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Beautiful girl. I love her pert breasts, thick bush + big gash. Very sexy. :O)

No thanks --

I'll wait for a set with the lawn mowed.

Fortunately, she can still be found on other sites without all the camouflage.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

I keep bumping into you!
Camouflage is not quite the right word for what you mean...
You don't have to go to other sites to see her shaved, trimmed, photoshopped, et al, you'll be happy to know :-)

there is nothing left to say about milena that hasn't already been said except for PERFECT! she is the best in metart and the people running this show should realize that there is an army of fans waiting to see her in movies here or sexart how long do we have to wait!


Love Milena, didn't care too much for the set.

She is still my all time favorite and greatest body of all the girls especially with pubic hair, way to go.

Ohmigod! This set is GORGEOUS!!

For sure one of Milena's & Latika's Best Sets Ever, featuring (imho) The Best Nude Model of All Time (as I've said before, and I've seen quite a few over the years!).

As for the 'debates' below:
#1) I absolutely LOVE Milena's hair, ALL of it! It's unique, very sexy & incredibly, amazingly beautiful, ALL of it!, imho.

#2) I would like to see a Hall of Fame too, that we members can vote on.

#3) Would also like to see more news, esp. about the models, where else we can see them, what they're up to (i.e. as much as they're willing to tell us of course), followups on what they've done since retiring (such as graduating from college, having babies, etal), where they might be making public appearances, signing autographs, erc.

I think we all (most anyway) feel strong affection for these models, we appreciate their baring their bodies for us & providing us with such great & 'satisfying' entertainment, etc. We're fans! It would be up to the model of course, as some would prefer keeping it all private, on the down low, which should be respected and possibly for their protection. But others might like to keep in touch with their fans, and us with them.

#4) Yes, get rid of the 'Top Models' page. (Wish ALL sites would!)
But would like some 'categories' (e.g. blonde, brunette, Russian, Asian, American, shaven, unshaven, etal)
And I DO like the: More sets of... and galleries by...
And the If you like this model / More models like this at the bottom

#5) The date 'shot' / 'submitted' / 'published' or 'originally posted' - that for me is a bit more complicated...
But yes, I think I fall on the side of knowing the date on which the set was shot, or at least the model's age at the time. (Sometimes would like to know where too)
But as before, I think that should be at the model's discretion, ie her choice. Models preferences should ALWAYS imho be respected (I sometimes feel they aren't & that they are sometimes taken advantage of, but that seems to be more of a problem on other sites, not so much here (at least I hope not!)
Then again, maybe dates & locations are moot. Maybe the pics should just be left to speak for themselves.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

I was thinking models could at least update their bios if they wanted to -- and the update could be flagged.
Yes, nice to hear someone who appreciates the sexiness of a bush.
Hair is sexy. It may cover other sexy stuff, but what are hands, etc, for?
The Top Models page with the ratings and rankings is an insult to members and models alike. Not all, if you're fortunate enough to be (temporarily) ranked pleasingly (say, #1 :-) Not only that but newcomers will presumably check out these top models while overlooking lower rated ones, and I fear get a deleteriously false impression of what is here.
Not that what is here is all that great for the most part. But I doubt the Top Models page is putting MA's best foot forward.
People -- models included -- should not be rated and ranked in such a fashion. At least not on a site that claims to be about erotic art.
If there can be an agreement on publishing date photos are shot, it would be great info for viewers to have.

BTW, regarding the 'Top Models' page...

One site that I used to subscribe to (Eve's Garden?) had a kind of 'random generator' that would feature 5 or 10 headshots of various models every time you went to the homepage, that you click on of course to go to the model's page.

I really really like that! I think it would do well here on MA, and it's a great way to look up models from the past that you missed, or had forgotten about, never knew about or didn't know were here. That kinda thing, Helps to find new faves too!

How about a braid?

