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Stop colorizing the punanies.

Monique is just spectacular!

This woman is a fine example of ,"tease until you are dead". Siren, yes I believe the word is "siren". Those maidens whom seduced sailors, steer to the rocky shores which consumed the cargo and ship, plus their lives, her enchantment will cause the same devestation; I do it willingly, captivatied by her beauty, her expressions of lust, just all about her, causes total, take me I am your's. She is fine demonstration of womanhood.

Thanks for the memory of that literary masterpiece, "The Sirens of Titan"!!
I may have to revisit that book...and fondly entertain memories of its' colorful author.. That'll be good Saturday 'work'...lol

I second this emotion!!!

Lovely Monique, Your best to date!
Every frame more tantalizing than the last...
I am totally mesmerized!
Well done Arkisi!


Oh boy! A totally stacked secret agent flasher! I bet NSA hires Monique in a New York minute! Wow, I'm getting carried away, but really, she is so beautiful in the trench coat and sunglasses that I was totally stunned.

Very beautiful, reminds me of Natasha Henstridge, awesome set

I will never wash my eyes again... Such radiance... Such magnificence..

After having a chance to take my time going through this set, I have to add that if the rate of improvement from her first set to this one continues, we will have a superstar on our hands...and in our hearts...in short order! And if Lorena had ANYTHING to do with bringing this beauty to light, that's one more thing we have to thank HER for!! Could Spain be our next "Ukraine"?? ;o)

I would love to wake up every morning and find that face on the pillow next to me. I'd never give the poor girl any rest. (Actually, that's a crock. She'd wear me out in nothing flat. But it would be a wonderful five minutes.) I love her sensual mouth, her gorgeous derrière and her total comfort in front of the camera. Absolutely lovely.

Oh, I'm sure you'd last at least 12, Sailor.
( ;

Only with oxygen. : )

...well, there's a reason god invented "foreplay".... ( ;

Foreplay requires both appetites and patience. I've got plenty of the former, the latter might be a problem with this one. : )

Best shoot yet of Monique.
She is POWERFULLY beautiful.

Well worth seeing!

a gorgeous girl. wonderful set

Beautiful Monique. So very elegant and sophisticated. Wonderful feminine form and lines. Very nice indeed.

  • 2 years ago:

I really love this girl's facial features; lips, nose, chin. And like you say, a svelte figure, like a sexy gazelle.

Maybe Monique is reading our comments? We asked her to smile more and she sure does today and it works. She just seems so mature for such a young model. The trench coat/ sunglasses intro is classic. I almost thought her gynecologist was responsible for some of the shoots. What a pink taco from the Spanish beauty... No hot sauce necessary, it is already on fire...

Monique is working with a new photographer in this set. Maybe, Arkisi was more able to bring out her personality than Alessandro. She seemed to be working hard in her first two sets.

I love this set. Every picture is a treat, but picture 86 absolutely hit me for 6. Monique is just gorgeous. She is so sweet and sexy, and she flirts with the camera in an absolutely enchanting manner.

I have enjoyed her previous work with Alessandro, and it is nice to see her work with Arkisi.

I love this comment. Every word a tasty morsel of wisdom and 'observatude'. And the way you flirt with the language is enchanting. I've enjoyed many of your previous comments, and it's nice to see you not judging someone...;o)

I have a feeling this is going to be a very popular set.

"I have a feeling...a feeling deep inside me oh yeah..." lol

Some girls just make ya wanna sing!!!

Hey rachsback....that was the exact Beatles song that was on my mind as I wrote my comment:)

And mine, as I read it! lol 'Spooky.....' lol ;o)

Ha! That is an understatement, Browning! ( ;

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