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Very sexy, but I'm curious. Did they put lipstick on her labia and surrounding areas? It looks a little too bright pink to be natural, and I would have expected some puffiness in the vaginal area if she was turned on enough to be so pink. Or maybe selective color saturation? Sorry to get "technical", but it's a bit in your face, as it were.

Miren is very pretty, and I love the blue jeans. I like the background as well, it brings out Miren's beauty.Leonardo has done a great job with this set. T gave a 10+++

I love the topless in jeans look. Too bad about the necklace. As for the nudes . . . another shaved pussy, exactly like the rest. Boring conformity.

I am sorry you feel that way. For me hairy is boring. Pussies are like faces no 2 are alike unless you cover them with hair and hide all the detail. A hairy pussy is a hairy pussy is a hairy pussy ect. They might as well have clothes on. :( If you want hairy go to a site that features hairy like ATK.

I remember "back in the day", when NONE of them were shaved.

Don't recall anyone back then being bored by a beautiful naked woman.

"Conformity" is much overrated as nouns go.

I remember back in the day too, Probably a lot farther back than you do. Back in the day when you weren't even allowed to show it. BORING! and the sixties when hairy was all you could get. No thanks! I am not interested in rolling the clock back to those anal retentive days when a pussy was a forbidden fruit.

Yo, "Hip" --

I WISH I was as young as you think I am. (lol) (lol) (LOL) !!

I am a proud ORIGINAL owner of the first issue of Playboy to show hair.

I think of it as evolution -- no show -- to hair -- to shaven. And I, too, do not wish to return to the days when you had to wonder what was under all that fur.

I don't know what the next step will be, but I would rather it be a step forward.

Dread and Hip, you guys talkin' about the old days is making me feel old, LOL. I remember the original Playboys, a friend of mine has an extensive collection. Then Hustler came along in the 80s, actually showing pink. I think I noticed shaving in the industry starting in the 90's, Marilyn Chambers (RIP) and some others. Now it is the standard in society in the 2000s.

Who knows what is next, but I have already seen this vajazzle thing, where the pubic mound area is adorned with stick-on costume jewelry and worn until it falls off. We've already seen genital tattoos and piercings to a lesser extent. Something to think about.

Relative of Doug's ...

Agree with you about not being bored by beautiful naked women.

The "necklace" obviously is a R.C. rosary with the crucifix removed (seems to be gaining favor with a number of women - saw a set of Helen H with one one - and a partial back tattoo of one also on her).


Let's not bring religion into the discussion -- there's already too much to bicker about.

Yo Dread, pop a chill pill, bro! He didn't express any opinion ~ positive or negative ~ about the rosary, he simply observed that that is what it was.
Relax... we're all being cool here. ( ;

Yo, "fer" --

No problem, Mate! It was meant to be said with a chuckle -- not a frown. No criticism intended --

Have you ever see the lower back tattoo on Helen H? In some sets, it appears as though it's a partial rosary (turned on it's side) and in other photo sets, the "rosary" effect is gone to be replaced with letters.

I think I mentioned this in a comment in one of Helen's sets. As I recall, I thought it went so far as to be a "temporary tattoo" - after all, who would have their lower back tattooed, then have the tattoo removed (painful as that is) only to replace it with yet another tattoo?

Photography so good you can almost smell it!

This is visual stimulation, not olfactory hallucination.

You HAVE ALMOST mastered the obvious...congratulations (ALMOST)!

89 and 91 are excellent closeup pics of her pussy and anus... Yum

She's an absolute marvel. What eyes, what a smile, what a body!

Very different look of Miren from her first set.She's nicely clad in jeans then awesome without them.

Not a fan of the distractingly loud background, not a fan of bluejean sets, but I'm a big fan of Miren, especially after this set.
I love every feature of that adorable body and I love her lopsided smile. It gives her a certain innocent/vulnerable air that is irresistible. And what a PP... ( :


Photo #59: the most exciting & thrilling pose!


Finally a photographer that shot a photoset with a topless girl in blue jeans!

I think nothing looks sexier and more erotic but unfortunately such galleries are quite rare.

I hope other photographers will follow lead.

We had one two days ago. Check out "Presenting Dalla." I agree, seeing a model wiggle her way out of a set of tight jeans is a HUGE turn on.

An unusual set from Leo. Lots of well focused close in work which usually is missing in most of his work. Also an unusual background and a nice change.

A pretty young lady who is willing to put it all out there for us. A nice trait for a new girl who is just getting started. Love those big brown eyes and her Mona Lisa smile.

Thanks guys for a real nice set

She is... not shy, is she?

Her confidence is noticeable, she can be justly proud though, she's gorgeous!.

What the hell is it about topless in blue jeans!, I love it!, Miren looks fantastic here, although overall the set doesn't reach the dizzying heights of her awesome debut.

I love this set,Miren has a really cute face,a great body,magic puss.The contrasting colours really work for me,

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