You would think after my long winded post 9 hours ago I wouldn't have anything else to add. BUT. Milena's pubic hair or lack thereof has always been a commenting point. We did not have comment ability when this set was posted Date published: 04.06.2010 Title: Paix. Anyone who has not viewed it should. It is by far one of the most creative uses of pubic hair ever photographed. She has been with us in the Met Family for now four years and has in many sets such as today's been totally un-trimmed. Recently she as appeared more trimmed if not bare. Thus today's set must be an archive set sitting around for a good while. I know this as a fact since on a non Met Family sight she was not shaved, but waxed. Not in a photo set but atually in a movie. It obviously hurt. Thus there is no way for her to have regained such a full bush in the mean time. I think she is again trying to regrow her signature look, but this set had to be shot before that.

This raises another point for me to climb on soap-box about. When we see as a new post a photo set like the one with APF-Indiana-Lorena dated 29.09.2013 and a movie of the same set dated 14.09.2010 it is obvious that photo set sat around for three years before it was posted. While I was just as happy to see it when it got posted it does make my wonder why it is that in the Met Family why they cannot include a cutline with the "Date Shot" listed. Month and year would suffice. I wish K or Jon would jump in on this and explain. Another current issue this would correct is that we are hearing rumors of several models "retiring" such as Mia Sollis, primarily about her working on SexArt, but what about here. Yet we are still getting "New" sets here as recent as 20.03.2014. Is there a reason why this should not be shared with the members.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

The last I heard from Rylsky models don't want "date shot" posted.
Well that's fine, I say -- but what about those who would be OK with the date being known? As you say, as I've said, month or season and year. Doesn't have to be pinned down any more.
Photos are more interesting when you know when they were taken...
Anyway, don't bring it up to Rylsky -- he doesn't want to hear it anymo'... :-)

In the meantime, have fun with detective work. It can be very rewarding! :-)

Doug I am aware of Ry's position and almost mentioned it. But that is why I asked for a definitive answer from "THE POWERS TO BE". I picked my examples to illustrate the "why" from our member point of view. Sometimes when I get these ideas I wonder if anyone else cares so thanks for chiming in.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

They are going to claim it's necessary to protect the models. And who knows what's in the agreements they sign. There may be some truth to that, but I think it's also used as a convenient excuse.
Resistance to change. So what else is new?

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

And btw swp, they should get rid of the "top models" page and Adam's blog before they make even bigger fools of themselves :-)

Doug I agreed with Jon to shut up about my HOF idea, but I will second you on both your ideas. However, Adam informed me the "blog" was available to non members and thus they view it as an advertising tool. But once the comment section took off the "blog" IMO became a waste of space and time. If you have access to SexArt the setup for the blog type stuff from the "TPTB" seems to work better, there.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Advertising tool -- yes! I'm not sure it's doing them any good, though :-))
And that top models page -- every time I take a look I... well, I do believe it undermines whatever it is they are hoping to accomplish.

As far as his blog goes, maybe it's just as well I can't simply respond to it! You have to set up an account some other place to say anything. He's well-protected -- a good thing! :-)
He doesn't seem to have any idea of what's actually being said over here :-)

Milena is another lovely that gives us the full scale of body hair amongst all of her posted sets. It doesn't matter to me how she keeps her pubes, that is just one little aspect of this total babe. Great set, but then every set is great if Milena is the star.

very bad... shaved please!

Is that all that matters?

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

He's transfixed with horror :-)

No, wait a minute -- that's gaetano... :-)

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

OMG -- nature! Horror!
You must sure like lookin' at bad stuff :-)

I do not know what disorientation of the human mind can lead to not appreciate the butterfly of beautiful Milena but a bramble of hair.

Horror, horror

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Above reply should have gone here :-)))

could go either place, or both.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

You never know with gaetano. He seems all over the place when it comes to bushes :-))

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Unless I'm misunderstanding you... :-)

Beautiful shots and model but she needs a good trimming downstairs!

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Can't beat au naturel :-)

YES you can --

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

And how?

She should stay just as she is.

Why "must" maximum "should"

Milena and Erik... The perfect Duo:-) As always, shaven or unshaven Milena is stunning and totally sweet:-) Kiss kiss Milena...

