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I want to lick her ass so badly!!

Love the shaved pussy! More of it please please please

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

You are actually referring to a "photoshopped" pussy too. See below.
If it were merely shaved I wouldn't have such a problem...

Too bad you had he shave her pubic hair, was such a beauty till then.

She is STILL beautiful - with or without pubic hair. I cannot understand the guys who reduce a woman to her pussy.

I feel that there is MUCH more to beauty than pubic hair. Is it really that simple for you?

When you admire a woman out in public, do you ask how she keeps her pubes so you can decide if she is beautiful?

Women change things about themselves all the time. They change nail polish, hair style, hair color, and yes, their pubic hair these days. It doesn't make them less attractive.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

He may be referring to "natural" beauty without clothes.
If so, I agree with him -- a woman is more beautiful with her body hair left alone. Or can be.
Can this condition transform a "non-beauty" into a beauty?
I think it can.
And this would apply to her natural hair color, her natural nails, etc.
You can't beat natural beauty.
As I have said ad nauseam :-)

Lotta times I think women try to compensate for or cover up what they perceive as a beauty deficiency by coloring their hair, painting their nails (or worse plopping on fake ones) and shaving/shaping their pubic hair.
It almost never works, at least for me :-)

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Oh, I forgot about makeup!
A whole 'nother ball of wax!
Shall we say that the face is a special case?
I don't usually complain about makeup...
That said, seeing a face au naturel would be very interesting.
And maybe take more courage than growing out your body hair! :-)

Milena is so beautiful this way. Thank you.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Kinda silly to airbrush Milena's mons when we all know she has shaved pubic hair. See 92, for example.
I will refrain from giving invective, except to say shame on you :-)

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

You know, someone might actually want to look at the detail of that shaven skin. And you paint over it with Photoshop? Jeezuz!
Oh yeah, I said no invective. But it does piss me off.
I mean, what do you think this is -- kindergarten :-?
For all I know, maybe it is!

Latika are you physiologically incapable of properly focusing your lens?

Milena is totally fabulus again. Am I the only one who notices how hot she looks in a hat? That girl can wear anything or nothing and look great!. She and Mr. Latika have an update on SexArt that is very hot. I have to give Milena a 10++++ and the same to mr. Latika.

Plz repeat this one without socks! Plz!

Bring back the bush!

Why is she almost always wearing socks through the entire set? jeez.

  • Gary
  • 6 months ago:

I much prefer Milena when she is unshaven under the arms and has her glorious bush.

NOW THAT'S HAVING YOUR CAKE AND EATING IT TOO!!!! Good point earlier, I fear that the police are at the door and I will be arrested for watching child porn!! She's still a lovely creature.....

Sooo much better!! That bird looks much tastier when it's plucked!!
It's been a long time since I've gotten a Milena set to keep...
Thank you Milena and Erik! ;o)

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Yes, nice and photoshopped does make for a tastier image :-)
Sticking strictly to looks, I'd much prefer it feathered :-)

Ok Milena, you have given a treat to those who like you hairless, now come back home.

  • Neil
  • 6 months ago:

Milena, Erik Latika's perfect little angel. Always a wonderful treat to see her. Such a special little sweetheart. So pretty. So cute. So very sensual.

This is the way I love Milena. I would not make such a big deal of it but this sweet little flower has more hair down there than any other woman on met. I know she has quite a fan club on the hair lovers side but for me this is way better. We will just have to agree to disagree and share this little doll.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Not even close to more hair down there than any other woman on Met.

I am impressed also that in the outdoor shots Milena is wearing appropriate clothes and shoes! My complements to Erik on that.

Wow this is interesting while many waxed and otherwise always bar models have recently allowed some hair to grow back, our little queen of full bush gives us a totally bare set. As some have written Milena appers so young even now after just over four years, you almost feel guilty looking at her. If anything being totally bare she appears younger and the way Erik dressed her today doesn'r help. So little girlish and just playing around. Obviously not her best set ever but with her body of work it must be hard to keep trying to top it. But on a much more serious note, with what is going on in her country let us all say a prayer for her that remains safe. And if you are not aware under the old regime she is considered a "criminal" for appearing in pornography. Let's hope that any new government realizes what an asset these Ukrainian ladies are, and removes any stigma from their work. One other thing is bothering me. As all of the regular commentators are aware Sailor is the "Godfather" of this whole sorority of Ukrainian models. I have not seen a post from him since it got bad over there. If I missed it someone point it out, please. Unless he has launched a rescue mission for all of them, his absence really bothers me. Hopefully we will here from him soon.

I agree... After the complicate situation of the last few months, we hope that it will be better in Ukraine now. Our Thought is near all Models, Artists and innocent People who live there. We are with You:-) Government and Politician have to look at the Smiles of all these beautiful Angels (like Milena), than they will understand that they have a Paradise in the own Country. And the World need this Smiles...

Milena looks absolutely awesome, nice to see her cater to the hairless crowd for a change, it's great to see some of these beauties catering to all tastes in this regard.

Nice set overall, but the last six images are just spectacular.

bobblehat I must ask you a question when we first started this comment thing you were here. Did you ever dream it would develop the way it has? How do you feel about how it has developed.

Quite frankly there has been far less arguing than I expected, must be the calming effect of gorgeous beauties with their legs spread. I feel the removal of down voting comments was a bad idea, people need to be called out when they are talking nonsense (myself included) without direct confrontation.

