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Elle est magnifique, j'aimerais trop être son mec, dommage qu'elle s'épile pas plus souvent. Sa chatte rasée, je la lèche quand elle veut et je veux bien y mettre autre chose (lol).

The sexiest woman on MA.


Our lady is a marvel, with or without.
Next time she visits, let us challenge ourselves to not mention it.
Again. And again. Over. And over. And again over. And over again.

I agree:-)

Best with pubic hair. Are you shaving all the girls now, Milena looks like she is 14, ,loved that she had natural ppubic hair very disappoiting.

Body hair is what makes Milena erotic. Without it she is plain and uninteresting. Let it grow!

Really? That's all there is to see?

"plain" and "uninteresting" are adjectives that have never applied and never will apply to Milena.

  • 1 year ago:

I love the sets where she clean shaved. She is so hot and having a clean shaved pussy makes her all the better.

OHHH NO...!! SHE SHAVED OFF HER SWEET SOFT BUSH...! Please let it grow out again...!!

Finally.....SHAVED!!!! Bravo!

I miss her bush. :-(

me too...

You haven't photoshopped her enough Latika. Sheesh.

Finally she waxed! Hooray! Much, much nicer, IMHO.


I love this beauty shaven, I'd love to witness the transition!.

hard to believe that first set was 2010. I just looked at that again. well worth the time! I won't say Milena still looks young, but after the set I did feel I should turn myself in!
the set starts out slowly, and then Milena heats it up! beautiful young woman and very sexy!

hard to believe that first set was 2010. I just looked at that again. well worth the time! I won't say Milena still looks young, but after the set I did feel I should turn myself in!
the set starts out slowly, and then Milena heats it up! beautiful young woman and very sexy!

I love the beach shots at the end of the set,and would love to see more of them.I think that the one thing that makes Milena D so striking is her very delicate build.It makes her lok smaller and younger than she really is, I gave a 10++++ to both Erik Latika and Milena.

I agree:-)

Why is she always wearing stockings? Some people like them, great. How about those that do not? It is not that difficult to remove them halfway through the set. Lame.

Hose haters say so much the same: lame.

We sure this waif is legal? Just sayin'...

@ Link Hogthrob, and all the other attorneys who chimed in on this (tongue in cheek?) question:

The important fact is the disclaimer at the bottom of this and any other page on any of the MET conglomerate sites.

It clearly states that “Models on METART.COM were 18 years of age or older when photographed.

Back in the day scum existed and still do. Said scum catered to the equally sick limp dicks who also are still out there.

So... let us not quibble about legal age in a Model's country, the disclaimer says it all.

The link underneath the disclaimer is also an interesting read.

I bet you spend a lotta time correcting typos on Twitter.

@Link Hogthrob:

I don't know a Twitter from a Twatter; but I do know a tweeter when I hear one in my garden.

Is a Twitter a songbird that can type?

"Twitter" (twitter.com) is a social media website. "Tweeter" is an individual who uses "Twitter". "Twatter" is a heterosexual man who enjoys pussy...I doubt you know any of those.

@Link Hogthrob:

I "know" you and all the other pimply faced teenaged boys who copy and paste snippets trying to impress.

I enjoy(ed) and thumbed most of your one-liners about large labia. Stick to what you do best and don't try to punch above your weight class.

Now, shake both of your heads, wash your hands and your monitor screen, and go upstairs and ask Mommy what she made you for breakfast.

Rather amazing talent you have, nanowit: typing with one hand while jerking off with the other. (Nano- is a mathmatical prefix which means "one billionth"...in your case, halfwit is gross hyperbolic overstatement)

@Link Hogthrob:

Whoever you cut and pasted the snippets above from is quite good.

If I wanted any shit outta you I'da mashed your head.

Well.... given that her first MA set was published in 2010, I would say that there is an overwhelming probability that she is not only legal but probably also legal to drink alcohol, were she to grace the States with her divine presence. ( :

Nice to hear from her attorney, who does know what a rhetorical question is.

Rhetorical? Maybe. But Respectable?

