be top notch, and some gave no benefit to her standing here.

To see the best of this model (and this photographer, and this site), a bare minimum of effort rewards. Seek, and find. If failing to find the sublime here, don't bother.

Latika is incapable of taking not even one properly focused photograph. Milena deserves a competent photographer.

Look. First.

This is my favorite lady on here. She looks terrible. Is this a new photographer? Way to bright. Put a filter on the camera.

Milena is my favorite as well, but this set is awful. She is a great dresser and knows what to take off and what to leave on to look really sexy, but this set is just sorry in all respects.

So beautiful!

Back to herself, most beautiful girl of all, wish I had dated girls that looked and had pubic hair like that when I was in college, great girl.

Love her, love the bush! Milena you're a real sweetheart.

Milena is "just fine" the way she is. Can not imagine a better morning in a snow covered mountain cabin. Nothing anywhere else would matter. Warmth is a very local thing. Hair or no hair she is very nice either way.

Sorry, this is a test only.

Milena is one of my favorites and I like this set but, I don't understand the concept behind blurring the face or blurring the pussy. I realize it's a photographic technique but I would prefer to see photo sets where there is no blurring at all.

That's actually rather difficult in practice, when the camera is at all close to the model. I do know what you mean, but you'd have to stand back 10-20 feet and then zoom in with a long lens to get in the ballpark that you're describing. In most indoor settings, that's either not feasible or not even possible. (And then shooting across a room with a long lens could make the shot look undesirable in other ways, depending on the model's pose/angle toward the camera.)

Don't get me wrong - I feel *exactly* the same as you about the results. I've just spent enough time behind a camera to understand them. It's not so much "technique" as compromise imposed by the physics of lenses (and circumstances of the room).

First I am really disappointed that Doug hasn't bothered to comment on this set since it's so obviously fits his ideal. I am not in the least surprised that the comments are all over the board. Body hair is a like it or hate it thing and Milena has one hell of a pelt.

So, For me--- Normally I don't even look at Milena any more but for some reason I decided to look at this set all prepared to hate it and grumble all the way through. It is a pleasant surprise to find that I actually didn't mind the hair and Milena's attitude was nice too. I am NOT a fan of the hairy look and of Milena's in particular since it seems very excessive. I really hate the overflow down onto the thighs and around her butt. She is so bipolar in her styles that it drives me crazy. One set she seems so sweet and innocent and the next she is really trashy. This set was refreshing in that the bush seemed very well behaved and not at all gross. If she would wax that portion on the thighs I think it could be quite nice. As for the underarm hair I was surprised to find that I actually liked it. Unlike her neither regions it is quite dainty.

So where am I? Seriously confused. I find myself sympathizing with both sides? I find myself liking things I don't like and somewhat agreeing with opinions I would normally disagree with. Proving I guess that there is no black and white.

I actually liked this set. Very disturbing!

Dude, no need to be disturbed!
Everyone's tastes change over time, everyone! It's a part of being human. If you get all worried about it and overthink it, you kill the joy of finding a new pleasure.
Just sit back and enjoy what you enjoy.
Chances are that you haven't magically morphed into a fan of all body hair on all models, and probably very few of the ones who do have it will please you even yet.
But just embrace this set as an example of the great diversity of taste that a human can enjoy over a lifespan. ( :

I love Milena any way you present her, but my favorites are when she is unshaven!!! Thank you Milena!!!

I am so sick of this superfluous air brush editing that completely detracts from the allure of the model; meshing the contrasts of lighting in the photo into a puddle of confused and dull colors. Why must the photographer do this to virtually every one of Milena's sets in MetArt? I'll avoid naming any other websites specifically, but Milena's beauty is captured with greater clarity and artistic finesse on competing sites.

Pitiful lighting, and I don't like hair!

the first 10 pics are so cute, I downloaded the set without even looking at the other pages.

