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This woman has passion which can not be denied. She will not turn loose of you till all is satisfied.

A truly magnificent female!! Let's hope we see LOTS more of HER!!

ummmmmmm! more please

I love a girl in a tank top, especially when her tits are as amazing and perky as Monique's. This girl is down right sexy. As perfect as her tits are, i think her best feature is her beautiful face. her seductive eyes and lips just kill me. Not to mention her ass is pretty great too! actually her pussy looks super inviting as well.... damn, i cant pick her best feature! She is just straight up hot and incredibly arousing. More please ASAP! :)

She has a set or two over on Eternal Desire, I believe... ( :

I think Monique is very beautiful, but she needs to smile more. Alessandro isn't doing her any favors by focusing so narrowly on her face he blurs her body sometimes. Also her strip is too long and repititous, it could be shortened by a page without hurting it. Repi tition of her body shots I could take, she is very beautiful

gorgous girl, butlousy photographer

❤ the sox!!!

(I am not a baseball ~ nor a sports ~ fan, so I literally have no skin in the game. But one point to Link!)

Oh god, the sock! I thought you were talking about the RED sox! Ha ha ha!
Yeah, I love the socks too. Not enough sets with them!

loose the socks. Hot chick that still needs a better photographer to reveal all of her exotic greatness. Get beyond the "voyeur" perspective….

why the hell would u keep the socks on!?!?!

'cos chicks with nothing but socks on are sexy. ( :

Damn Monique is hot. Stunning looking woman, awesome body, I can't ask for more.

If anything, I'm more gaga about Monique that Myshkin is (and he chooses the objects of his gaga-ness with great discrimination). Monique, mi amor, you have the most sensual lips—upper and lower—on our rapidly warming planet. Kisses all over—repeatedly.

ah, that impeccable nautical eye for the naughty.

Wow. That sentence scans like poetry. Nice rhythm, just a touch of alliteration. Impressive. Will you write my stuff from now on?

BTW, Myshkin, the question was rhetorical, but not sarcastic. I really do like the sentence.

I agree, Sailor, Myshkin's comment was very clever and very well done.

If anything, I am more gaga about Monique that Myshkin (a man who chooses the objects of his gaga-ness with great intelligence). Monique, mi amor, you have the most sensual, kissable lips—upper and lower—on our rapidly warming planet. Come back as much as you like (how about daily?) xoxoxo

Fantastic! Really, really sexy poses, and beautiful rear shots, with that dark, tight anus contrasting with pale blonde perfection. More sets of this angel, please.

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