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Wow! An American model!! What's next? A unicorn?

Whether clothed, partially clothed or nude, Monica is stunning. Can't wait for her to appear again.

Although a couple photos looked a bit awkward, I found most tasteful, complimentary and erotic. Especially the mostly close-up sequence where she removes her pink panties, revealing her lovely pussy and allowing it to flower--highly erotic; not to mention the inviting butterfly her pussy formed near the end. Wow! And overall, what an elegantly beautiful young woman she is!

I quite liked quite liked Alessandro's debut series of Monica A within these lovely adorable photo's of Monica wearing her tight jeans hugging her slender slim waist long slender legs firmly her white see-through top just revealing her firm curvy small breasts perky hard nipples slim waist underneath it-With a colorful scarf around her shoulders with that lovely cute gorgeous facial features sensual brown eyes mousy blonde hair :) One has to admire the way Monica slowly peels of her jeans in both sensual sexy inviting poses slowly revealing her cute firm cute round ass with her g-string riding up between those sweet cheeks her long mousy blonde hair flowing down her shoulders in images 21-#22 :) As well as those priceless images #3-#29 with Monica A sitting open her box with both serene sensual looks upon her face showing both her creamy white skin of both her thighs and slender long legs ;) As well those magnificent close ups of her curvaceous ass in images #68-#71 -Monica's firm breasts erect nipples in images #73-#71 with her white top riding high well above them : )Alessandro truely captured her beauty very well within these magnificent photo's he truely focused on her body in so many different ways just highlighting Monica A's treasures of her slender body when required :) I found the setting very artistic and the soft lighting truely highlighted Monica A's beautiful body very well :) :) Welcome To Met-Art you gorgeous American beauty and Thank You for displaying your lovely body for all of us members both male and female to admire :) Well done Alessandro one both an artistic sensual sexy debut series of Monica A striking beauty :) :)

Thank You K and Met-art Tech guys for ptting Monica A's gorgeous face on her Bio :) :)

Monica's face is very beautiful, but most importantly her breasts are very perfect. Very nice Tits. Her pussy is delicious and hot and not to mention her very lickable savory anus that im sure would be very tasty as well.

I'm with most of the commenters here. That is to say that I like Monica as a model but the quality of the pictures is suffering noticeably. I like how she starts the set clothed. She does have a nice behind!

a gorgeous american girl with not tats, wow! Fantastic debut!!

Beautiful model; an American model without false boobs...must be her adopted home? Shame about the grainy pics though. I expect better of MetArt.

well, it is ok. Not great.. ok.

But I could have happily lived with 5mp less and less noise.

I have to say great imagery in photos...didn't really like all the poses though..just remember most guys sign up for metart..so we wanna see hardcore poses of women.but photo texture looks like something out of the hardcover books u would find in adult section of a book store..keep the texture but make models do better poses

Right on!

Absolutely gorgeous model, cover girl face, beautiful body, perfect ass

Welcome from California nugget of pure gold.
Welcome with your curls and your charm.
Your sex appeal is worthy of a Parisian.
Nude with the pleasure of being nude, you show, open without shyness, all your secrets of young female.

A set of sparkling eroticism; Alexander.
With high-definition photos, over-sharpening of the hair and make-up, cause aliasing. (at least on my monitor).

Beautiful Yankee girl pay attention to beautiful Ukrainian girls are so many here !

What a waste of a lovely model! Send Alessandro back to photography school - and do not let him near good models - in fact any model - until he learns to take real pictures.

Where do you come from?

My thoughts to the letter!


Welcome Monica, what an amazing little bottom you have.

I love to cover picture, that's awesome.

I like Monica's bubble butt, lovely hair, and prominent labia. The members and their tags for the models are getting inventive. Asshole describes that member in addition to being peurile.

Wow a rarity, an American girl! When she smiles she is radiant, when not she is sultry. Good debut. Allesandro could have done a better job with you. You deserve better scores. Call DeltaGamma. Hell get you a 9.

I second that. I'd love to see DG shoot Monica!

Swp, I tallied up DG's sets for the year 2013 recently. I think it was only 18. That is a gross under-utilization of one of our more talented photogs.

My point exactly, he's relatively new, imaginative, will take a risk, he and his wife make the models totally comfortable during the shoots and thus the models give their best and try to really "connect" with us. Let's shake up the norm...

Varvara is stunning and the set does not do her any justice.

I must disagree ergo. The photography is deferent but emphasizes the beauty of the body and not just the Monica. I just loved the shots of the curves of Monica's body. I would like to see more of Monica and Alessandro.

I must disagree with Ergo as well. I found this set very arousing. I love watching a girl slowly strip out of a pair of jeans. There is something very sensual about that. Then we got to see this american beauty is some very hot sexual poses. This girl and this set worked for me....

What is Varvara?

Favorito, When the set was first posted (and as it was listed in yesterday's preview), her name was shown as Varvara. Apparently it was changed to Monica and reposted a few hours later this morning.

Very sexy, very feminine. Looking Forward to more

Be still my heart!! Wow!! Spectacular!!


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