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Hey METART...I think it's time to take a look at the "tag" feature... "SHAVED COCK"!!! WTF??? And in ALL CAPS!!!???

Oh wait.... I forgot...I don't pay attention to the tags anymore...lol ;o) Pretty hard to miss that one though!!!

She just keeps on getting BETTER!!!

I always like seeing how the models develop over time and Nadine is a perfect example of this. she was cute before, but this shoot is smoking hot.

Note to the intern who did the photoshopping: There's a little something missing from image 92. I can guess why, but just take it from image 90.

I was wondering if I was the only one to see that... or rather, NOT see it... that is definitely a classic blooper.
Supposedly mother Eve was "born" without one as well...
It makes for a more than slightly disturbing sight, that's for certain.

Nice catch; must be someone testing us!

If it was 'testing', it looks like a few of us failed, including me!! LOL

LMAO!! It took a while... Funny shit!!


Sorry, I was looking at 90 and 92 in the wrong set. I get it now. Very strange editing choice there...

I'm pretty sure that wasn't a "choice"...lol ;o)

Another case of failure to "proofread"!! LOL Text or pictures, it's just as important to glance back at your work and check for mistakes or omissions. But in this case, no doubt after doing hundreds of images it would be easy to miss something like that. Who needs a naval anyway!! LOL

Hot babe with sweet open legs… bring it.

Great set, Nadine.

Feminine. Powerfully sexy. Warm and inviting.

You rock.

A new Anna AJ, but younger and more beutiful.

I'm amused by that last 'tag'..."wild poses"..!!???

What the hell makes for "lickable feet"? The people who create these lickable tags need "kickable asses".

Mmmm lickable asses lol

Mmmm lickable asses lol

There is nothing that beats the tag 'SHAVED COCK' for sheer bewildering incomprehension though.

Pure, sheer trollery... no merit nor logic to it whatsoever.
I just don't pay attention to the tags anymore.

I'm not one that's into "licking feet", but to each his own, because when it comes to "licking", Nadine has an ass I'd lick like it was an all day ice cream cone and a pussy that one would think my lips were glued to. Got a tag for that?

What's the difference between a lickable foot and a non-lickable one? (And please don't tell me it's a matter of taste...)

...perhaps, then, of smell?

maybe licking feet is this person's fetish.

I'm quite certain that they HAVE kickable asses Elmer!!


Nadine B; spelt S-u-l-t-r-y.

Lighting is a bit stark to my taste, but credit to photographer for keeping it simple and allowing the model to rule.

She obviously has such imagination and vivacity, her pics are so expressive and fun. It's a real pity she's getting into fashion model gaunt/skinny territory.

I like this model but there are too many absolutely poor unesthetic photos in this set!

5/10 for the photographer!


I like Nadine's eyebrows, downy hair, and puffy outer labia. It would be very easy for her to become a model that (Doug?) and I rave about.

Cute, sweet, sexy and playful. Nadine is everything a man could want. There are some absolutely adorable expressions along with some incredibly sexy ones. Some relaxed poses and some enticing and inviting ones. The balance is perfect, as is Nadine.

nihil, I was about to plagiarize your comment, then I figured, What the hell? I couldn't have said it better myself.

How about absolutely stunning.

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