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Set very sophisticated.

Moinque - perfect.
Background - perfect.
Clothing - perfect.
Lights - perfect.
Matching colors - perfect.

top marks for two

A superb set by Alessandro it is simply both artistic and erotic :) I simply loved the setting and long satin rode it truly enhances Monique's youthful tall shapely body her sweet smile and gorgeous blonde hair the lovely curves of her breasts erect nipples :) She is truly both and captivating sensual to view within her poses with Monique's the studio lights casting a golden glow upon her :) I simply loved from the start with those sensual tantalizing poses with her long satin robe both draped across shoulders or wrapped around her waist in so many ways and very pleasing to ones eyes specially image #13 with those hard erect nipple just poking through it :) To those adorable images #59-#60 with Monique lying on her stomach her satin robe tucked underneath with the sweetest smile upon her face and a lovely gleam in those gorgeous green eyes of hers ! but not as beautiful as image #117 with Monique lying back staring up at the camera with the most beautiful smile upon the flawless face and a glint within her eyes Alessandro panning his camera down her breasts lower body legs slightly apart for this photo and #119 with her lying back only this time with those gorgeous green eyes closed with a lovely sensual look upon her face :) A very lovely Collaboration between Monique C and Alessandro simply art sensuality and erotica at its bests a nice 10 for both of view love to see more in the future between these two :) And Monique you have a nice tight cute butt too :) :)

I totally agree. I love the look of the set, and how it blends moody and artistic eroticism with explicit eroticism. (By "explicit" I only mean the shots which include her vulva, which perhaps aren't very explicit to most of us, but I'm tired and I can't think of a better way of saying what thinking at the moment. I'll be creative some other day.

If anyone ever asks me why I love women so much, I'm going to show them this set. Everything about it is wonderful. Monique is dazzling, more beautiful than ever—and more at ease with the camera. You know something special is coming with image 20, which is absolutely breathtaking, and the rest of the set delivers on the promise in that image. Monique, eres estupenda, bellisima. Besos por toads partes.

I couldn't agree more, this set is just wonderful.

The goddam painintheass autocorrect can't leave fucking well enough alone. "Toads" should be "todas" in that last sentence.

Well look at the positive side... At least you didn't double dribble and have it posted twice. Just play Nun and slap its "fingers" with your ruler. By the way "Hi" I missed you during my three day "No Power" vacation. While I agree with you that this is a beautiful set, I do have a ?. When I viewed this set it reminded me more of the sets from when I started with Met 8 years ago, so do you think the style on this is a little retro. Did I get this right "Monique, your stupendous, great, love all of your parts"

Welcome back from the clutches of The Vortex. I'll only agree to play nun if I can be Sister Mary Attila the Hun of the old song, i.e. a real force of destruction. As for your sentence, it's as empty as any I have ever written. I stand in awe—though the grammar shocks me, coming from you. (Should be "you're".) : )

Two corrections: "great" should be "beautiful," and the second sentence should read "Kisses all over."

Hey, I tried I actually think that love, is better there than kisses, but your the author. I just write erotica.

A fabulous set by a great team. Monique has amazing beauty, confidence and appeal. The simplicity of the photography compliments her quite nicely.


Monique is classical nude, doing a classical nude set against a perfect background. my only objection is the sditing,it got kind of repititius about page 4 Alessandro could have taken out a good page and made it look better. I have, however noticed that the editing here would never pass at the art school I got my BFA at, and when I asked the staff, I was told they did not critize or correct editing problems. I can believe that considering some of the messes Mark posts.

As I understand the process, seadog, the photographer shoots and edits the set, then submits it to MA. They then buy the set "as is" and publish it as such when they determine.

I should say though, that Monique has the most lovely butt I have seen in a while. Perfection!

Although not one of my favourite models previously, Monique and Alessandro have combined perfectly for a photo shoot producing some of the best erotic art I Have Seen on MetArt. A perfect 10 for great photography and superb poses. More like this please

Love those pictures of her posing doggy style, beautiful girl with a gorgeous ass

I believe that Monique may very well have the single sweetest face on MA, and that's saying a lot.
Wonderful set, even though less explicit than I like.
Alessandro was spot on, especially when highlighting Monique's lovely curves, sweet smile and gorgeous hair.
Monique was dead on... in every single shot. ( :

Picture #113 is just fantastic. Great to se Monique back on Met. More please.

opps, that's picture #109, obviously distracted again.}}

Solid photography with lovely poses that show the female form in full nudity and shrouded mystery. Shows enough to hold my attention while still containing photos that leaves something to the imagination.

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