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Could have been a great set if the pics were not so washed out and noisy.

Nadine and Alessandro did remarkable job. There is a magic atmosphere in this set . That are not commercial shots to sell lingerie or bedclothes. I really enjoyed your work and I'm waiting for more :)

Remarkably expressionLESS set. As was said by Glazar (43 likes) the contrast and color were terrible. The model is posing poor and inexpressive.
Dear Met-art manager, don't you think you need to stop accepting the work like that? We are interested in a good Met's reputation.

Wow, the photographer totally destroyed this set of a beautiful model with the crazy lighting and poorly set functions on the camera! Met-Art should only accept sets from photogs that know what they are doing. This was really awful! Not up to your normal standards Met-Art.

I love this set it is much more diverse than usual. I find it quite enlightening that so many people think photography is a sciene. This set is almost Sepia and quite expressive, the varied focal depth and over exposure, there is still plenty of contrast and shape in the foreground, especially in her hair and features. Comparitively these shots look a bit more like fashion shots, and Alessandro is probably quite a good Cinematographer as well. Met Art respect.

Have to disagree with the naysayers, who seem to have closed their eyes for this one. It opened my eyes. In some ways the first third reminded me of classic lingerie shoots, with better detail, contrast and remarkably erotic poses. I do like 'realism' and natural color, yes, overall that's true - but I also like to see a model, a photographer, a site bringing us something new once in a while. As the French say, it adds a frisson of elegance and eros.

'Nadine' is amazing. I found something in each shot worthy of appreciation and desire. There were things that 'Alessadro' did with this shoot that couldn't have been done any other way, some revelations... To my eye, if this was presented as just 'natural' color tones it would have been just 'ok' to me. This way, it stands out in my memory.

And that's what I look for in a site like MetArt where we can follow a model through many sets and enjoy the various possibilities for beauty and expression there are in a woman.

Some men ask a woman to be their fantasy, their ideal, to live up to the man's dream. Expectations are a big thing. That's a reason for porn and prostitution. But it's something else to be privileged to be in on what happens when a woman's given the freedom to explore all she is - and isn't, because that's playful, too. That, for me, is true erotic bliss.

Thanks, 'Nadine,' for putting something into this shoot that made me fall for you all over again. Thanks, too, to 'Alessandro' and MetArt for taking chances that enough of us would have our eyes open.

Many photos have a dream-like atmosphere and suspended.
Nadine sophisticated and attractive plays with elegant erotism.
Other (few) the play in high key gets out of hand.

In this set, perhaps, Nadine has had his best photos.
Alessandro : "Ad maiora"

What's with the lighting..?? It sucks...

Bravo,Alessandro!Your first work for MA and it riled up the audience!Agitator..!

The seller

I think everyone here knows that I am normally a positive kinda guy but here I have to deviate. If I were doing my first set for metart Nadine would surely be in consideration but for my 2 cents the set sucks! washed out faded colorless, detail less garbage. Why hire a beautiful model then take photos where she is hardly visible? This might pass as art to some but to my eye it is garbage. It looks like an old roll of film that laid around to long before being developed or maybe came from a camera with a bad light leak. As a photographer myself a set like this would have been relegated to the round file or the delete function in today's terms.

Nadine appears to be a beautiful model but you couldn't bet on it from these photos.

Somebody said in an earlier post, this was Alessando's first shoot for M-A. I don't think this can be used as an excuse. Surely, if you're posting for the first time, you'd make sure the set was perfect.

Maybe he was trying something artistic, but the whole set is a washed-out mess. The only artistry connected to this set, is Nadine's own spectacular beauty and her knowledge of modelling and ability to pose seductively.

I said it, and so did 'Notregde'. You're right, it is no excuse, especially for an organization of this caliber. I was trying to be a little more diplomatic about it, but I agree with you and hipshot.

I have also said before that IMO, artistic license should not be an excuse for low quality.

Amazing beauty! I love her slender feminine body and beautiful face. I also enjoyed her flirty strip tease and the photographer's " fantasy" lighting... made for a great fantasy evening with Nadine, in my opinion... I found the set very arousing even with the over exposed pics...

Sorry to disagree with the naysayers, but this set is erotic photography of the highest artistic caliber. Nadine is stunningly beautiful, and her modeling is provocative. For me, Alessandro's first work for MA is a masterpiece

You got the bit about Nadine right. The rest is total B/S.

Well nobody is disputing Nadine's appeal, how could you not appreciate her beauty? I'm not normally a "naysayer" but as a professional photographer, I look at the image quality and wonder what happened? As I said earlier, we might as well assume Alessandro was purposefully going for a certain "look" with the photography. It doesn't float my boat, but Nadine certainly would!

Wow, what a very sexy lady you are Nadine! Alessandro's photography makes it even better. This set is not the same old same old. Lie back and enjoy. Try downloading the photos and put them in iPhoto slideshow with shuffle play and enjoy!

