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Very well done Erik!!! I like this Set very much!!! Milena with this Муси-Пуси is adorable... сладкий!!! Milena is the sweetest of all of course, Miau:-) I adore Milena over all and I'm already waiting for Your next Set adorable Angel:-) Kiss kiss all over Miau Miau...

What a babydoll !

I always enjoy viewing this young lady as she has a perfect small body with great looks. So hot to see the nature light skin with the veins showing in the breast area, to many models today want to show off their dark tans thus not giving us the real view. A super young lady and great photo work!

God must exist. Because only He could make anything as beautiful as this woman. Zdorova.

Milena is a very cute and very sexy girl, and with Erik lstiks has created another erotic masterpiece. I have to give both a 10+infinity.I can't help it. And check out Milena on SA, she is a barnburner there.

It would sure be nice to see more videos of Milena, would it not? ( :

All natural, all beautiful.

  • Matt
  • 3 months ago:

This beauty is gonna be one of those women that looks like she's 18 to 20 until she's in her 30s.
Always love to see her!
Great set, thanks.

Totally gorgeous babe!!! Images 12 and 18 are just wow!!!

I love the sexy underthings you wear. Milena you could make some dynamite calendars but I would have to have one where everyday I would have another sexy photo of you. I love your pussies!

Just feminine heaven.

Like a glass of cool, clean water for my testosterone parched mind.

Milena, you're so cool for sharing.

For me, more like a gallon of gasoline thrown on the fire! ( :

(NOT that I'm complaining!)

Lovely pussies (pix 4, 5, 6)!

Here's part of the story on Milena appearing without her signature natural look. While Milena has been around here since January of 2010 when she was just 18, today is her 49 set on Met. All but her first three shot by Erik. And she has been on Sex from it's inception with all of her sets shot by Anteres she has however in 2013 up until now also appeared on one, that I know of, non Family site. It turns out she is actually a personal frend of Emily Bloom and has worked with her both here and on that other site since Emily, who is 2 years younger began. Spectacular stuff on all sites. But on to her bush.

For the non family site she did a video where she submitted to a full pubic waxing. To be honest it was painful to watch and appeared to be uncomfortable for her also. Since Jon has not yet agreed to give us dates shot detail yet, and neither does the non family site,it is hard to know exactly when that occurred and where it fits in with the sequence of posts here and on Sex. But yes we have seen some post waxing here also.

She is the one model who seems to defy the polarization by the bush/bare opponents and seems to be a fav from both sides. She also lists herself as a blogger and photographer. Since she probably bogs in her native language we have never seen her post on our comments here or on Sex. I wish she would! I also have no idea of what she shots, or under what name, so I have failed to find any of her behind the camera work. Again wish I could.

Especially with her cloths on, it is hard to believe that even now she is actually old enough to appear on these sites. So in a certain sense she has maintained a level of mystery, either intentionally or because it just works out that way.

IO another outstanding set by Erik and of course her.

Thanks for the info, SW. Milena does appear to have fans on both sides of the hair topic, as her beauty and appeal transcends the mere detail of body hair. She is certainly a Met favorite.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

The "mere" detail :-?! :-))

Yea, that's what I said, because I do not base my entire opinion of a lady or a set here just for pubic hair. There is so much more to a woman to admire.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Agreed! Still, sexual/body hair is more than a "mere" detail, IMOSHO! :-))

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Of course that must sound strange to people in this place, who obviously are not into or appreciative of women's sexual hair! :-)
I mean, look at what they think is worth paying for! Bald pussy after bald airbrushed pussy, etc! :-))))

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Present company excepted of course! :-)))

This is nice but I prefer Milena's earlier sets, when she wasn't quite so "natural"... She's a beautiful girl and I always enjoy seeing her...no matter what the state of her grooming is.

Beautiful Milena back again with her glorious full bush.

