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Catherine, I see you even respond on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). You work too much:) Do you ever take time to relax?

I hereby dub thee Catherine the Great! You create the best sets by far on Met Art. I congratulate you and thank you for your attention to detail. Very good photographer.

Catherine, This is the way to do an outdoor set! The lighting the colors and wow that robe really adds a whole other spectrum of colors. The reason that this set works so wonderfully is that you provided the things that the model needed to be comfortable in every position. She was free to use the full spectrum of her poses unlike the sets most other photographers who simply take a model out to a remote spot and say OK start posing. This was a lovely set.

Monika is very lovely, she has marvelous skin tones, a pretty face and a great very fit body. Her breasts are perfect, she has great Abbs, and a tight butt. My one con is that her expression never changes. Not that it isn't pleasant but it gives the set a slightly robotic feel. She really needs to loosen up a bit and let the sun shine through. The difference between a good model and a great one is personality. This one could be great if she would let the personality come through.

It is a very pleasant set though.

Hi hipshot131) I was going to spend long ago thus shootings in nature. I have still ideas, I think to embody them in August. I absolutely agree with you concerning Monika look. You correctly estimated it. Thank you)

I totally agree hipshot131, very good analysis. Congratulations once again to Catherine, very good set

I am very pleased thank you) I think in August work off even better.

Very well done backdrop Katya. The sheer curtains softened the sunlight--which of course means you're able to let your equipment capture all of Monika's beautiful body in all of its high-def glory. She's wonderful.

Hi adomavoi81) I designed this for a long time pad. I started experimenting last summer and made sure that such a good shot. This season, I've created a fixed set of the outdoors. Thank you)

Nice set Catherine, but I'm sorry to see so much "decapitation"....cropping off of models head, when entire body is present in frame... Monika is so very pretty...

For sure I made a 'rushed' judgement... There actually is not that much bad cropping here as it first appeared to be... Humble apologies dear Katya...
I'm at your mercy...;o)

Hi Catherine, the roll continues. Three straight days, three beautiful models. Monika is exquisite. Is that the flokati rug you used with Nastya?

Yes, I love my cat very much this rug)))

Again, Catherine, you excel in exquisitely capturing the finest and truest pure beauty of your models, like no others do.

Thanks mchltxxx) I am very glad that you so respond about me and my work.

Great set Catherine!!! I like the posing here!!!

Thanks, I am happy that you liked my work)

This is so good it is shocking. I was having an awful morning until I saw this. I have never seen contrast like this, but it still has you're softness. The beautiful Monika appears pleased, but not too happy, and smiles like a queen. Many of these photos will live on through the ages, but I can't get over how fantastic the standing poses are, or any of the images where the background and foreground colors are in full glory. The choice of clothing was pure genius. I plan to see the Perseid meteor shower tonight, but it won't be as beautiful as this. Thank you for giving us magnificent outdoor photos to view, and please avoid bears out there. (I'm trying to figure out what isponenny is, however. I found a delightful poem "Above the Blue Sky." Does it refer to color, like azure?) I love you, and I bow to you!

Sorry, everyone. I meant to write "your", but I wrote "you're". I do not deserve "your" forgiveness.

Hi Ouchstopit) Thank you for your praise) I will try to avoid a meeting with bears. Though when you work near the wood, and the wood huge, it is possible to expect anything. Kabanye wool which you find in the morning near a shooting place, is a usual situation. Therefore on shootings to have to be armed cap-á-pie) Thank you for such warm and friendly letter)

Monika is very beautiful, and has the warm skin tones that make a perfect model for outdoors. I take it the two yoga poses are for clearing the complexion and stimulating the brain? I have a model friend that swears by it. She does it working out on her hoop (Lyra) everyday. She says hanging upside down does wonders, specially since she does it 20-30 feet up (7 or 8 meters). It makes her very conscious of ever muscle, and so is good exercise as well. I don't know if Monica would like that, but a lot of models I know (I have my BFA, but can't work anymore as my eyesight is too poor.) say Yoga is very good for staying in shape for modeling since it makes them strong and well balanced but no bulging muscles.

Hi 5seadog) I will advise to model to try yoga. I completely agree that occupations by yoga are very useful especially to the model)

Catherine & Monika, this set made my morning, thank you! I love short hair, but only on models it suits well, and Monika looks so perfect with it. Her vivid dress colors, which compliment her skin tone and contrast beautifully against the white and green backdrop, are warm and inviting, just like Monika's expressions. This is now my favorite outdoor set on Metart. Monika, I hope you return many more times in future sets!

Hi Goldentrout) Monika beautiful girl. She has a healthy clear skin, beautiful facial features. I think I'll still be with her work.
I think that you will find a lot of beautiful works in nature, that you too will like)

Usually, I don't like outdoor sets as much, but I do like Catherine's. Most of the things that diminish outdoor sets' appeal for me are not done by Catherine. The color in this set is vibrant, not washed out like many others. There is a mix of poses and some good closeups, too. We have two other indoor sets of the lovely Monika to compare, and this one does her justice. Thank you, Catherine and Monika.