"attorneys" plural ~ you will note Rock chimed in as well! :D

Now she has three.

That depends on the meaning of "legal" in her country.

I'd forgotten how beautiful Milena is when fully shaved! Magnificent!!

She rachs that look immensely!.

She does indeed!! Hopefully she is bach to shaving regularly... ;o)

What a beautiful setting to enjoy the always scintillating Milena. How could anyone resist gazing into her Captivating eyes? Can't help but imagine how wonderful or would be to lavish those nipples with my tongue. Love to see Milena clean shaved. Love the beach photos at the end, would love to see the whole set.


Another great set for Milena. She's amazingly pretty and totally uninhibited when displaying her unreal body...except when it comes to her epic breasts. It would be great to get some frontal shots of her with arms down, gazing into the camera, hair behind her shoulders and breasts fully exposed. A lot of her sets are missing these simple shots. Please add a few of these types each set! All of these she has, her hair falls over one and blocks it out so you never really get to see it. Thanks in advance for your help, K!

I must agree. I too would like to see more photos focusing on Milena's most incredible breasts.

Pic #89 is fantastic! That shot really does display those 'epic breasts' so beautifully & sensually. Would LOVE to see more like that!

That said of course, I am so infatuated by and enamored with Milena and her many charms, I wouldn't want to focus on any one aspect or feature of hers. I just look sooo forward to her sets, they are always so fresh & interesting & beautiful & erotically stimulating, I can only hope to see a new one every month for as long as I live! I would NEVER tire of seeing her in new attire (nude, OR fully clothed! those beach shots are outstanding! please more of those!! maybe some high fashion shots too??), in new places & settings...

for what Natalia Vodianova has been to fashion modeling, what Michael Jordan was to basketball, Meryl Streep to acting, Messi & Ronaldo to football, this young woman Milena IS to artistic & erotic nudes. Interesting, original, always compelling and other-worldly beautiful. Keep up the great work my dear!

"I wouldn't want to focus on any one aspect or feature of hers", EXCEPT (I have to say) her Rapunzel-like hair!! I'm probably not the only one to think this, but 'drowning' in that unbelievably beautiful head of hair, or that incredibly beautiful mound of hair down there (as in her unshaven sets), would have to be The Best Way of All to leave this world!

Those beach photos bring the child out of Milena.She look so innocent and playful.

What for a start this Sunday Morning!!! Very well made Erik:-) 1000000% Gorgeous is ♥Milena♥ Without bush, ♥She♥ looks even younger like an innocent young Teeny and this kind of Sets are my favourite. ♥Milena♥ is adorable from Head to Toes, there are no words in the Universe to describe ♥Her♥ Beauty and it would be fantastic to kiss ♥Her♥ softly all over (pussy and ass included)... ♥Milena♥, ♥You♥ looks every day younger:-) Come back soon please, I can't wait for ♥Your♥ next Set ♥ ♥ ♥

Another amazing set from Milena.She always look spectacular shave or unshave.

Not just Erik's best work.

10/10 for Milena &

6/10 for Erik!

First, I absolutely adore the candid beach shots at the end of the set. I can't help thinking spending time with Milena in real life would be fun and never boring. ( :
In the actual set when I noticed her bottoms were panties I was hoping for some more front and back shots showing full detail and was somewhat disappointed.
However, seeing she is fully shaved in this set made up for that lack, IMO. I know a lot of members prefer her fully hairy and I don't mind it at all when she poses that way but most of her sets have been that way and it's nice to see some fully shaved sets to balance it out.
Overall, I like this set a lot. ( :

