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a fantastic set for Melliki. i love her long brown hair, her green eyes, her medium boobs and delicious nipples. the beauty of Melliki's curvy ass and shaved pussy is beyond any description. good work for Varin.

i love Melliki

Albert Varin should stop shooting the photos under harsh contrasting light. It is amateurish and ruins the pictures. The lighting ruined the set.

Thanks for that narrow-minded opinion...;o)

Milliki has awesome breasts and a lovely body. And simply elegant.

Is it just me? I really like seeing the model fully clothed for a few shots.

Id rather see the model slowly peel off her clothes. Instead of being clothed, then nude all of sudden.

also me. but very few not 1/2 the set

Definitely not just you..

Absolutely... That way we can recognize them when we see them on the street...;o)

Not just you.

Absolutely delicious!! Albert has found a real treasure here!! Hope there's lots more to come. I don't care if EVERY set was shot in the same room! With the amazing beauty of this angel, who could notice what the surroundings are! ;o) Milliki, you are simply gorgeous! XOXOX

It seems pretty clear to me that Varin shot these sets of Milliki in one session, which totally works for me... I can easily imagine them representing a long weekend or a mini-"staycation" with one's girlfriend, with nothing but time to explore your feelings for each other. A very nice little fantasy, as the warm daylight plays over Milliki's generous, beautiful hair and facial features.

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