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Monika looks so cute in this set, would love to kiss her anywhere!

Can somebody tell me what the hell is happening with the sequence of the
comments?It makes no sense reading it in a RANDOM order.Please DO SOMETHING.

The seller

It got me confused as well at first, but I think I have figured it out: the comments are sequenced from higher rated (more " thumbs up") to lower rated (fewer "thumbs up" or more "thumbs down")

You can look at the top and see that isn´t true either.It´s such a mess!

The seller

Let me rephrase. The comments are placed according to their "score", which is likes minus dislikes. A comment with 3 likes will have a score of 3, the comment with 6 likes and 4 dislikes will have a score of 2. The comment with 2 likes and 6 dislikes will have a score of -4. Only the score of the original comment matters, not those of replies. I hope that explains it better.

Thank you Catherine for capturing Monika and bringing her to us. This is a great set and Monika is a lovely model. I, too really like her hair style. You have a nice variety in poses and several great closeups. You don't often have this many closeups in a set and I think that is why I like this one so much.

Everybody loves Catherine and wants to comment, and I'm no different. Monika is so beautiful, has clean perfect skin, and a warm smile. On some of the photos, her butt looks a little red. Was she being a bad girl? (Joke). I hope you haven't totally given up on outdoor settings, though, since the ones you've done looked really nice. But I do worry about Russian bear attacks. Please buy some bear spray if you venture out into nature again with your camera.

Many thanks to Monika and Catherine for a excellent photoset that glorifies the beauty of the female body!

Such a classic Russian sweetheart! Even to the hair style which I think fits her perfectly. I love the blending of colors in her hair. It really compliment her skin tones? I really like her natural poses and sweet personality. Her body looks so soft and feminine I can't help but desire her. This is true feminine sexy, No fake sexy here. A true beauty does not have to try to be sexy. It comes naturally like this rare gem.

Please Cathrine, Not too much outdoor stuff. I know it is summer and everyone wants to celebrate but fair skinned beauties look best indoors.

Hi hipshot131)) I want to realize the art ideas in the open air, it won't be a beach or shooting on the earth. But I won't be fond of it, further I will continue shootings in an interior.

Your 2 outdoor sets with Bogdana have been perfect

That is good to hear. I find a beautiful woman covered in sand or dirt not sexy at all. I feel it is a crime to do these unnatural things to a beautiful woman. Outdoors in natural light can be nice if you capture the true colors and not all washed out by to much light. And please provide a blanket or beach towel for her to sit or lay on so you don't forget the closeup work. Open shade is best to bring out the natural colors. ;)

Monica is very beautiful, with a great figure, and I love the way she does her hair. Catherine has shot a perfect set!

Hi 5seadog) Thank you for your warm reaction to my work.

I agree completely, "5seadog" --

Love the hair style. Monika is a very lovely young lady -- the cover shot is priceless!

Catherine --
You have done it again! I thought I was in love with "Susana" -- now I'm not so sure.

Did I read further down that you shoot these sets outdoors? For the lighting, I presume?

Hi Dreadnought) On lighting my new works will be few than to differ from my usual works indoors. Thank you))

Catherine, it's great to see another set of yours. Monica is a beautiful girl, as is the case with all of your models. Some models just ooze sex appeal, some are of the cute and playful type. I think Monica is of the latter kind. This set has some pretty intimate closeups, but the overall mood seems to be lighthearted and playful, not "in your face" erotic. This is perfectly fine with me, because it is true to the model's personality, and one of the things I like about your work is that you let your models be themselves rather than coach them to conform to someone's idea of "sexy".Besides, it is only her second set.
Good luck with your new work. I can't wait to see it.

Hi lember92) Thanks a lot) I already wrote, that Monika is involved in new sets. I like that it works better and better with each set. Thanks))

'Now this is how it should be "Done"! This style is identical to "None"!'... Erik B and Rakim

As I have continued to assert, Catherine is the best!

Hi hotte) I now do All new works outdoors. I hope, they won't disappoint you)

Great set Catherine!!! Lots of good poses in this one!!!

Hi luv_lickn_clit) Thanks a lot. I hope that new sets will be pleasant to you even more.

uuusssee, you and I agree. This is pretty much proof that this 'ratings' crap is in the eye of the beholder.
This is the first of Catherine's model I have kept, and purely for her facial expressions. To my thinking, she has gorgeous eyes and her mouth and smile is Angelic.

The rest is Art Class material. Me, I can't draw for shit, but I do know what constitutes Erotic Glamour, and that's the crucial element that is missing here.

I do a lot of work with 'Big Rigs' - road-trains of two to five trailers, and a lot of work on construction sites, landscapes, sea and cloudscapes, trees, flowers and historical sites.

If I muck up an image (and I do occasionally, lol), that image is binned. I can't afford to include dud images in my website. To do so, would cast a pall of doubt over my professionalism, to say nothing of the mess it makes of the site itself!!

I'm really glad that there is someone that is able to understand what I mean!

Hi Rich) I envy you) your work allows you to see many beautiful places)

With her poses, and soft femininity, Monika has my pulse raised a bit, so I can't really call this set heartstopping.....I guess I'll settle for breathtaking.

Hi mincer) It is the second set for this model. I think that in new sets Monika will look it much better.

Looking e.g. at the absolutely failed picture #114 I utterly can't understand all the commendations concerning Catherine's work!

2 - 3 really good pictures per set is by far not really a good work!

From just ONE photo, uuusssee judges ALL of Catherine's work. I have NOT seen his comments anywhere else so critical. He must hate women photographers, and NOT know anything but his own opinion about photography.

