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Nancy is a doll!

Wow. Is this what Ellie Fanning will look like when she's grown up?

A sculptor who wants today sculpt a statue of Aphrodite, should take as a model Nancy.
But Nancy, of the statue only has the classic beauty (highlighted by small Corinthian column).
Why Nancy is a real woman soft and smiling.
Let me some technical observation, Leonardo.
In my opinion, a perfect set.
Complex lighting and to great effect.
Background made of lights, shadows and colors.
Nancy in the foreground, incredible sharpness, WB natural to the point of perceiving the warmth of bare skin, the alluring presence of the small column of the Corinthian order.
In short, a fotoset designed and built with care.
The gull-wing makeup of Nancy eyebrows, is not correct.
Her eyebrows are not symmetrical (the left one is higher) and give a strange interlocutory aspect to to Nancy. (see # 33).

Nancy is a very beautiful Model who looks great in black lace panties,and even better without them The photography is good because it's indoors,in a perfect setting. I gave both a 10+++

I didn't totally like the reflections from the windows, but it's Leonardo for you.

It would help to get the hair out of the way to to get rid of the necklace.

Nancy is so adorable, would love to see a lot more.

Wow! Nancy, another beautiful young woman from Ukraine, with lovely large breasts. There are so many young Ukrainians with such delightful figures. What is going on in Ukraine? There must be something in the water.

If you use Advanced Search to search for Ukraine and large breasts, you get 1097 galleries. Viola, Sofi A, Alessandra, Semmi etc, etc. We had a visit from Semmi yesterday. We have Nancy today. And Viola tomorrow. There are many Ukrainian models who do not have large breasts and there are many large beasted models who are not Ukrainian. But beautiful woman with large breasts seems to be a Ukrainian national treasure.

Without a doubt, Nancy is nothing short of sheer perfection. Yummy!

Agreed. I love the way her long blonde hair drapes delicately on her perfect butt in some of the standing rear shots. And the color of her pussy contrasts beautifully with the paleness of her perfect skin. Very arousing set from an extremely beautiful girl...

Mmmmmmmm ( :

Leonardo, terrible! You are remembered for your last set! Terrible, need to take the time to maintain your typical great standards. "OH" I mean your low standards.

You are looking amazing today Nancy. There are so many wonderful things to nibble on)).

What the heck is going on K this set looks like an extremely bad Photoshop butcher job??????

I am assuming it must be reflections from something but it looks aweful!

I noticed something also, I was wondering if there were some strange reflections from the set?

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