I love her eyes and her lips, the ones on her mouth. :)

Pics 61 and 62 are the best. A view of her bush from the side standing with the sun shining behind it. Great pics.

10++++ as always.

A visit to treasure from beautiful Milena.

I love lingerie that covers but does not hide what is inside. I wager that the bra to this set would allow us to see and admire Milena's lovely areolae and nipples.

Erik has presented us with so many hints / full on views of many of Milena's special physical attributes; including her beautiful face with great eyebrows ~ beautiful eyes and bee stung lips, silky hair long enough to tickle her superb butt cheeks, stretching poses to show a hint of ribs, that silky and long hair in motion, lovely butterfly framed by soft and silky pubes. . .

I also like the inclusion of the cats and the surprise visit from Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

My personal favorite images are # s 74/ 75 and 94.

I obviously will have to purchase more discretionary 11s because Milena, Erik and this gallery each receive one!

ALL This girl's beautiful hair drives me wild!

Milena is a sex goddess... She rocks the stockings and garter belt, though I wish she hadn't distorted the panties so much before taking them off.
Latika proves he's learned something about the fairer sex by showing her his cats before the shoot. Very clever...

Stockings and garter are always a welcome sight IMO.
Something about the combo just looks seductive and naughty:)

More than a little, indeed!
Welcome back, BTW!

What a...H O T l i t t l e t e a s e . . . !

May be one of the best set in MET! Great.

Get rid of the dead rats under her arms, then a 10

Milena deserves a little tact. Just say you'd rather not see her with hairy pits.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

You're so tactful, kr! :-)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Get rid of your dead brain, then try again :-))

See, Doug, I told you... "say something we agree with and we'll give you thumbs up." There's no anti-Doug conspiracy! ( :

(I hate to be "that guy" but there's a time and a place for "I told you so")

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

I am really so glad to see those thumbs :-))))

It gives me hope for this place :-)))

Now, I do think other comments of mine are worthy of some green, but... :-))

They may be a little too complex for the average reader here to quickly grasp :-))))

I expect some thumbs to eventually sprout :-)))

Oh, I have all the confidence in the world that the average reader here is more than competent to understand even your lofty sentiments, Doug. (:
If they don't thumb it up, it's 'cos they don't agree. Nothing more complicated than that.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

We'll have to agree to disagree (if possible :-)

Seriously, a number of them clearly misunderstand what I am saying. So they don't even know what they're agreeing or not with.

But think about what you say: no thumb means someone disagrees?
Can't be that simple, right?
No thumb could mean anything...
We don't know till someone actually comments -- and even that can be subject to interpretation.

It's fine to simplify, but not to be simpleminded :-)

Your view, with all due respect, is too pat :-)

I like her long hair, how it extends he back, and blends into the color of her pubes. Never shave that beautiful natural bush, and short armpit hair. I really wish more models stayed natural like this. Like Sofi A.
This sweety is looking frisky as a cat in some of these photos, and I wish I had the pleasure of being there. She is a delicate bright flower when she spreads herself open.

Best gallery set I've seen in a while, or it's just that every sight of her face melts me to a puddle.

AHHHH....! What a woman...! such soft pubic hair... SOOOO sexy...! Milena you rule this site...! Queen of Art you are...!

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Don't forget KL at her best! :-))

Probably the very best set of Milena! Unbelieveable photo shots! Extraordinary & irresistible!

10/10 for Milena & Erik!

More of this quality, please!!!

... and again without any other girl, please!

Correction: 10+/10+ for Milena & Erik!

  • Neil
  • 3 months ago:

Milena. As sexy as sexy can be and as cute as a kitten. What a special little sweetheart. What a beautiful little doll.

  • H WU
  • 3 months ago:

Milena has done it again with this beautiful set. Her topless body with lingerie then her killer pussy.

There you go Doug! Can't complain about that muff!

HAH! No....he can't, but he sure can and will complain that not ALL the models look like this! IOW we're gonna get his usual, given the proper catalyst...lol Maybe me...;o)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Yeah, we needz to see more of this. What's the matter, girlz? Be women!!

