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This is the best, most adorable series Milena has done in a long time. Just soft, sweet and sexy. And love the exhibitionism on the train! I only wish the series had ended with her shaving all that fur off finally. Then it would have been perfect.

Finally woman with real hiar or real ;ubic hair tired of seeing shaved 15 year olds.

Ultra fine. None better.

I do believe she has struck a pleasing balance between shaved / unshaved.

I do believe you are correct SIR!! ;o) She's much more "tasty" when "cleaned up"... VERY tasty!! Very...exciting set! But then, Erik seldom disappoints. "Great job" to all involved...XOXO to adorable Milena! :o)

Tongue, Lips All so beautiful.

Such a beauty with her real beauty hidden away in most shots. This is not excellence in erotic photography.

Usually I'd say my appetite for gorgeous woman with their clothes off is limitless. But every once in awhile, I get a tinge of depression, because I look at the beauty and sex appeal of Milena, and realize I never have, nor will I ever, have the opportunity to undress such a stunning woman and have my way with her. To hear her orgasm would be the ultimate bliss. Oh well, sites like MetArt are for fantasy. And do I ever fantasize!

The sexiest and most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

Milena on a электри́чка... I travelled a lot with this kind of old Trains around St. Petersburg:-) But I like it:-) I think if I had to meet Milena on a train, I faint immediately♥

Dream Team is back (Milena+Erik)!!! Thank You Erik for this Set!!! As hipshot131 says, Milena in this kind of Baby Doll Sets looks very very very Nice♥ I like to much Milena in this kind of Sets... Her Face is soooooooooo Sweet♥ Her Body soooooooooo stunning♥ Her Skin soooooooooo Soft♥. Her Smile soooooooooo disarming♥ She's another Present created by Mother Nature♥ Thank You to be here Milena... A lot of kisses to You, and come back soon, please♥♥♥

As marvellous as usually.....Thank you,Milena !!!!

One simple question for the photographer: why are many pictures a little out of focus,
and why is there so often a sort of UNDERCONTRAST leading to pale colours ?

I think this is one of my favorite Milena sets. She has one sexy young face and the lingerie on her give the whole set that baby doll look that is so fascinating. I love her pubic hair trimmed like this. To me it is the perfect grooming for her though it could be just a bit longer so it looked a bit softer. I don't like her in full natural look as she is just too hairy. My only complaint is that there isn't a single strait on closeup of that beautiful flower (gyno shot) and I don't like the bra left hanging for all those shots.

An absolutely beautiful set of photos. #58, 88, 105 & 126, mostly 88, floored me. I do believe Milena would win the title of "Sex Kitten" if there ever was a contest for one. "Sex Kitten" is the first thing that comes to mind whenever I see her. Wow, 50 sets already. I hope there's another 50 to come.

It's always so good to see Milena, shaved or not. She'll always be one of my very favorites.

Her pussy hair in this set looks so silky soft. Beautiful.

Today is somewhat of a milestone for Milena, this is her 50th set on Met. She was introduced by Leonardo, then had a set by Goncharov, and then a second set by Leonardo , then she started with Erik and the last 47 sets have all been shot by him. Very rare loyalty to one artist. From the beginning she was our queen of "Unshaven" almost her trademark. When Sex started she appeared as one of the first "European" models featured and now has 18 sets on Sex. She is currently Ranked 18th on Sex with a 9.27 rating. Interestingly she is as loyal to Antares over there with all sets by him. She has appeared on a non-family set and is just as popular over there. In real life she is friends with Emily Bloom and has appeared with her on Sex and the non-family site. I think I have commentd here that her trademark was removed on camera (A movie) on the none family site by waxing. Today we see it is growing back nice, if not as full as it has been in the past.

Regarding today's set. Erik has almost from the beginning shared casual (clothed) shots, and today he does again. We have seen her with a kitty, a gun, knife, and dressed she belies the fact her profession is nude model. (Like that it is hard to believe she is even "of age") When you have done 47 sets of her comming up with something "new" must present a challenge so Erik's mirrors IMO are a neat trick. Just as with any performer with a large body of work every set cannot be the best, but IMO today is just fun. The style of her outfit today always seems to work with her and both Erik and Anteras.

Recently Milena has created a facebook page and looks just as good within its limits, with a large number of "likes". I have to give credit to Delta for getting me to that page.

So in conclussion, thanks again to Milena and Erik and I agree if I ever saw Milena on a bus or train I would be a gauwker, hoping she needs to change.

A favorite for me. I liked the shots on the train, they were fun. I wish I'd been there. And I love Milena in lingerie -especially white lingerie.


O I love this tongue - #130-131!

Milena in 3 D! To see her front and her back at the same time. Wonderful - pure delight perpetuated in mirrors ... silky skin and
white lingerie. The soft mound with smooth hairs... 10

I have always though using mirrors in photography is a mistake. I believe this set demonstrates why.

At worst the multiple reflections are leading my eye entirely out of the picture. They also distract me from the main subject of the photo - the beautiful Milena.

And many of the pics suffer from a horrible black bar in the reflection - a poor attempt to cover up the photographers own image in the mirror.

Stay away from mirrors. One well composed, properly exposed and focussed image of Milena - is enough - is in fact beautiful.

To each his own. I love shots with mirrors if done right, i.e., the right angles. You can see more of the good stuff. Unfortunately, not in this set.

Disappointed that she shaved her pits. Love her when she's hairy.

It's not her best series. Others have been oozing of sex way more... However she is a doll. Loose her shaving kit please...

Nobody rocks a set of silky, lacy lingerie like the inimitable Milena! I enjoyed the opening sequence ~ I would think that the bra-less t-shirt look would have started a riot on the train, and then she casually changes into a sweater, showing that she's not afraid of public nudity. I wonder who other than our photographer noticed?

Even though this set was not as explicit as many of her others, just seeing her in that delicious lingerie was worth it and seeing her put on her makeup was nice too. She is the kind of woman I could watch for hours just dressing and putting on makeup.

fer, if you and I were in her part of the world we would probably be stalkers...

fer, if you and I were in her part of the world we would probably be stalkers...

Don't fall asleep if you see Milena on a train next time.

Milena in white lingerie is hot.

Milena and Nastya in one weekend, it can't get better than that (for me anyway).

Pic 101, Eric you are way to clever lol

Absolute masterpiece! Incredible beautiful & tasty!

10/10 for both Milena and Erik!

How about a sequel of this session?

Definitely one of my favourites. Great combination of beauty and sexiness. Love her!

Milena is very beautiful, no argument about that. But the mirror in EVERY shot? Come on.

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