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About time she comes back natural and looking a good as ever, more like her tired of shaven girls all the time.

Pass --

To give a contrary opinion a chance: I'm more and more frustrated that Milena has so often to wear socks and stockings in her galleries. To make things worse this takes place from the first until the last picture here. For a change more galleries like "Hydref" please. Like to see her whole beauty not only her...

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I understand there are some sets with the stockings, but there are so many that are without. For me, Milena is one of the models we have the most variety. We see her shaven, unshaven, indoors, outdoors, theme outfits, completely nude, etc. This set obviously she wanted a theme as she typically selects her own wardrobe. She has a lot of freedom and gets to go with her moods. I think it is nice to see what the girls come up with :)

K, I agree in regard to variety and have nothing against nice underwear etc. What I meant was she could undress at last. Hydref was my favorite gallerie this year. Milena defoliated on leaves - nice idea.

I have to add: this gimmicks "K" called "themes" seldom come up to her. A tender spot too and especially here are these many to close photographed pictures with tucked up legs (not to confuse with "closeups").
It's a unfavorable but overused position in some of her galleries.
She does't look as gracile as the case may be. Compare with "Hydref" or some outdoor gall's.

Very nice! Would love to see a bit more spread though

Milena is stunning. Photography could have been somewhat more focused at times. However , I am discovering a renewed desire to see beautiful women in all their pubic glory . I am in my forties , came in with hair , had the era of the bald pussy , so hoping everything old becomes new again!

Milena is stunning. Photography could have been somewhat more focused at times. However , I am discovering a renewed desire to see beautiful women in all their pubic glory . I am in my forties , came in with hair , had the era of the bald pussy , so hoping everything old becomes new again!

Milena with pig-tails, in a plaid, pleated skirt.....why does the lyric, "eyeing little girls with bad intent," keep running through my mind? ; )


While I am late getting this in, based on the comments about this being a "man's fantasy" set we should remember/note that she and Erik have "played" this game many times with us over her time here. Who could forget 4.06.2010 Paix, with the Henta, 21.11.2012 Ignite, with the motorcycle, 12.03.2013 Pieno. with the hair curled, 24.12.2013 Areles, as our x-mas present, and others. And to those of us on Sexart the handcuffs, sex beads, and girl/girl. Yes she plays to many of our fantasies. And even four years after her arrival we still almost feel guilty because of "young" appearance. And the dressed shots play on this, seeing her "clothed" first as a teen and now as twenty something we would pass here on the street and while she is cute, would never guess her profession. She stands out as one of the Met family's best finds ever. And while we have 30+ comments of which almost all are "rave's" her rating as of now is well under 9 with 200 votes. Go figure....

Remember, the rating here on the set is NOT "her" rating. It's all about the "set". "Her" rating is 9.04 with 8700+ votes. ANY girl with a 9 or higher rating, is doing well indeed. Many of MY favorites are below 9, but I happen to be with the crowd that pretty much ignores the numbers... They don't mean a whole lot.



Would have been a great gallery if the images were sharp and well resolved. Sadly, they're not.

This is very good, but she has done better here. I am referring to her movie "Eolika" also on Met. Her sailor fantasy with the anchor shaved in her pubic hair is a total butt-kicker. The problem here was (I think)doing the school girl fantasy without having to put it on SA, where she really lets go. I say she does as Erik Latika,expert as he is,cannot do the work he posts without Milena being as much of an artist in front of the camera as Erik Latika is behind it. I gave a 10++++

You lost me on that last sentence, seadog.

IMO what 5seadog is saying is that what we are seeing with Erik and Milena are not directed sets but the results of a true symbiotic relationship. Milena "buys" into a concept and then delivers stunning performances. She understands her appeal to us and plays off it, to tempt and satisfy the camera and us. It must be a dream to work with her. She has been one of my favs since the first time I saw her and remains in my top model group. I actually joined an off family site just to see her more and their she plays well it one of her real life friends we also know, i.e. Emily Bloom.

Okay, that makes more sense. thanks, sw. I am sure Milena is tops in many members' list, I always enjoy seeing her.

"Pigtails/braids" = Immediate turn-off. The whole "schoolgirl" bit is way overdone as far as I'm concerned... And I question the appeal of it... I prefer my nudes to be "mature", and well beyond "school age". And I don't need "pubic hair" to symbolize that maturity! And going for the "schoolgirl" thing would have been more realistic if she WERE shaved!!


Well for what it's worth, it did bring back some sinfully playful memories! Oh the days of private schools. I look back now and truly believe the girls were worse than the boys.

