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... Wow-speechless.

Mind-blowingly erotic, Miren is stunning, Arkisi does his usual great job with the lighting and poses. We are treated to some more-revealing shots than MetArt usually has, which is fine with me! Bravo, the more we see of her the better.

Oh my god

I believe that Miren is so attractive, with so many appealing physical features, that the number of visits we will be blessed with depends solely on how many photo sessions she participates in.

Many thanks to Miren for today, and to Arkisi for another great find.

I love Ukraine and all Ukrainian girls. I love Miren, i love her face, her breasts, her delicious shaved pussy, her ass and her legs. i thank Arkisi for discovering this gorgeous girl and presenting her to us.

I love Ukraine and all Ukrainian girls. I love Miren, i love her face, her breasts, her delicious shaved pussy, her ass and her legs. i thank Arkisi for discovering this gorgeous girl and presenting her to us.

Unbelievable set. Unbelievable poses. Unbelievable expressions. Unbelievable girl. Bewitched by your beauty.


Too many vertical portraits!

Yeah, not enough horizontal portraits, vertical landscapes, panoramic close-ups and intimate wide shots! ;)

Bibble, you out-Magwiched Magwich! I would not have believed it possible until I saw it!

Couldn't we just say he Magwiched Madwich?

It's time to give up typing.

Don't you dare! If you do, I for one will be severely disappointed. I'm quite certain this was a one-time incident. :D

Avatar for the art and glory of close (and far).

She is wonderful woman more please........


This woman of delight, knows her preferances and pleasures. Would that I could be the grantor to very possible whim she has displayed in this presentation.
A present unwrapted,first time show, what to do with such an explosive gift? Only hope is to enjoy more!

I believe this woman has no idea of the destruction she is capable of!!!

A great first appearance. Innocent looking, but Miren is definitely not shy for her first time and presented to us in traditional "Arkisi fashion" of plethora of pink.

OK, I have a new favorite! Gorgeous girl in a very erotic setting. Well done Arkisi. Keep up the good work.

Miren has an elegant simple beauty, an erotic natural, and I hope to see much more of her. Very nice set.

What a sweet face.................

Exquisite debut!!! It speaks of much joy to come! Miren is scrumptious!! This set is scrumptious!!! I believe I will have Miren for breakfast!! YUMMY!

Miren, thank you for gracing us with your beauty. A warm and inviting welcome to you. You did a magnificent first presentation. Bravo! I appreciate your generosity in the manner in which you displayed your gorgeous body for us to enjoy. Your smile is wonderful, and your eyes enchanting. They way you posed was terrific. Please return to us soon and share more of your beauty. I especially appreciate the sexy rear poses. Thank you.

That is what I would call "hot pink"!!!

Well. She is not shy, is she?

Very attractive young lady with a smokin hot vulva! Just one odd thing, and maybe it's me, but she has man hands. Is it me? Never the less Miren is hot and I hope to see a lot more of her.

Nope, sorry, don't see it! She can put those hands on me any day of the week, any part of me she wants! ( :

Gorgeous, a very nice debut, Miren is stunning and those beautifully soft looking breasts are fantastic, really enjoyed the awesome spreads too.

It's nice when a model is enthusiastic . A very welcomed preformance .

Miren is a pretty face with an awesome body to kill in this outstanding debut set.Hope to see more.Welcome !!!

The first image was nice and OK, but then by image 3 Miren is smiling and her face just comes to life and I was hooked for the rest of the set. The lingerie was nice but the body underneath even nicer.
By the way, this young lady has a PP, which compares favorably IMO with Emily Bloom's.
I hope Miren is settling in for a nice long stay with frequent visits, because she's spectacular.

I second the nomination. Miren is so uninhibited and comfortable posing, it is hard to believe this is a Presenting set.

Fresh,juicy,and a bit wicked somehow.Like

The seller

Lusciously adorable! Heavenly face and wanton ass stretches! A perfect beginning. Many, many more, please!

A stunning and most revealing debut for this sweetheart . I love her innocence , curves and edible pussy and ass ! This should only be the beginning.

Hot damn isn't she a little cutey, complete with that michevious little smile of hers.

Great debut set. Look forward to seeing more from Miren

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