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go Finland! :-)

Has Mr. Varin found a small cluster of beautiful Finnish models or is there still a treasure trove of models waiting to be discovered?

I somehow missed this absolute treasure on her first outing, what a magnificent beauty she is and so wonderously willing to share herself without reservation.

This is Miliki's second set and you will notice that in both of them Mr. Varin lets Miliki take her time about getting out of her pants. You will also notice that even though Conchita and Miliki are equally pretty, Miliki has the better set as she is not so tense. Mr Varin and Miliki both get a 10+++

10+. Fantastic buns (love all the behind shots), dazzling smile, sexy legs, and beautiful face. Excellent photography.

Her face is sheer magnificence. ( :

Mililiki, You are creamy wonderful!

What a lovely girl!

WoW, What a stunner! Still a bit early but Milliki gets my vote as THE Best New Model of 2014! I'm hoping this is just the beginning of a long & successful career! TY much Milliki for posing, & TY too to Albert: U are on a big roll my friend!

Purple is much more flattering to our model's skin than the orange look of the wall in this light.

Albert and Milliki save the day!! (for ME!) And it's NOT the first time for Albert! Milliki is just magnificent....I hope we're gonna see a LOT of her!! And hopefully, Albert will coach her on paying closer attention to "personal hygiene"....;o) Beautiful set...gorgeous model!! 10's for everyone!!

I have wondered about how this happens. Wouldn't a quick wash be standard practice? Makes them real though

Let us remember the wisdom expressed in the literary magnum opus of the great philosopher, Taro Gomi.

OK Poindexter...lay it on us and we'll remember it with you...LOL
Myself I follow the teachings of the great and powerful Oz...;o) (and that's NOT Ozzie Ozborn! lmao)

Such a lusciously pretty woman... and she isn't shy about sharing it all with us. Her visit is the perfect way to start a brand new month!

So very nice to see Milliki again so soon. She is a truly beautiful young woman and a very talented model. I would like to visit Finland with Mr Varin. He seems to know where all the beautiful young Finish woman live.

I'd guess in Finland mostly.

Varin really is firing on all eight cylinders lately!

You can say that again!

Lovely full bodied woman nicely photographed. Can't say much for the interior decorator's tastes but Milliki is sure a treat for the eyes. A nice followup to her debut set. Looking forward to lots more of this Finnish beauty.

"Full bodied"? Sounds like coffee. The Starbucks vocabulary gets into everything in the Seattle area. :))

More like a fine red wine, best laid down, tasted at leisure with pleasure to treasure.

Damn, Bobblehat, that remark is worthy of our poet laureate, Magwich... ( ;

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