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  • Enzo
  • 3 months ago:

This girl loves to be naked and it shows

Nancy has the most luscious and beautiful breasts I have ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous. What a perfectly sculpted female body. Nancy represents why I love Met Art.

Man Nancy is incredibly lovely, cute face, great figure and full ripe tits. I would love to see more shots of her with clothes on; a cute dress or sexy lingerie. Her nude shots become become even more incredible when you have the transition form clothed to nude.

A stunning girl with a beautiful face, big blue eyes and perfectly formed body.

The M&S full cotton panties are a real turn on to say nothing of what they go no to reveal!

More of Nancy soon please...

I think that Nancy is a very good model, whose rating is much too low, although I think part of that problem is that she is a better outdoor model. her posing by the lake is very beautiful,I gave a 10+++

Nancy is sweet of course . I find she looks like a young Elizabeth Montgomery years before Bewitched.

I fancy a tongueful of Nancy!! ;o)

A damn nice outdoor set from a much-maligned artist.. Good that he kept her 'mostly' in the shade. Those soul-piercing eyes put me in a trance that I only snap out of at the appearance of that gorgeous body. Nancy has everything it takes to keep my attention! Inside or out, she is quite the sight for these old tired sore eyes!! Her smile lifts me out of any funk I happen to be in when visiting my favorite "coffee shop with naked girls"(also known as MetArt)...;o) And she brought the Sun with her today!! :oD It's a great day to wake-up once again ...;o)

Wait... they're selling coffee? How come nobody told me?!?

She looks like a very fun person to be around.

On top of?

...under? ( ;


Pale Colors - I miss the fresh (rosy or golden) look of the beautiful skin.
The constant flash light brings not the best results in outdoor sets.

Super cute girl, love her eager uninhibited poses, likely has the same adventurous manners in bed, wouldn't I love to find out......

Lovely set! Beautiful scenery, Colorful, pleasant and very sexy set. Nancy indeed has a face that grabs you and holds you till the end. Those pale blue eye have a sparkle that says she enjoys her work and is completely comfortable with nudity. Her hair is lovely, and her smile is so friendly and engaging I can't help but think this little lady would be a delight to know even on a casual basis. A picnic by that lake with this bright and happy young woman would be a gift to be cherished for rest of your life.

Great job Leo! You are a master of the outdoor shoots and this set really shows what I have known all along. You have great skill and knowledge and when you apply yourself the results are awesome!

So beautiful in and out of those sexy dotted panties.

This set started off really strong with plentiful shots of Nancy's pretty panties. One complaint ~ and I'm feeling like a broken record here ~ while there were many shots of how the panties fit from in front and the side, there were none showing the details of the fit from behind. There were shots later on of her lovely behind without clothing, so they could certainly have taken several from behind with the panties still on.
I am quite pleased with the rest of the set, especially with seeing Nancy's quite beautiful pale skin outside. Yes, I'm surprised I actually like an outdoors set. But Nancy pulls it off. ( :

Her face alone is one of Met Arts top 5 all time faces. Its just to perfect. Her smile and eyes are deadly. I love this setting around the water. Like she is water nymph waiting for someone to come along and ravish her. Who here can POSSIBLY resist that deadly face with such a deadly alluring smile, and eyes to match?

In the final images it appears the lake Loch Ness can not resister either

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