Catherine, I apologize in his place. I have done photo-editing for a long time and there is nothing technically wrong with that photo. Just because for whatever reason it does not meet his erotic expectations does not make it bad. It is actually a well done photo technically.

Most of the other photographers on here submit blurry, overexposed stuff. uuusssee should be complaining to them. I have tried. They don't care.

Hi uuusssee. I would like to know that you want to see. Your assessment very sharp. If you so don't like my works, you can simply not look them. But I would like to hear your wishes.

I beg your pardon: My first answer has disappeared so I wrote once more. But now you can find both my answers.

What I want to see? Please have a look on today's set of Vladimiroff! That's pure eroticism, seduction, excitement etc. Especially photo #74 is one of the most erotic pictures I have ever seen. This certain look of the model ...! Do you understand what I mean?

By the way: The other photoset of Vladimiroff (09.04.2013, model Varya)is high erotic in a similar way. Perhaps you will admit that I'm right ......?

This is what I wish.

First: Did you look at pic #114 already? Do you think that's a good photo? Honestly: Am I right or not? I think a honest opinion should be allowed .....

What I wish? Please look a today's set of Vladimiroff presenting Delfina! That's pure eroticism, seduction and excitement. Please look especially at photo #74! This certain look of the model that's superb erotic in my mind! Do you understand what I'm speaking of and what I want?

By the way: The other set of Vladimiroff (09.04.2013, Varya) shows this high eroticism in a similar way. Look by yourself!

I honestly think that many photographer could learn a lot from Vladimiroff.

Hi. Well, then I'll have to learn from Vladimiroff . But I can not do it quickly. Be indulgent)

Well, you must not copy Vladimiroff but on the other hand learning is at all times the right way in life.

Please don't be angry with me but I've just advanced my honest opinion. In faot your photo sets do not raise my blood pressure.

Concluding I assure you I didn't want offend your sensibilities.

Your work is excellent and can be easily recognized by just looking
at one photo;this means you´ve developed your own style,
so I dare say you´re a true artist.I agree Vladimiroff´s set is,let´s say,more erotic,but I had to look up for the photographer´s name,i didn´t recognize it whatsoever,therefore I believe it wouldn´t be a good idea learning from him.You capture life through
a woman´s eye,and it maybe makes a difference.You can´t please everyone.You´re great.Don´t worry.

I suspect that UUUSSSEEE just likes to complain he seeks attention is really what it is so he decides to get it by picking the most praised by others sets and complains about it in some way.In reality its just a way to seek attention.

I'm absolutely not in need of attention!

I just wrote down my honest opinion. As an answer to Catherine you can read my explanatory statement ... if you want!


uuusssee striked again - we fortunately live on the earth not on the planet of the cloned vladimiroffs

And Vladimiroff's sets are NOT as well done technically as Catherine's. While Vladimiroff does well with his creative ideas of eroticism, his lighting and focusing lack the quality and precision of Catherine's work.

Eroticism is subjective as well. To me precision and skill add much to erotic art, and Catherine excels there, more than Vladimiroff.

Monika is so darn cute in this set.... very appealing.

Hi fer_realz) Thanks, very pleasantly))

Monika has a magnificent bum as in 87, and 88 and many more. In 35 a tiny hint of labia is visible - genius! Was that planned or an added bonus? Monika is a good example of the 'real woman' look I see in many of the models Catherine photographs.Congratulations to both Monika and Catherine.

Hi Baggy36Pants) Thank you. Monica works each time everything better. That you saw that in the 35th shot wasn't planned)))

Excellent photo set. I like the various angles and the clear sharp focus.

Monika is very beautiful and her pleasent smile adds to the enjoyment of the set.

Well done Catherine.

Hi iluvsex) Thank you for warm words. This model participates in new shootings.

Another poor work of Catherine!
Don't believe? So look e.g. at the absolutely failed photo #114!

uuusssee, write me that you want to see. Otherwise if you continue to write so (the bad work, the unfortunate photo), it will be difficult to me to conduct with you communication.

Gorgeous model with a marvelous body. I like the set, it is as usual, Catherine’s perfect work. Thanks!
I cannot find a word in English to describe my feelings towards Catherine and her work. I love you Catharine.

this is third time i view this file after downloading.

a gorgeous model. everything in her body is perfect.a good choice for Catherine as usual. i only prefer if she had long hair.

Catherine gave us a perfect survey of this model's body: her sweet face, her firm small boobs, her delicious ass, and her gorgeous pussy.

Catherine, you are great, great, great. i love you, i love you, i love you

i am only a bit upset. you know why

Hi kkronful ) I am very glad to see and read your comment) I spend all the time on shootings. I hope that there will be a good result and I will have time for communication. I too very much love you)))

Hi Catherine.
i am very happy you are busy shooting. this means more gorgeous girls presented by our beloved Catherine.
i wish you find some time to communicate with people who loves you.

i got a notification from Met Art for two sets for Gabriel. i urge you to get Gabriel into the studio for more new sets.

i adore you lovely woman

)) Thanks kkronful))

Excellent Catherine! Very very nice. 10!

Thanks a lot rockhard) I think, new works will be even better.

Gorgeous model with a beautiful body. I like the contrast between the white bed and the warm color of the background. The set, as usual, has Catherine signature. Thanks!

Hi) Thank you for a warm response. I now spend new shootings, I hope that will turn out very good sets.


Hi a2m2) Thank you for your comment)) very much it is pleasant to me as you express the thoughts. Thank you))

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