Well this little cutie would certainly win any hair contest!! "Well endowed" would be appropriate. I'm not a big fan of Milena's, for obvious reasons, but this set and her 'natural state' is very compelling here, and as far as full bushes go, Milena's is gorgeous, and I wouldn't hesitate to pay it a visit...in a N.Y. minute! And I've always been impressed with her 'other' hair as well. Contrary to my 'usual' taste, I quite enjoyed this and may even save it... That IS a very delectable treat hiding (just a bit) in that 'mass of moss', and those titties are just perfectly beautiful... Very nice set.

Actually, that sweetness isn't hiding at all!! I should look at the whole set before commenting...

nice model, ''good'' job but I hate the digital processing orange .. I hate photoshop!

The hue isn't because of Photoshop. It's because of LACK of Photoshop, and neglecting to maintain white balance in the camera during the photography.

Though, in Mr. Latika's defense, it appears the color of the light itself was changing throughout the shoot, and it's always hard to keep up with that, especially when you're shooting a beautiful young woman.

But anyway, the orange is nothing to do with Photoshop.

YUK gag!

Turn your monitor...

...or, keep looking at the other sets, there is such a variety here on MetArt you are bound to find something you enjoy.

The best!

I do not see what we can find interesting with close-up views of unshaven girls ...

Fortunately, a lot of us do... move on and find a set you enjoy, and enjoy the heck out of it!

Several things about today's set. As the regulars know Milena and Dido are my two favorite current models, so having them both in two days is wonderful. On Met Lelena is a one man women with Erik and he has done amazing sets with her over the years. Today he has I agree again given us something special. I have a whole collection of her "dressed" shots from him and today's ones are a great addition. As a practical matter Milena IS Met's poster girl for bush. The underarm appears new. Has it been there and photoshoped or is it "new". Who knows? On Sex Antares shoots her and an interesting comment was posted on her last set there. The essence was she looks so young that the poster almost fells guilty look at her. Antares has been doing very stylized sets of her whle EriK returns to to pure natural today. I have accused her before of being Erik's muse, and today seems to bear that out. The duality of her ability to project total innocence and then turn into a sexual goddess is stunning. On her "bush" status. Since we have no idea of the sequence all of her sets have been shoot is hard to tell where it at progressively. She has appeared almost bare, with, a "landing" strip, and again today full. As far as her regular hair I am not sure if she has ever really cut it, probably just trimmed. Whether it be covered with honey, in handcuffs, or as today, simple nude it is all good! And every once in a while great. To you Milena, thanks for being you...

I think it fairly safe to say with at least a small bit of confidence that the underarm is probably not new.

  • 2 years ago:

My favorite model on Met Art. But PLEASE, ask her to SHAVE! Underarm and public hair is NOT attractive in the LEAST. In fact, it makes her look poorly groomed.

Superbly done by Erik Latika. Milena is in her splendor with hairy arm pits and bush and is an erotic sight beyond compare! More please!

Most perfect set in the history of this venerable site.

LOL That's the enthusiasm I LOVE!! I hardly agree, but so happy for you!

Another dumb set. Bad setting, poor color, and poor photography. The model is a "plane Jane". Somebody give her a razor for goodness sake.

If she's merely a "plain Jane," I really don't understand why you're here or speaking up. I see all kinds of models that I don't care for, but I never feel any need to grouse about them.

I agree about the color though.

"Plain Jane" ~ ??
Wow, I sometimes wonder if I'm on the same planet as others...

I think he was referring to a "Jane" that's a pilot...(??) ;o)
Same planet...different realities...

Frankie...take that shit somewhere else will ya...please.

Why , oh why spoil this amazing beauty with BUSH .Yeah yeah i know i will get flamed , but just like some of you like it , others dont , and its a waste if they use the same models for the same type of shoot and we cant get to enjoy her grace with the look we prefer....and under arm hair REALY.....so not cool

Do you shave yours? Just curious...

Doesn't everybody??

LOL I've always thought so! ;o)


Alright Doug, Milena is nice and natural 'down there' for you in this set.