Like Emily, Milena started here with a set by LEONARDO a little over four years ago when she was just 18. Her third set here was by Erik and every set since on Met has been by him. Every set on Sex has been by Anteras. Apparently she is very loyal to her artists on each site. Milena has been a Top Tenner here and still is rated over 9. What Erik has done with her is simply amazing, he even had her point a gun at us in one set, he has covered her with honey, and in some sets made us feel almost guilty because she appears so young. Now at age 22 she has matured well. While we don't see it here when she goes explicit with Emily on a none Met site she exhibits a true calling for at least bi. On Sex Anteras even put her in a bondage set. With her clothes off she becomes a total professional nude model delivering also "good" sets if not exceptional. But eric has included a lot of fully dressed "causal" shots, and when you see here dressed she comes across in a manner in total opposition to her work. We have many Ukrainian models here on Met, and she is one at the top of that group, lets hope that she stays safe during the conflict in her country and she and all of her sorority of Ukrainian models end up with a safe, yes free, stable home.

What great and beautiful set. I love #40 with her ponytail seeming to blend with her bush and #42 with her bush standing out in its full glory with the sunlight in the back-round. Marvelous work on this set. And what a gorgeous bush you've grown out. I'm shocked none of the hair haters haven't chimed in yet.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Maybe they're shocked to be enchanted :-)))

Milena is a total hottie,and I love the way Mr. Latika has posed her early in the morning.And don't forget her up-dates on SexArt. She demonstrates her version of the three finger grip. This really lets a girl get a grip on things so to speak. I just had to give Milena a 10++++,even though I prefer she with her hair loose as she was in pics 1-10. Seeing her trying to get it together first thing in the morning makes her more human,although being young, she is a lot more energetic.

  • Gary
  • 4 months ago:

I agree with Hirsute Master! I LOVE her Milena unshaven. Her hairy armpits and pussy are erotic, artistic, and show confidence in the model.

Age has done wonders for this girl.

Erik's furry crack needs an exploration expedition...and I'm the man for the job!

Avrai bisogno di un machete

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

No, just fingers :-)

Oh, don't forget tongue and nose. :D

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

I'm not sure gaetano is willing to go that far, yet :-)))

That's OK, I am! :D

Oops! I meant Milena's.

LMAO! SURE you did! ;o)

THIS JUST IN: I didn't subscribe to Met-Art to compliment non-images of "Erik's" crack, nanowit.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Come on now, Freudian slips need to be excused now and then :-)))

Whoah! As they say, I'm not touching this one "with a ten-foot pole"! LOL

I don't think there's a limit in space on this bandwagon. Let me on too.

Quite possibly, the hottest little tease on the planet.

Everything about Milena is just incredibly sexy! The undies, her mouth, her breasts, her nipples, her pussy & armpits...everything is so wonderfully explicit!

Impossible not to love this girl, she is so cool, so just keep the sets coming..

There should be more fully hirsute girls like her on this site!

Yes, yes, yes ... voluptous lips, stockings, garter belt and a soft
bush smelling of feminine radiance! A lovely spring day with all the
wonderful feelings...

Masterpiece beyond any ratings!

I ALWAYS enjoy a visit from Milena, and today she and Erik have delivered my favorite (so far).

Erik has posed Milena in so many varied and wonderful ways; #s 28, 29, 104 and 110 are only a few of many that really resonate with me. I love poses like # 28 / 29 and would recommend and request that such should be included in every photographer's arsenal.

Gob smacked admiration of Milena, and mega kudos to Erik for presenting her in so many varied and marvellous poses.

Happy here in the Great White North.

Its not the Great White North where I'm at, but I'm wearing my toque anyway. Good day.

This girl and her sweet bush...! Perfect - Perfect - Perfect, and PERFECT...!

Absolute perfection!!!!
Especially her soft sweet bush

Total perfection xxxx

I'm in complete agreement with you

Me too!

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Me three :-)

Gettin on that bandwagon while there's still room

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