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Presenting Monika by Catherine

Gorgeous model with a marvelous body. I like the set, it is as usual, Catherine’s perfect work. Thanks!
I cannot find a word in English to describe my feelings towards Catherine and her work. I love you Catharine.

a gorgeous model, everything in her body is perfect. a good choice for Catherine as usual. I only prefer if she had long hair.

Catherine gave us a perfect survey of this model's body: her sweet face, her firm small boobs, her delicious ass, and her gorgeous pussy.

Catherine, you are the top photographer in Met Art network. I wish you do some boy/ girl sex videos at Sex Art.

I love you and love all your models. Please kiss Monika on my behalf and tell her she is gorgeous and to try not to cut her hair.

Hey Catherine:) Great 1st-up presentation of Monika. She appears pretty amenable, and obviously enjoyed, and was comfortable during the shoot.

I am a nature lover, and have made the study of butterflies a serious hobby. I love the different shapes, colors and sizes. It would be great to see Monika in full-flight, wings spread and glistening:)

P.S. The only way I like rump, is char-grilled, with a side of a dozen oysters - au naturale :))

Thank you both for sharing.

Beautiful Catherine... Your usual excellence. Very pretty girl also, hope she had fun and wants to do lots more. Very nice! Please convey my admiration to the lovely Monika. And to you of course, my admiration and appreciation of your fine work.

Hi rockhard. It is very pleasant to welcome you. I am glad that you liked my work))

Thank You...and Always...;o)

Cute, sexy girl!!! Lots of great poses in this set!!! Nice work Catherine, and please tell Monika she looks delicious!!!

I passed Monika, she delighted with your praise))

very nice. she reminds me of angel boris...the beautiful nude model from the 90's.

Playboy's Miss July 1996...sure would have liked to see her showing all her goodies in a photo shoot like this one. I'm sure Catherine would have brought out the best in her. Loved those perky nipples on Angel Boris.

It will be interesting to me to study an image of Ms. the Playboy July 1996)) Probably, there can be interesting ideas))

Wow. You're right. I didn't notice until you said it but she really does.

Interestingly)) I couldn't think of it)

she sure does hammertime!


Very nice set, Catherine. Monika is gorgeous and you did a great job shooting her. You're also getting a bit more friendly with the closeups which is very nice. Just one thing: are you using the exact same set for every shoot? All of your stuff has the same look and feel to it. A little bit of a change-up with the sets and lighting might make your stuff seem a little less repetitive.

Well) Very valuable remark. I will consider it)

Another superb set by Catherine, with a fabulous model. Monika is flawless, elegant, exquisite, elegant, artistic, and erotic. Her attitude fantastic. Already in her first set she is at the top in every way. I hope to see much more from this model/photographer team.

Thanks for an appreciation)) I will try most interestingly and to work variously with models, including with Monika)

Great debut for Monika.I think she's going to do great for many years to come.And to Catherine ,keep up the good as always.

good work

I very much hope that Monica will please you for a long time))

The use of mirrors in this set is very nice. Congratulations Catherine.

Yes, mirror use in this set is very successful. But I didn't forget to paint beautifully and a background)) ...

Indeed the background is very beautiful. You are excellent Catherine


Monika, you are total perfection. Those beautiful eyes and the haircut is exquisite. Your body is flawless. Your breasts are beautiful. I have been a MetArt member for years and you are the best ever! I hope to see more of you soon. Catherine, excellent job!

Hi)) Monica is pleasant to me more and more. I hope, you will be the member of Met-Art as early as more many years)... And Monica will please you repeatedly. Thanks a lot for a warm response))

Monika.... You are absolutely Gorgeous! Great introduction!
Looking forward to many more sets featuring your stunning form.

Catherine.... Please continue to find these beautiful models for our viewing pleasure and fantasies. Great work! Cheers!

Surely) I will be very glad to work for you and to find new beautiful people))

Well done, Catherine! You & Rylsky can always be depended on to have beautiful girls in interesting galleries.
You've struck the jackpot again with Monika G. Give us another gallery of her pictures or better still a movie soon, please.

I am very glad that you liked a set. I already somehow wrote that I want to master video filming, and I will try to make the movie with Monika and other models. Only you don't judge me strictly)))

You're cute and natural Monika...but you could pluck those nasal hair...just to be smooth everywhere :)


Great job Catherine, You are batting a thousand with you new girls. Every one you have premiered in the last few months has been first class! Monika
could not have asked for a better start. You can right out featuring all her best parts from the beginning. I loved the play of those first few shots where you would feature her personal parts and then a wonderful facial closeup. This told me right from the start that this lady was worth being introduced to.

Monika is flawless! The face is beautiful and her Body is awesome. Each individual part is perfect but together they are spectacular. And tell her hair dresser that that hair is to die for. They did a fantastic job with the color highlights and the style is perfect for her. I loved the mirror work. Two lovely pictures in each one. The only thing I was left to desire would have been for her to spread those love labia in a couple of those marvelous close ups.

Lovely work both of you and I look forward to many more sets.

P.S. I just viewed Afecto, Featuring: Milana J & Vanda B on Sexart. Awesome work!

I am very glad, that you like. I really like the work for you. Thank you)). I'm in the shortest period of time to give the girls your praise), I'm in the short term give the girls your feedback. They ask to send them all of the reviews

I am very glad, that you like. I really like the work for you. Thank you)). I'm in the shortest period of time to give the girls your praise), I'm in the short term give the girls your feedback. They ask to send them all of the reviews

A great set of photos of a very beauttiful woman.

I will please Monika with your responses))

Monika, welcome! You are gorgeous, just spectacular. And Catherine has done it yet again, the queen of the red hot poses. Wonderful work, both of you.

I hope, with Monica there will be many interesting operation ahead)) Thanks))

Absolutely gorgeous girl. Great job Catherine

Thank mephisto)). Very pleasantly


Thank you)). Video is a good idea

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