Mr Latica is working on a more mature vision of Milena, and I like it a lot. She is very beautiful. and shots like 125 are a total step away from her previous work here and moving more towards her shoots for Sex Art. I like it. Milena and Mr. Latica both get a 10+++

What a glorious pussy! Milena is one of the reasons I signed up at Met and she never disappoints.

If that's what you call 'trimmed', God save us from the dreaded 'full bush'.

Incredible, artistic, imaginative art! 10+ without a doubt!

That's a gnarly bush

That's a beautiful bush.

My gawd just imagine... waking up next to this gorgeous beauty completely naked and having the privilege of exploring her world with her not just for the day but the entire weekend... ( :
A boy's gotta dream!

Thank You Erik for this Set:-) Milena makes us happy, when She show us Her Beauties from Head to Toes. Kissable all over is this Angel:-):-):-) Kiss Kiss Milena...

Fortunately, I am already in the habit of frequently color-correcting Mr. Latika's shoots when the hue detracts from Milena's lovely tone (and I'm using those words very specifically).

That said, this is absolutely my favorite Milena set in many months. No gimmicks or overwrought themes, just an incredibly beautiful naked girl in a room with good unobtrusive lighting.

Also: her physique is rather variable, and this is my favorite version of it. (Other than the bush, which I could do without myself, but it doesn't bother me. I would like to see her shaved at least *somewhat* more often, but I just don't want to be extremely opinionated on the issue.) Her breasts seem just absolutely perfect here.

Also: every model in the world should learn from this girl's exquisite eye contact with the camera. Looking at her often feels like looking at love itself. Dear true meaningful love.

Also: thanks for getting completely naked (rather than only partially undressed). That's a huge deal for me, personally.

In short, absolutely my favorite Milena set in many months (since Vrahioli last July, or Pukamiso and Meandros two years ago (though in fairness, Pieno was exceptional as well)). Please never be afraid to do MANY more like this, just a naked young woman in a room, because this girl is so extraordinarily beautiful that she really doesn't require any more creativity than this.

Thank you. Really.

"Looking at her often feels like looking at love itself. Dear true meaningful love"

If having not already insulted wife or children, celibacy may be a reasonable choice to consider.

Been celibate for a LONG time now...

I meant the comment as playful as it applies to me to. Glad you took it as such. I look at this model waaaaaaayyyyyy too often. If image 80 of the series "Sexy" were a drug, I would need rehab.

That whole set was one of the first that just won me over into nearly slavish devotion. That whole early sequence where she's on her knees gradually undressing still slays me.

As to your original comment, yeah, my whole sex life is entirely imaginary, and I'm quite well-adjusted about it, so no offense taken at all.

Thanks, y'all. I hoped that I was speaking for more than just myself, so I appreciate the positive reinforcement.

The comment of a true wordsmith!! Very well stated opinion. Bravo
Don't be a stranger...really. That was quite refreshing.

Great comments, along the lines of how I see this nice set.

Well said, Tremelo.

Finally again a really exquisite photo set - after a long time waiting.

A rare agreement with you...

For me, a perfect start to the day.

Thank you Milena, thank you Erik, thank you K!

  • 2 years ago:

You are welcome Baggy36Pants! :)

I sat here for quite a while trying to write something profound, that could describe this amazing woman's beauty. Nothing I could put down was good enough. She is simply exqusite, every time she is here. We are lucky!

LOL..i know how you feel.... That was an intense set. Milena is such a goddess! all that hair drives me bonkers....

The all time sweetie of Met-Art is back,- And again with a soft amazing bush... Great day!

Milena D, Erik Latika's beautiful little goddess. She is so absolutely gorgeous, absolutely seductive and so very erotic. It is always such a wonderful treat to see her.

Milena is amazing. In one frame she's everybody's cute little sister eating a pastry. In the next she's a beautiful, sensual woman who just oozes pheromones. And what a beautiful body! Breasts, legs, bottom, feet—everything is perfect, just as you ordered it from the Fantasy Department. I am smitten, besotted with this little goddess. She has never had this kind of impact on me in the past. May it continue forever. Kisses and 10s.

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