How's that, Rock :-?

But I mean seriously, mix and match! Nuthin' sexier! :-)))

Don't git me started ! :-)))

nice and hairy, would fap again

... Saw her shaved on Sex-Art...! How sad, but interesting to compare the scent of sex and art just is not there the same when she shaves...!
This soft small hair, (that grows for a reason, remember the almighty God put them down there) - they just is a signature of sexuality, and underlines the personality of nudity in every single girl.

In fact, I claim, they all loose a lot of that when they shave... Up to the point of being total turn-off's - even if she's a perfect 10!

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

My fave can be seen both ways here, and I love her both ways, tho of course preferring her "natural" (for heaven's sake, she still shaves her legs, wears makeup... :-))
What's an intense turn-on for me is to compare her both ways, side-by-side (my display is "big enuf" :-)
But the point is she has to be both ways for me to do that.
How many girls here present themselves "both ways"?
Next to none. They're missin' out as much as we are -- I am, at least :-)
As I've been sayin', eventually people are gonna "get" what I'm sayin'.
But it's gonna take time, patience and courage.
Going against the habitual same-old-same-old is not the easiest thing to do, tho ultimately it has to be done :-)

Ah Doug, you are such a crusader. In the end I can't disagree that pubic hair can be a turn-on, but I've also enjoyed the shaved look at times. So asking for "both" makes sense.

Was out for dinner last night and super-cute server had tats all over and disturbing piercings all over her face. Ugh, what a pity- now THAT'S a crusade worth taking on, but in the end it's futile. People will do what they're gonna do.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

It's tuff Red, but somebody's gotta do it :-)

People will do what they want to do, what they "got" to do, but sometimes that's just following what other people do. We emulate what we admire. That's why it's important I think to have "unshaven" girls to admire here -- some of that is going to rub off on or impress who-knows-who?
We would then begin to see more of them...

I don't want to be too alarming! :-)))
Shouldn't be too much of a problem on this set :-)))

Preferring her "natural" would mean that she does not shave anything, including her legs; or waxing (e.g. Face/lips, etc)...."natural" means no hair removal at all.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

That's why I put "natural" in quotes above :-)

We'll take what we can get here! :-)

Actually Eddison is pretty close to that. Her hair is not all grown out, but it is all unshaven :-)

Then of course you have elegant Kristel in the Rylsky sets :-)

Milena is the ultimate trooper tho :-)))

I just find a young girl without pubic hair a bit "too young" looking and less sexy... Something is missing... Of cause, a huge mug bush is also a bit hippie looking... This series, - is PERFECTION of sensuality and nudity, a true tribute to women...!

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Fer sure somethin's missin'! One of her sexiest features -- *the* sexiest to some :-)
Underarm hair too is erotic, though many prefer it shaven. It's the same thing -- signalling fertility in that cute young girl :-)
So now you know why I've screamed about body hair being disappeared with software. You're erasing a vital feature!
I can think of some very beautiful young women with "huge mug" bushes -- let's call it a "healthy" amount of fur. Just makes 'em all the more attractive....vibrantly alive :-)

The angel returns ... come to papa

pics 76 and 111 are just plain evil, thank you

LOL!! Yes, Yes, Yes!!

Agree with your sentiment totally! I have so much affection for Milena and have dreamed of romantic nights with her so often, even of making babies and being the guy who she'd settle down with & of taking care of her (as if! but THAT guy would/will totally be The Luckiest Man Alive imho!)...

with those kinds of warm, fuzzy feelings for her it's not easy for me to think of her as a 'sex object', BUT man-oh-man #'s 76 and 111 DO bring out the animal lust in me! Those are GREAT shots!!

Outstanding set!

So beautiful! It's hard to decide between the lovely cat shots at the beginning and the LOVELY pussy shots later on :) Bravo, as always xxx

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