The only things that do bother me are negative comments about the models, surely if you're not fond don't look or comment, there are girls on here that don't float my boat but I don't see the need to comment against their inclusion given the vast majority of girls that stun me rigid. I'm also easily irked by some of the more sycophantic comments which verge on the creepy sometimes.

Most of all though I enjoy the interaction with the artists, Catherine, Deltagamma and Rylsky seem the most willing to engage with the members, it's interesting to see what they are striving to produce in comparison with what we are seeing for ourselves.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Using a down arrow is not calling somebody out.
Actually responding to them with a comment of your own is, or can be.*
As far as being critical of a model, I think it depends on what you're being critical about. Anything a woman can change is pretty much fair game, what she cannot change may not be.
After all, what's this section for?
To say what you think. Which you have. And I have :-)
I find that the really stupid comments can be down-thumbed pretty well with wit, with a pointing out of how stupid they are. Usually nips an argument in the bud.

*I don't miss the feature. I got my share of down-thumbs, which I became flattered by :-) In part because very few of these folks actually said anything to me. And why would that be? Maybe because they didn't know what to say?

bobblehat: I agree 1,000% with almost everything you say and the non-confrontational way you say it.

My only disagreement is with your "I feel the removal of down voting comments was a bad idea".

To me, the down arrows allowed / encouraged cheap shots and cowardice through anonymity. Now a member who feels compelled to disagree still can do so, and perfectly innocent comments are not pounced on with a barrage of down arrows because of hidden agendas or. . .

As you say members (myself included) may require calling out. This now can be done, hopefully in a non-confrontational way.

...I think it's all about civility and tact. It's amazing what can be said, if one only takes the time and uses the imagination and empathy to be respectful and polite.
This seems to be a lost art nowadays, but hopefully we'll help bring it back, at least here.

I second everything you say...

Fantastic job from Erik!!! Shaved or not, one day the Angel Milena came down from Heaven to Earth, and we fell in love immediately... It's impossible to resist Her:-) Thank You to exist Taya and Kisses all over Angel of the most beautiful Dreams:-):-):-)

I like pubes nearly as much as you know who.

Milena is so attractive that I love every visit she makes! As Tremelo says the decision is hers, and as chez22 says it will grow back. I will save all her galleries that are published. This gallery is a very nice combination of walkabout and at work images.

Right on baggy...


My attitude about the bush is that it's HER decision, and so even though it does nothing for me, I try not to grouse about it. And when viewing those sets, I simply just don't look down there very much (which is fine for me, because I'm mainly a face/breasts/overall physique guy, so Milena still has PLENTY to offer).

But WOW, I had virtually forgotten how wonderful it is to see her bare down there. It just seems to open up a whole dimension of her visual personality.

I have to agree that it really makes a big difference in personality as well as her cute factor.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Makes her 20 years younger! :-)

I don't think she ever looks a day over 18 in any of her sets! How would someone look -2 yrs. old? LOL

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Well, some people like 'em young! :-)

We like us some proper white balance, yes we do.

....my preciousssssss....

  • ergo
  • 6 months ago:

Not the same without the bush .We want it back .

Could we respectfully take turns? You know she has many fans in both camps.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Now if you could just convince Latika to not re-shave the skin with Photoshop :-)
I mean, it's bad enough that it's shaven. But to then paint it over digitally is adding insult to injury :-)
Actually I'm not that against shaving when you can also see a girl unshaven, as we can Milena.
Just hold off on that paint brush!
Jesus! See my comments above. I am really sick of airbrushing, especially since Met claims its images are not messed with in this way.
And for those of you who are blind or have little, low-rez screens -- enjoy your bliss :-)

I am not blind, and I don't have a little low-rez screen... I view these sets on a fairly new laptop with hi-rez screen.
But I know nothing whatsoever of photography (digital or film) or photographic manipulation, so for my purposes "ignorance is bliss."

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

You don't need to know anything about photography to see or sense that something is amiss in a photograph. That is if you are looking for "photographic quality" -- which means a faithful rendering of what the camera sees and the film or sensor records.
I like to look closely at a woman's shaven skin. So when the photographer or somebody "paints over it" with Photoshop I feel robbed. I don't know why it is done, but it is, and it destroys the photograph for me.
If you're not looking closely at the image, you may well not even notice. But if you save the file and inspect it with a proper image viewer at 100% or "actual size", you will.
To me there is no good reason to do the "digital shaving" evidenced here. Especially poorly, as it is done here. I have no respect for a photographer who does this kind of thing. And it reflects poorly on MetArt as well, for buying and publishing it.
Sorry, but this is coming from someone who's done a lot of somewhat serious photography over the last 30 years...
I can't help myself!
Luckily for MA, Latika and Milena, not all that many people feel as I do, at least yet :-)

Milena you look as stunning as always. After many hairy Milena sets of recent it is a welcome change to see her smooth for this set. That now smooth area begs to be kissed.))

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

If not photoshopped :-)

Wow! I love the smooth look and especially the whole row of rear views of that cute little asshole. Gorgeous, exciting, provocative .. Bravo!

perfect Ass...

Milena beauty queen.
Erik, a set different from the usual, fun, beautiful, technically impeccable.

wool bonnet adorns even more Milena.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Technically not impeccable :-)

Pfff... WHY-WHY did she shave...??

I suspect she shaved because she and Latika got so many requests for her to shave. She was probably trying to please her fans who like their models shaved.


  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:


It will grow back.............

With or without hair, I'm in love

aaah Milena you evil temptress you :-D

Why unwanted hair degrade women's beauty and enhance the beauty of the apes.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Actually that hair usually enhances a woman's beauty.
That's one reason she has it.

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