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This is stunning lady!! However, the colors are not good in this shoot, IMO. I am no expert in photography, but I know what appeals to me........
That said, some girls are just natural beauties, and Monique is one of them. She is lovely, no matter who shoots her.......I would love to see her photographed by DeltaGamma. Gorgeous woman.

Monique should pose for Catherine. Then we would see all her beauty, in crisp photos, seen through the eyes of a woman who knows what a man wants and delivers.

This is how I view "Presenting" sets...

"Have a look at this girl and let us/me know if you want to see more of her... Don't look at the setting she's in or the quality of the photos, just the girl. This is only to get your feedback on THE GIRL!"

So to me, all this 'wailing and gnashing of teeth' about color balance and brightness and what not is just silly when it's the models first set... Worst case, it could discourage the photographer from submitting any further sets of the model... And in THIS case, that would be a real shame. Anyway, that's how 'I' see it...

gorgeous girl, awful set. bad resolution

why this filter????

Well for me all it needed was a bit of sand, an apple or two and possibly set in a shower; Awful set.


Monique, you're gorgeous but you need a new photographer. Come on, dude, you made her look like she has orange skin. It's called lighting. Try using it a little more effectively.

Welcome to Monique, a young star, in the firmament of MetArt.
A face almost as a child with only a trace of makeup and a stunning pin-up body.
Soft blond and not intrusive hair, intriguing babydoll OK!
I think the whole set, despite Monique, is a little weak.
Monique back soon.

It's been said numerous times, but Monique is a knock-out hot woman, but the photography is lacking in quality. It is possible, as one suggested, that this was shot on film, then digitized. Color balance with film is way trickier than digital, which has automatic white balance. But after digitizing, look at the RGB curves! The shots are so heavy with yellow, that nothing else gets through, including Monique's skin tone, which I have to believe is as beautiful as the rest of her.

Monique you are truly gorgeous!

I do hate the photography in this set, its almost like you are trying to camouflage her. Next time let the model's beauty speak for itself and try not to over complicate things.

Monique is gorgeous and very sexy. I can't wait for her next set to come out. Yes I do have an issue with the quality of the photography. I expect to see nice smooth skin but these photographs seem grainy maybe shot at too high an ISO?

In looking through the set again I agree with others that there is not the contrasts of colors and all the images are kind of golden. Even though there is a lot of sex appeal radiating from Monique it's kind of blah.

i have never seen , nor heard such a butt like that . if this is a butt , other womens butts should be called frogs. this is not a beauty , the word beauty would not describe this . this is like being super high in heaven . this is somethingelse . this girl makes me , an atheist think about things again . how such a women is created. i mean this , this is created by something that has nothing to do with creation of others. i mean if god created us , this is created by super god , or god on steroids. dunnow .shocked.

So, xoph.... tell us how you REALLY feel? ( ;

My feeling about the "washed-out" visual quality of Alessandro's photography is that (I'm no photography expert, but) it looks like he shot these sets in film, and then digitized the film. I've seen that done before, and it seems to leech the vitality of the color from the resulting pictures, if not done right.

A 10 for model. A 1 for photog.

This set has the problem as Adelia's set. Lovely golden skin against a pale beige yellow background which does not do Monique any favours at all.

Auld-fashoned colours & posings. Is it new set?

Monique you have beauty beyond perfection and who cares if the photography is slightly out, you still look stunningly gorgeous. Please come back soon, you are a goddess!

The colors, the lighting are sooo off! But I do like Monique, like to see more of her. Monique, eres una hermosa dama tan! Me encanta verte sonriendo y abriendo! ¡Gracias!

Great! The model - not the photographer!

Monique, you are certainly very beautiful and have an amazing body. I am not too keen on the tone work but I can understand what the photographer was trying to do with it.

Looking forward to seeing more sets of the lovely Monique in the near future,

monkeryma. Do me a favor and go to the set entitled Oarna and read Kilroy and my exchamge and put your 2 cents worth in. I respect your opinion which is sometimes different from mine and would like to see/hear it.

Bienvenida, guapa! You are beautiful, and you have the most sensual mouth in three time zones. But while YOU and delicious, this set is not. I have real problems with some of the poses, but I truly dislike the color palette (or lack of it) for the whole session. The monochromatic yellow-orange is boring and unflattering. A woman this gorgeous deserves much better.

Monique is absolutely gorgeous, but what the hell happened to these pictures? There are just too many potentially great sets being ruined by poor control of lighting. Come on, this is amateur hour. This beautiful lady deserves better, as do we, the subscribers.

This is Alesandro's second shoot for Met, and while both models have been beautiful (Monique C and Nadine B), technically, the sets have been complete flops. If he can't execute the very basic fundamentals of photographing live models, then he has no place here.

What a disappointment. I'd love to see Monique in her peek-a-boo nightie shot again by somebody who knows what they are doing. Please.

I've been trying to give this new photog some slack, but two in a row with lighting/contrast issues is the beginnings of a trend and not the way to kick things off with members. I agree, both women have been exceptional, adding to my frustration and desire to see them as they should be seen, to MA standards.

I agree the photographer does not even have the color balance right in this set. Shooting 5600k with 3200k lighting leaves the skin tone to yellow.

What a shame this photographer didn't try to correct the white-balance in post production. FYI Mr Photographer google DxO optics pro. You can make many post production corrections with Photoshop too.

You guys are a little too overwrought about the photographer's stylistic choices. Yeah, I'm getting tired of the Instagram-ification of photography, but nothing he did here really detracts from the blonde yummy-ness of Ms Monique. And I give him a thumbs-up for his framing - not much space wasted on showing us the background. Just lots of Monique's 18-year-old wonderfulness filling every image.

Forget about the bad lighting, what about the bad poses.

Agree with photography comments. Stress however that, IMO, this is a very beautiful young woman.

Bienvenida, guapa! You are indeed a beautiful thing, with the most sensual mouth in three time zones. YOU are delicious. This photo set is another matter. I have some complaints about the poses, but my biggest problem is the color palette, or lack of one. The monochromatic yellow-orange is boring and unflattering. A woman this beautiful deserves better.

Welcome, beautiful. I love that cute -as-a-button ass, for example in 108, but there is an odd color tone to this whole st.

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