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Monique is such a stunning, classic beauty. Her face alone could keep one entranced forever. In this set, it's so sexy to see her legs opening from one image to the next, and her lovely pussy opening along with them. Her pussy seems to flower, her smooth, beautiful lips opening and coming out. So sexy!

Agree that her fresh face with little makeup and cute freckles is a great treat. And I agree with Gary that her breasts are perfect. I could spend all day basking in their beauty (in person, preferably). I guess maybe it's the same idea as no or little makeup, but I question the decision not to shave for the photoshoot. We can argue endlessly over natural vs. shaved, but if she's gonna be bald down there, why would you wake up and think "I have a photo shoot today, but I think I'll do it with a few days stubble." Really?

But anyway, Monique is fabulous, more of her please!

This woman's mind is elsewhere . Good luck young lady and you can always be admired with clothes on!

I am a member since a long time and this set goes directly in ''my best'' ..
Greta model, no photoshop abused , perfect !

thank you ^^

The beginning of this series: White, light, pure. Backed by green across the water. Especially nice with the bright green fuzzy focus leaves in the front. An arch formed for perfect framing. Extraordinarily ephemeral.

A unique treat of vision.

1,35: why landscapes are better. A screen filled with that face.

Love this one, Monique is an absolute delight, stunningly beautiful and Leonardo has captured her brilliantly as fas I am concerned, magnificent.

Gorgeous girl with perfect breasts. Lovely.

Love the very little make up look, very natural and quite pretty!

57 + 60 + 107 = worth today's membership cost. Yummy.

RYLSKY - Take note, If you're gonna do partially clothed, this is how to do it!

It always amuses me to see someone tell a veteran how to do his job.
I just checked ~ Rylsky's been shooting for MA since 2006. I don't know how many sets (and movies) he has here on MA ~ but I suspect it's as many or more than any other MA artist.
Really? He needs to be tutored by you?

Insofar as I'm technically his customer, yes. I'm telling him what I want to see.

The man gets a set published here practically every single day ~ and he has a successful site of his own.
He seems to have a bunch of satisfied customers.
If a whole lot of this site's customers didn't like what he is doing, would he be the most prolific photographer on this site?

I couldn't give a monkey's fuck how prolific he is, if he doesn't shoot girls how I like I'm gonna let him know! What is he, too sensitive for criticism? And what are you, his fucking lawyer or something?! Who the fuck asked you, anyway?! Bell-end.

One thing I gotta hand it to you about ~ you are pretty darn good at swearing. ( :
Over and out.

OMG, looks like real skin. I give it at 10 for lack of paint and makeup.!!!!

Somehow for me Monique looks both uncomfortable and detached in this set. I got the feeling that she was not enjoying herself. To me everything seems forced with no real emotion and no zest.

Maybe it's just me but I felt she was never really there. For those that do not understand english well I am saying that the body was there but her mind seemed to be somewhere else.

Perhaps that can be explained by the fact that there was another boat full of people right behind her (#46). I would imagine (not that I have the experience) that doing a nude shoot with just a photographer is one thing, and with a bunch of strangers looking on is quite another. Not every model would be comfortable with public nudity.
Having said that, she looks absolutely delightful to me, with minimal or no makeup and those lovely freckles. My only gripe, as usual, is about lack of standing rear shots. I agree that she looks a little uncomfortable at times, but even that is somehow endearing.

DANGER Will Robinson!

Another freckle factory, mmm, mmm, mmm.

Poster woman for how much discomfort these ladies go through to achieve the "look" the masses prefer.

I am ranking Monique right up there in my top 5 of just plain prettiest MA models. What a fresh, pretty face. Freckles and all. ( : (Secret; the freckles make her even prettier! Check out image # 1)

Superb set from Monique and Leonado. Blond hair, blue eyes, pail skin, freckles, lovely smile and a great body, wow.

There's sure to be plenty of whining about Monique not being "totally nude through the entire set"... I'm not crazy about the set, but I am crazy about the girl!! Leo seldom leaves me with a smile on my face, so I'll just say that Monique looks GREAT!! The very repetitive set...not so much.

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