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She's got great smile and beautiful pink nipples. I'm drawn to them puffy mounds. :)

I personally find some of the poses in this and other sets absolutely devoid of elegance and even dignity in some cases.A girl with legs spread
wide and a smile on her face or gymnastics don´t turn me on whatsoever,and I believe such poses are not erotic photography.

The Seller

I, personally, find most of your comments devoid of substance.

I personally find Milliki to be very pretty and quite pleasant to look at. But if feel it as more a girl next door than a sex goddess. This is strictly how she effects me and doesn't alter the fact that I find her very attractive and I think she does very well at presenting herself to the camera. I like her a lot but she doesn't quite make my OMG list.

Albert has done a very good job from his end. The colors are good, the photos are crisp and well focused and the mix of poses is nice. My only bitch is that she never made it to that beautiful bed in the background. ;)

Exquisite? I have to agree that that word should be used judiciously because in my mind it says top of the line "A" number 1. However I can see where an individual might consider Milliki to fit that description. Each of us has there own image of perfection and it is a very personal thing. I think she is very nice but there are a couple things personally that detract from my picture of perfection. They certainly are not things that would matter if I was lucky enough to know her but with the class of women presented here it is tiny things that make the difference.

Oops, this should be in Ruch's thread below.


LMFAO!! I've never seen such discussion over one word!! This made my day!! LOL

Perhaps I can make your day better rachsback.

Exquisite is a perfectly valid description of Milliki. The comparative "more exquisite" might be how some people would describe her if they thought she was better than exquisite. If anyone thought Milliki (or any Model) was their absolute favorite model and could never be surpassed in their eyes; then the superlative "most exquisite" would be appropriate.

I trust you realize that I am really writing this comment for someone else.

Oops, meant this to be under Doug's post, not rachsback

Doug, what are you talking about? I don't see any post by Rock that you could be referring to (not on this set anyway....)

Ok, Milliki sorta salvaged a very bad Tuesday

Very lovely once more, Milliki is gorgeous, a really cute, beautiful girl.

You got to love this beautiful Finnish sweetheart. A gorgeous young woman. Varin has found a pearl of truly great value. I like the lovely matching bra and panties set and the background color.

What a stunner! A real joy to behold :)

From head to toe, Milliki is pure eye candy. I can't believe this set is only at 7.63 right now! Amazing...

8.64 now, that's much better. ( :

You guys need to realize that we have a core group of trolls that rush to each set to put in low ratings as early as possible so the early results are almost always low. Especially with certain artists that they have some sort of vendetta with. It is my wish that met would set up the system where the low values are thrown out. Anything under a 5 is deliberate sabotage. Any set that gets by K has got to be better than that.


Yummi... ( ;

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