It's worth a couple good chuckles C... I used to hear stories about the Catholic school girls too, being more adventurous and brazen than their public school counterparts OR the Catholic school boys... ;o) However...I have no such treasured memories...lol Maybe that's why the whole "school girl" thing doesn't appeal to me... I'd much rather "look-in" on the "teacher's lounge"...;o)

You can disregard this little rant... It sounded whiney, so I meant to cancel it when I hit post instead... For what it's worth.

It's nice to see what you really were thinking before you took a step back and read what you had written.

I concur with the second paragraph.

Apparently not too whiny, got a couple of thumbz. I agree with the last half of it. For what its worth.

School girl needs to take my sex ed course1

This set is phenomenal.

One word Mil

Nothing nicer than a hairy pussy !!!!!

Except a shaved one...

Seriously cute girl and some seriously mediocre photos. Nice job putting the sharp focus on her bracelet instead of her eyes.

aaahhhhhh a dream come true! a hope & prayer answered! The lovely and desirable Milena has reappeared in the cutest of outfits and has again stirred my soul & affections.

Sweet n sexy babe Milena not only plays the part, she looks right thru the camera and make eye contact, able to reach out and offer a tender & inviting touch.... Just fantastic, no other model in the world like her, so beautiful, sweet, giving, exciting and so stunningly sexy.
Milena is both artist and subject. And the number of comments & thumbs-ups every time she appears is testament to the affect she has on us, her way of reaching inside us and eliciting a response. Ohh, the longing & the yearning! The heartache! And the ecstasy!

TY so, ao much Milena!! So grateful for what you do, for posing for us and for filling our hearts & minds with such glorious images! And TY to Erik too for capturing them all. All is right in the world today!

Melina is a real beauty. I have enjoyed her for a very long time. I look forward to more great sets. However, please try to convince her to shave her pussy. It would make her even more appealing.

Schoolgirl outfits are a huge weakness of mine. They (usually) feed my button-down-and-nothing-else fantasy, and (usually) my white cotton panties fantasy. I'd love to see more sets like this.

Now if she would stop shaving her armpits again...

Maybe next month but if you can't wait there's always the zoo

I can tolerate the bush, pits not so much.

I guess more than a few go for that "simian" look...

Wow - the stuff of dreams...had to close the study door to view this one!

Lovely set Erik - & Milena is superb as usual. Don't suppose there is a movie of this one...?

Milena is such a perfectly beautiful darling little sweetheart. Erik Latika captures her beautiful features and personality with such artful skill. Milena and Erik make an excellent team.

I forgot to mention: Slava Ukraini.

Milena's beauty is like eternity, without end

"Eternity" is a "humon" concept. All Good Things Must End.

Nope. I steadfastly disagree with that position, Rock. ( :

Talk about "hitting below the belt" ~ !!!
Schoolgirl uniform fantasies have always been a weakness of mine, why should it surprise me Milena does such a great job of it? ( :
The only thing that really DOES surprise me is that it took Milena and Latika so long to come out with this gallery.
Amazing, stupendous, superb... absolutely love it. ( :

Now... those skintight pants she's wearing in the outdoors shot at the end? Are worthy of a set all on their own... ( : I would love to see a set of her posing in that outfit and slowly stripping it off, showing off her lovely bottom in the pants before removing them.

Leggings, yoga pants, whatever they are, I like them, too!

  • 1 year ago:

Hi All,

I recently brought this up to some of our photographers. I too think yoga pants work wonders with most women and look simple but gorgeous. I believe we have a yoga movie on the way as well. I will keep everyone posted!


Hear hear!!!
Yoga pants sets, please?
K, if you would be so good as to convey this request to the various photographers?

Oh, whoops, I just read your comment, K, pardon the superfluous request.
In its place, please accept my thanks for talking to the photographers for us!


With bush or not, ♥Milena♥ is born to be an ♥Adorable Angel♥ from Head to Toes... Soft Kisses all over for this Sweety, Miau ♥ ♥ ♥

9 for the bush .welcome back !! :-) .xx

I eagerly anticipate viewing each of Milena's galleries, wondering which persona she will play out for us.

Today she seems to be going for school girl, which is fine with me (we never had anybody like Milena going to my school those many years ago).

I would have liked the clock to be visible in the last indoor image just to give an idea of how fast these galleries CAN be cranked out.

Milena is a beautiful young woman, I love her hair in the two long braids.

Many thanks to Milena, K, and Erik for this blast from the past (archives).

Yes, it's glorious news that Milena is back. What a beautiful, sweet, sexy babe! Thank you, Milena for giving us such joy! You are amazing!

Though I am not Milena D's biggest fan, once again I simply ADORE/LOVE the fashion choices in the shoot. Those opposite colored stockings, blue button down shirt, scotch plaid skirt, and the cute cotton white underwear with an angel on it are real turn ons in and of themselves.

What glorious news! - Milena D, back with a sweet soft bush...! Now guys; This is how a sexy woman should always look..!!

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