"not the same old same old" is true enough, the photography IS unique I have to admit. Boy, that's really putting a positive spin on things! I even notice an odd artifact that I thought could only happen with film, it's called tonal crossover. Notice the shadows have a blue-magenta hue, and the highlights have a yellow-green hue. I guess it's better to assume Alessandro did this with artistic intent, we'll leave it with that.

Anyway, Nadine is a gem, would love to see more of her.

I liked the 'crossover' effect, it added some magic. The eye searching for some hints of color and relief. Reverse sepia. (Tho I grant that some dislike sepia tone and b&w and even consider it highbrow.)

Like someone else said, Alessandro created a floating, ethereal and dream-like effect... The white background and white jersey lingerie really made the model pop out, our focus riveted with nowhere else to go (tho some obviously felt fettered by it). It brought powerful tonal textures to Nadine's long hair, her half-parted lips, her dreamy bedroom eyes communicating so much more in the way of a felt sense. I'm not saying I'd like a lot of this effect - tho it's a tried-and-true tool of the (mostly commercial) trade, like most effects, it can get tiring if overused. I'm just saying...

Maybe Lightroom was used for those effects.It looks like Stanley
Kubrick´s 2001 Space oddisey.Weird.

The seller

Sorry to say, the color balance and contrast are way off. I'm a photographer, I know. It's not just overexposure, if you looked at an RGB histogram, it's a nightmare. He needs a new camera or something...

Too bad, because Nadine is lovely!

I am not a technical expert in digital photography. Can say though that my TV camera crews were always concerned about "white balance" before beginning. Assume this could have contributed to the problem here.


Set blown out, might need to calibrate monitor during post, or recheck levels. BOOM, nightmare of white light... I'll assume the model is pretty though.

I would have enjoyed not having to squint to find the model in that sea of white light. I think I need some Tylenol. And maybe a pair of Ray Bans.

the most Excellent set of poses, beautiful model, the right mix of lingerie, but 2 stops overexposed. Otherwise, Outstanding.

The previous post is not 'jenniluvr'.

Color was so weak as to be distracting...ruined set.

I completely agree. Nadine is gorgeous and deserves better then this.

Oh well.

Absolutely gorgeous and sexy girl!!! I loved her sexy lingerie and strip sequence!!! I really didn't like the "artistic" lighting!!!

Alessandro. First set for MA. You've been hammered Dude. Nadine is an absolutely beautiful model. Photography needs a bit of work. Good luck. Hope you can shoot her again. Try something besides white in the background.

Shooting against or on a white background is very difficult. I learned that with a Polaroid.

this was different. so unlike 99% of other metart shoots that are really lacking any creativity. cool. also Nadine is turning out some good sets, love her soft tummy fuzz and sensual expressions

My 'thumbs up' to this post is mainly to agree with the part about 'tummy fuzz.' I agree that some sets/photographers need a bit more creativity. However, my personal taste disagrees with the lighting/lack of contrast in this set.

That being said, Nadine is a very attractive young lady and I'm glad she shares her treasures with us!

Nadine is nothing but sheer, pure loveliness.
But why'd she take off the garter? ( ;
And I wonder if the washed out effect was intentional or inadvertent...

Extremely beautiful and sophisticated... Deserves much, much higher ratings. Also kudos to the photographer.

This set would have been 100 times better if the contrast and colour were natural, and the focus not so soft. Why photographers think that these bizarre manipulations look good I do not know.

We want to see the girl clearly. We don't give a damn about the photographer's artistic pretentions, though that doesn't mean we don't appreciate good lighting and good composition.

In summary, we need more Tony Murano.

Everything you've said is true!! Well done glazar. I especially like your final comment. Tony is the best photographer to have graced Met-Art with his work.

This appears to be Alessandro's first posting at MA, so I'm going to be nice. I agree with the essence of what glazar says. From the 29 thumbs up (so far) and the other comments under this set, it appears that many have issue with the light level, overexposure, lack of contrast or whatever you want to call it. There are good poses, and Nadine is certainly a beautiful and expressive model. Please take the comments in stride and use them constructively.

I am not a technical expert in digital photography. Can say though that my TV camera crews were always concerned about "white balance" before beginning. Assume this could have contributed to the problem here.

Mostly agree with you on contrast and color, completely disagree about focus. "Alessandro" should be giving lessons to the other M-A photographers. There's a whole lot of very sharp Nadine here. Something, usually her face, is in perfect focus in just about every image. The decision to go high-key and desaturated is questionable, but he knows how to use a camera.

As I am not native English speaker,not good at doing complain about in English.
It although is very glad to me that glazar says what I just consider.

I lived in Tokyo for six years. Your English is far better than my Japanese. It's just fine. Don't worry.

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