Hi kilroy) I liked to Work so outdoors very much. During similar statement the feeling of the street disappears. Thank you for a praise of my work and Monica's work.

Monika G in Enklere by Catherine.

It is enough for a set to be signed by Catherine to classify it as excellent. It is enough for a model to be chosen by katya to classify it as gorgeous. Katya knows how to choose her models. Katya disagrees with me when I say she is more gorgeous, hotter, more voluptuous and more delicious than any of her models. I assume Katya does not have a mirror at home..
In this set Katya explored all the body of Monika and gave us all what we want to see.i wonder if Katya was born with a camera in her hand.
Monika’s face is more than gorgeous, her pussy is marvelous and the whole of her body stunning.
Catherine, you are great, great, great. i love you, i love you, i love you

Please kiss Monika for me, and kiss Katya for me.

Hi kkronful) I am stunned with your comment) Me very difficult to answer) Together with Monica we embrace you and we send you an air kiss)

Hi) I am stunned with your comment) Me very difficult to answer) Together with Monika we embrace you and we send you an air kiss)

At least (for once) the photographer did not insist in having the hair tied in a unflattering ponytail. No doubt had the hair been half a centimeter longer then it would have been. One reason why I do not rate this photographer high (taking all the photographers sets into consideration) is the photographers continued insistence over and over again in getting the models hair tied back into stupid unflattering ponytails.

I only have a few more days left on this site, thus I have just looked back at this photographers previous work over the last couple of months. My conclusion is that I will not be missing this photographers work as the style is just not my cup of tea. I rate this photographers work as average at best but in the main quite boring and unflattering lots of sets of which include stupid ponytails. Lots of other comments listed over the last few months say that this photographer is listning and taking on board the feedback and comments and is improving. Well I do not see any evidence of that, sorry.

Hi tintin) I very much regret that I am not your cup of tea. On Met-Art there are a lot of other cups)) it is possible, you are right I often used a horse tail. I wanted that more body of model was visible and that hair didn't close its lines. Beautifully when at model a long harmonous neck. But also you too are right. Let well-groomed hair down it too is beautiful.

Catherine, in my (very) humble opinion, you have a good balance in your sets between shoots with the models' hair up, and shoots with their hair down.
Personally, I think that hair tied back flatters certain women and is very sexy/exciting, and I usually feel that your sets with hair tied back are flattering to the models.
I hope you will not let this single comment modify your judgment in future sets.

Hello Catherine,

Yesterday I told you that I really enjoyed the outdoor set. Well everything I said yesterday applies today. You are mastering this style of a fresco shoots. Again, the photos just make me feel good. The sky seems very blue in some of the photos. Monika is beautiful of course. I like her short hair cut. It is refreshingly unique. 49 photos of this beautiful young lady before her dress came completely off. I find that very sensual and appealing. There were plenty of photos of Monika nude, but it is always nice to get to know eachother first. So warm regards and best wishes to both you and your beautiful model, Monika.

Hi Neil) I passed the comment to Monika. I like color tone in this photoset. In operating time Monika very much tried. Day was very juicy and the sky was blue. On the sky clouds floated but the haze wasn't. I think what exactly it gave saturated blue color. Thank you for your warm assessment of our work.

I just reviewed all three of her sets. I actually liked this set best. The splash of color from the dress seemed to add something. Typical work from Catherine, but in saying that I mean once again a very good shoot overall. For a newby @ 19 Monika is learning quickly to project herself. Probably because of good direction by Catherine.

Hi swplf2) I like it as Monika looks in the picture. Since it is not very easy while working because she has her own special look at how it should look like in the picture. I am satisfied with the result.

I think that fresh air does wonders for your models. They are relaxed, comfortable and seem to be really enjoying themselves. The combination of the greens in the background, clear blue sky and the best gift of Nature - Monica before our eyes is a visual feast. Great set both artistically and technically. Congratulations!

Thanks lember92) In July I made many photosets outdoors. It wasn't so simple, but the result turned out good. I want to complicate a rear view that the shot became visually more interesting.

lember, I was going to remark myself on the fact that Catherine's models lately have seemed to be smiling and enjoying themselves, but you beat me to it!

Hi fer_realz) Now summer, the sun and heat also there is a wish to smile) Ahead of us the long long and cold winter waits. But all of us will equally try to smile)

Oh, but in the winter you can crawl into a warm little cave with a friend and cuddle for warmth under the comforter! ( : ( : ( :
Then, when the snow stops falling, you can both bundle up and venture into a bright, brand new world... dressed in a clean white cloak.
There are joys in winter as well! These are the thoughts that make me smile in the winter...
( :

Hi fer_realz) I completely agree with you)

not as good as her debut, but damn she's hot!

Yes, probably, it so. But in this phototypesetting it too is good.

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