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  • JANN
  • 12 months ago:

ARKISI PERFECT !!!: I wish every set had these poses: PUSSY/ASS SPREAD &-EYE CONTACT

I started looking at Nancy A sets. I shouldn't have done that. I fall in love too easily.

Nancy adorable, gorgeous goddess.
Excellent photos.
Thanks Nancy, Thank Arkisi.

I'm glad to see that this set is much better than the first one. she's doesn't look so silly now. in fact, I think she is more comfortable with the situation. she's sexier in this set.

Wow... Truly breath taking. I hope this beautiful creature is here for a long time... The face of an angel! The body of a thousand dreams... The attitude of a Met Girl! ;o)

I'm very happy to see her with Arkisi now... Her debut wasn't a total loss, but not near as good as this!


Pic #94 - I think I can see her tonsils!

Not to quibble, but I forgot to mention, there is something a bit "off" with the tonality and contrast with this set. Gives it a sort of murky look, as if done with an older digital camera? Arkisi is usually the master with technicals, so the bar is high. Lighting and posing, as usual, are top notch.

This set is outstanding, it just blew my mind (and more). Nancy, I am in love, I'd take you home in an instant!

10+ from me, and I rarely do that. What a great day on MetArt!

Nancy has a great look. I can't get enough of her.

Wow, greatest, outstanding, excellent, or whatever other objectives that can be used to express my love for these wonderful erotic images in front of me...Thank you, thank you, thank you...more please

I could not agree more!

Love this set from start to finish....
Nancy you are a Princess!!


Nancy is so pretty and feminine and totally uninhibited. I think she is going to be a MetArt star for some time to come.
Her video "Delicato" on Eternal Desire is not to be missed. ( :

A superstar!

Nancy and Arkisi, this set is absolutely outstanding. Nancy you are so beautiful. Come back soon.

excellent set for a beautiful model.

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