hi Fer, I thought I had posted before about the "bare" Milena, but I will add it again... As I have "bitched" before we have no idea of the sequence of the sets published in relation to when they were shot. I have no idea why this is not done. Some times it is obvious like when Luca recently post a photo set of "Girlfriends" when the movie is years old. Or any set Erro when he retired over a year ago. The sets old up but do create shall we say questions. But back to Milena's "bush" while Milena may have donea "clean up" shave here for this set the removal of the "bush" was done by a waxing. One of the interesting things about Milena is that, unless I have missed it, she is not all over the internet. For the most part we have viewed her here primarily being shot be Erik, and over on Sexart by Anteres. I did find her on one Non-Met family site. On that site she has several two girl sets with Emily Bloom so in real life they appear to be friends. And over there she has a couple of movies. In one of them it full documents her removal of the bush by waxing. With her "full" bush it almost appeared the process was painful. It was not trimed first. That site also does not have date stamps as to when shot, so when that happened is unknown to us. However this set and a couple of others must have been shot after. I also see a set where the hair has started to regrow, so her future intent is a mystery, to us. For all of the Milena fans they need to search her out on Facebook because she has recently started her own page. And it appears to be actually by her. I am told in her own language she does blog, where I don't know. In addition she is listed as being, herself, a photographer. But again I have no idea if she is published.
I have so many questions which I would love answered. Does she actually ride motorcycles, does she actual shoot handguns, is she still a student, what is her personal orientation. (Is she only professional into girls, or are all of her male fans barking up the wrong tree, with our fantasies.) But, of course, such mysteries just add to her allure. I have been a fan from the first time I viewed her, and every set I have ever found is saved. she ranks right at the top of MY fav list. By the way she is still #14, I think, over on Sexart.
I just wish I could get Delta to shoot her to see a different side of her, but that will probably remain as "one" of my/those fantasies.

OMG I cannot believe they waxed her without trimming first! When I was in the Navy I would let my beard grow every time I came home on leave, and learned the hard way that I had to trim very closely before shaving it off to go back to duty. I can only imagine how painful that must have been for Milena!
Thanks for the info about DG and also Milena's FB page.
I agree with you totally about your questions about Milena. I hope that one day she publishes an autobiography, I bet her life story is fascinating! And it would be amazing to get a model's take on the erotica industry as well...
Oh, BTW... I am wondering myself... are Latika and Antares even different people? I suspect they are both aliases, otherwise I suspect we'd have seen some Latika sets with Milena on SA, and some Antares sets here on MA.

F, I would be interested to find that off-network waxing video. I know an esthetician, and you are supposed to be trimmed to like a fourth of an inch for a proper job. Untrimmed waxing probably made it more uncomfortable than normal.

I like Milena best when bare, but I don't complain when she's not. She is one that appears so silky soft, how could you complain? It's nice to have seen her both ways, but don't interpret this as acceptance of someone else's agenda.

Delta shooting any of the girls here is something I always wish for, especially if they have been tied exclusively to another photog.

Nice to hear from you.

Kilroy, figured out a way to direct you to that site without advertising it here. Go to Milena Angel on Facebook and see my post. Emily has also been very featured on that site. Find it and enjoy something different.

I had never observed a waxing in that area before seeing the video, it was my wife that complained about being as she said "Done Wrong" so at her next appointment she insisted I should observe. Done right little if any pain.

Delta has had a terrible time in the last week, but I will not post about it to he and Jon give me permission. But if you look him up on Facebook you will see what I am referring to.

I'd love to see a new set that starts with those last 10 beach shots. :)

Agreed, Checkers!

Can we have the bush back please Milena D ?

No bush!


This time she really is a 10!

An incredible set of the divine Milena. This girl is outstanding. So beautiful, cute, sexy and fun! Can't wait until the next set.

Thank you, Milena. Thank you, Erik.

The pink bed spread nicely highlights Milena's beautiful pink legs spread.

Too bad the photog didn't lose the Dollar Store Landscape over the pink bed spread. Tacky only works when it's intentional.

Fo sho?, this cute as a kitten beauty spreads her legs to reveal her beautiful, shaved pink cunt and you bounce out all interior design critique?, sometimes the fore ground obliterates the background in its magnificence.

It frequently amuses me what catches peoples' eyes in these sets... ( : ( : ( :

Adorable set. I love you shaved, sweetheart. Those shapely lips and perfect, tight anus in # 97 are to die for. Great job!

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