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one pussyspread eyecontact shot is good

  • JANN
  • 12 months ago:

Arkisi perfect !!!-EYE CONTACT/ PUSSY/ASS SPREAD FROM THE BACK, I wish every set had these poses:MORE PLEASE !!!

Great set of a very beautiful girl.

Thank you Nancy - you are a very lovely and sexy woman!

Pic 115 is my favorite. That "look back at it" pose just does it for me.

Those beautiful breasts....amazing

She was great in "Spiderman." LOL

I love you Nancy! What more can I say...

You make my heart sing, you brighten my day!

the lovesick poet

Model is super...lighting ain't!

I don't know. It allowed for plenty of contrast to appreciate small curves and skin tone. Too often lighting leads to something like a topographical map that ends up looking like the flat piece of paper that it is. To me this escapes the 2 dimensions of the screen.

How many pictures with a slightly different camera angle or slightly different light would have turned really good into truly amazing?

Why be almost great when you are 2 mm from glorious?


Bravo Nancy and Arkisi...10's across the board.

beautiful girl, she really likes to show off that ass, and I like that too.

A very nice photographic tour of Nancy's very nice body.

"She looks a bit like..." - Larisa Oleynik. Who? Hey, what can I say, I remember faces.

I'm glad Met-Art is letting the models open up a little more. If you know what I mean.

Uhhhhhh... Grampaw says we dumb as a stump.... Whatcha mean???


the laugher

Double spacing?
Follow not the path of the troll.

Oops....lol Curses upon me!

"Satire is the sincerest form of flattery."


the inquisitor

If you say so fer...lol


the dblspacer

Wow what a dream! That hair is magnificent! I absolutely LOVE that color. Her radiant smile, those arched brows and those sparkling blue eyes alone put her in the Met royalty and that's just shoulders up! from there down it just keeps flowing! Nancy is knock down gorgeous and those intimate shots are mind boggling!

Nancy become pretty popular (with images like #36 it's no wonder as to why).....and BTW, she definitely has a nice derriere.

Agreed. That whole series of poses, 22-36 is excellent. A good photographer flatters the model by exploiting her best features. Arkisi does that well with Nancy by giving us lots of her lovely behind in this set.

Absolutely... all the attention Arkisi paid it was more than justified. Magnificent!

Open the door,miss,it´s the plumber..!

The plumber

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