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very nice model, but this photography is pretty unimaginative - 130 some shots all on the same setting from the same angle? too many duplications, in my opinion, i'd rather see fewer shots and more diversity. but more of milena is always a good thing!

There IS no other model that I look forward to seeing as much as Milena. At times the anticipation is overwhelming!

Some sets are "better", at least as I see them, than others. But each & every one, EVERY ONE!, is beautiful and interesting. No other model imo is so compelling, able to draw you in and MAKE YOU LOOK AT HER!

Milena's own artistry is exceptional, I love how creative & experimental she is! And for sure she has so, so many desirable qualities!

For this set in particular I appreciate pics 50 - 52 that show her face down, a 'side of her' we haven't been able to see, and should definitely get to see more often! Such a pretty & pert bottom! Would LOVE to have the chance to straddle THAT!

Anyhowz, imnsho Milena remains The Best Nude Model EVER! And when all is said & done, if there's ever a museum devoted to the ART of EROTICA, I have NO doubt that Milena will be the star attraction!

Don't care if I have to wait a whole 'nother month to see her next set, it's totally worth it to me (though it WOULD be nice to increase the frequency). As long as you all @ MA keep bringing new Milena sets, I'll be here.

The leaves theme is fine, nice idea, but it goes on too long, covering things up isn't erotic, it get annoying after awhile. Takes until #92 or so when things get really hot. Wow, she has such a great body, I'm in lust!

All the debate about hair or no hair is silly. These women are some of the most beautiful women on earth, I'll take them however they want to be- hairwise. (Tattoos and piercings are a different matter, if there are enough big tattoos, or prominent piercings I don't even want to look. We all have our preferences!)

Anyway, Milena is hot enough that the leaves are forgiven, I will happily look and dream away that she is mine.

Milena has a bush that I have no problem with. Thin and silky...and non-obscuring! A bush I can really get into...starting at those gorgeous eyes!! She always gets my attention....hair or not. The set...well shot, but I have to agree it's very "busy". But not "too" busy....if ya know what I mean! Good work Erik!! Very tasty Milena! ;o)

Applause! More unshaven sets please!

My god, what a set. Milena went all out this time. I love when she
lets her hair run down her inner thighs a little bit.

And the pics where she has the hair standing up, in the center of her bush, remind me of Alfalfa from the Little Rascals. :-)

Milena had always been one of my favorites and this set just confirms that for me. I always love her bush and gorgeous face. And her boobs aren't too bad either. :)

I knew Doug would be here to share his some thoughts on her and the set.

WA-WA-WEE-WA!! Now this is what I call a set, original, fresh, beautifully posed and intelligently shot. Milena looks as gorgeous as ever, like an autumnal nymph with all those leaves. Excellent set, well done Eric.

She is, and has been, one of my favorite models on the site, so I say this with great sadness...
From a composition and photography point of view, this looks like something I would get from my photography 101 students. I understand the idea, but there is way to much going on for the eye to really focus on the important thing...Milena. Never have so much going on in the picture to detract from your subject. Lover her, hate the photography! Sorry.

I didn't mind the leaves in the background. However, the big leaf that she had on top of her became an unwelcome distraction after awhile. It was effective to begin with, but should not have hung around for so long.

What leaves???
Were there leaves???
I didn't notice any, I had eyes for Milena only, and didn't she look STUNNING!!!

I agree...these shots are too "busy"

Hey Doug! Picture #99....had to send you over the top, lot's of HAIR brother!! :-)

Milena is her totally beautiful self, and the team(Erik and Milena) keep looking for new ideas. (Now if we can get new ideas for Sofi, I can die happy.)Erik and Milena are two of the best, without a doubt.I would bet Milena's shoots on SexArt are done by Mr. Latika using another name.I gave them both a 10++++

Ready to turn over a new leaf!

It does not get a lot better... I am a real fan! - Love her bush!

The Dream Team is back (Milena+Erik)!!! Thank You for this Set Erik!!! Mermaid Milena looks Stunning as always. What I especially like about Milena is Her innocence... She seems to be much more younger as She is... And Her body is completely to die for:-) Her Dream Smile too:-) A lot of kisses to You Mermaid and come back soon, please...

A great variety of photos: excellent, poor, great, tasteless ones etc.

stupid leaves, and its not fall

This Would only be possible in the Southern Hemispher.

Not north of the equater.

Left over leaves from a fall photo shoot, shot 6 month in advance

I do not understand your point. Ukraine is approximately 50 degrees north of the Equator. This set was probably shot during last autumn. Or, those leaves were silk, bought in a craft store.

Am I the only MetArt subscriber who finds these photo sets of Milena rather unsettling. She has been portraying the "Little girl lost" look for over 4 years now and the current offering is along the theme of "Babes in the Wood". Isn't it time she grew up? One of the great joys of this site is that it explores the erotic and sensual beauty of women and, in many cases, we have the pleasure of seeing them develop more rounded curves and fill out with maturity. There are other websites who dress young looking models up in schoolgirl uniforms and pigtails – perhaps Milena would be more at home on one of these?

M ost E rotic T eens

It's that look that I look forward to. She can change it if she wants but I still like it, and will always look for it.


Billyboy you are looking for her shoots on SexArt. She is plenty grown up there,too hot for some of the other girls(She doesn't do guys, but the girls got all they can handle.

I really like seeing Milena. She is so very beautiful and sensual, but more than that, she always seems to be willing to try new and unusual ideas for her photo shoots. It seems she and her photographer have a great creative rapport. Some of their shoots work and some don't, but Milena is willing to try. I also like her hair, all of it. Yes, that hair too.


Me too... it looks so soft and silky. I'd love to play with it for hours, as well as the stuff it's around. ( :

One of the most beautiful girls of Metart with the loveliest mound ever.
Good photography (autumn in spring!) - slightly too much spreading.

"Too much" ? ( ;

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