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Very Nice!!

Great set. Would have liked to see a bit more of that catsuit before she peeled it off.

pretty girl dream about you

Such a delicious passenger... She could hang on my back all the way around the world.. Those perfect bare breasts pressing on my bare back... Her sweet breath on my neck. Her warm strong arms wrapped around my beer belly..."I'll be right there Nadine! Don't move!" ;o)

When the arms and abdomen are toned and taught, everything else will fall into place automatically. Nadine is a beautiful girl, motorcycles. satin sheets, or whatever...

She can ride my Hog anytime.

I love Nadine and cat-suits! Whats not to like?

Do you always ride on your motorbike in a suite without underwear beneath Nadine? Very sexy setwith lovely close ups from your totally shaved pussy.

The setting with motorcycles screams of teen spirit and is therefore completely lost on this adult.

If set on combining beautiful women with machines in search of something erotic skip the teen spirit toys.

Much better a Bombardier 600 series or 55' Cigarette.

LOVE Nadine, though.

Sexy, sexy girl.

What U exhaust is exhaust [waste gases]!

Hey Nadine,
the backpart of the seat from my Fazer600ABS is empty...

Nadine is an exquisite beauty...she looks familiar though...can't place her...oh its the 'X' girl...drop dead gorgeous!!

Nadine is one HOT ride! I like the set, it is a different setting other than a hotel bed with satin sheets, but it isn't a beach with sand and seaweed stuck to her beautiful ass! :)

Like the saying goes: "Put something exciting between your legs! And Nadine would be what I would choose to ride!


I read your comment and decided to go back and take another look.

That backside is quite "booful" --

And those are some fiiiiine legs -- nice -- really nice.

And you're right -- no seaweed !!

The cigars are on me !!!


Nice -- but no cigar. :-/

Motorcycle? What motorcycle?

Very hot set of pictures, beautiful model with the sweetest ass

I'm a fan of Nadine's earlier work, with her excellent body and "dirty girl" face, but this is an unflattering set. Feel free to try again with a little more "glam" next time.

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