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These two girls make a very cute couple. I hope to see more sets featuring these two.

Outstanding! I don't usually care for the duo sets, because the poses are often odd or just weird, but this changes the game. Both girls are among my very favorites—Susanna's fit dancer's body is stunning—but more than that it's sensual without being pornographic. Erotic. It's choreographed, like watching a dance. Quite striking. Well done!

Thank You. I already wrote that even the process of shooting was unusual. He captured all who have participated in it. Unfortunately, not always. Thank You for your warm words))

two gorgeous models and a top notch experienced and talented photographer. being a girl Catherine knows well how to capture the beauty of these two girls. i love these two models and i adore the photographer who did this beautiful work.

Catherine, thank you very much for showing us in great detail the beauty of every part of the bodies of these girls.

Thank you kkronful) I am very pleased that You have so appreciated. I already wrote earlier, when I receive such evaluation inspiration comes at a good job. I am very glad that I have such a judge)

Catherine my words in describing you as a great and experienced and talented photographer come honestly from my heart. Catherine, your work is always beautiful work. I need to follow all your work .please give me your website where I can find your full biography and your portfolio.

This is one of the few two girl sets where you can actually believe something is going on between them.

During shooting, both girls were interested in each other. They were interested in each other, interested in every action that they did. Thank you for Your accurate observation)

Your usual "technical excellence" Catherine... Very high quality camera work. Very nice.

Hi rockhard) Thank you very much. Very nice)))

Unbelievably hot! This photoset could unite east and west, Russia and America! Excellent erotic ballet-like choreography, with passionate kissing and butt squeezing. If only Tchaikovsky was still around to write a musical accompaniment. This is one place in this troubled world where we can all imagine something beautiful and pure.

I want to thank You for a very interesting feedback. Perhaps, indeed, Met-Art becomes the place where the East merged with the West. One of my favorite writers Mark Twain. I think that living in our time, he was a member of the Met-Art)

I think a video of these two lovelies would be in order.....

Agree. I am now working on it).

Awesome set, Catherine. I'm just repeating everyone else at this point, but wanted to say beautiful lighting and shot composition (especially the posing - really creative). Nastya and Susana are just stunning. And it's obvious they enjoy working for you and with each other. Great work.

Thank you for Your warm response)) When I made this set, I was encouraged by these models and their energy. I don't always like my work. But in this case I also liked the process of shooting and the result itself)

Wow, this is the way any duo set should be. If they were all more like this, I wouldn't mind seeing more of them. I love seeing girls who enjoy being close and intimate with each other. Thank you, Catherine, for a beautifully stunning shoot!

Thank You for high appreciation of my work)) These girls really wound up each other. They liked being together))

Wow! A photo set where two girls ACTUALLY lip-lock. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I only had to wait a year before it happened. I might actually re-new my subscription now.

I am glad You enjoyed it) I Will try to please You in the future. I am very pleased))

They are a very cute couple.

A match made in heaven.

)) You haven't seen how they quarrel) Blazing fire and sparks fly)))

Can you get a video? :)

Bravo Catherine!!! Thank you for including such a variety of camera angles as well as a great mix of full body and close up shots.

Nastya and Susana are gorgeous and so well lit that I can enjoy every curve and contour. They are two of my top rated models. I think the ponytail hairstyle worked well here, but I'm not sure why. Maybe it maintains the clean lines of their bodies and the window frame or possibly it makes it easier for them to pose together without their hair flopping around and getting in the way of their beautiful faces?

Do you recruit the models and bring them to Metart or does Metart assign them to you?

Hi Jay Are. You are perfect correct. I specially gathered hair models in a pony tail hair should not hide beautiful line of their bodies. The set of models working my helper, which is engaged in recruiting models. This process is not simple and similar to the extraction of gold-bearing sand. Therefore, the particles of gold, which can catch there are magnificent models. Thank you for Your praise)

They are more precious than gold!!!

True, I agree that they are more precious than gold)

I like all the pictures! If you held my feet in the fire I would choose 33 and 34, but there is nothing to not like about any of the pictures. I echo the comments by C6C791 about another assistant. Pick me, pick me.

Hello baggy36pants))don't need to fire, do not victims)) I am happy that You like this set) Helpers? Assistants I need! )) With some of the day You are ready to start working?

Its a long trip from Canada to Moscow and I don't have a visa. I would make the trip if I could specialize in butterfly sightings, capturing and nurturing (in my dreams).

If I'm not mistaken, the natural landscape of Canada is similar to the landscape of Russia. If I'm wrong , You forgive me. So probably You have the same butterflies like us)) it would be Interesting to look at the butterfly capable of flight from Canada to Russia)) I think this butterfly should be a jet engine))

The colors are beutiful on this set:-) Good job Catherine, 5*****. Other 2 Girls to marry:-) The Girls are like 2 big strawberries, so sweet...

A big greeting from Switzerland, the chocolate Country...

Yes..Yes.. chocolate...mmmm)) Is sweet and tasty)

Very nice. This photo set put the "Art" in Met Art. Excellent job to all the participants. Love it, love the models! If you ever need another assistant just let me know, I'm there for you!

I am very glad for any help)) I am happy that You liked my work))

Extremely erotic - more sets of these two girls together, please...

The model is very interesting, I think I can get them to work again))

Extremelu erotic - more of this, please.

I want one


Catherine is my all-time favorite photographer. If you're looking for more explicit eroticism, look no further than the sister-site SexArt.

Thanks)) I love You, too))

The best lesbian photoset on MetArt. Very erotic and well photographed. Congradulations Catherine.

Thank you very much iluvsex)) Thank you for Your high appreciation of our work.

In parts a very nice lesbian photo set. What I dislike are the pictures 075 , 076, 080, 081. This pose is rather unaesthetic than erotic and don't match to the rest because it quits the imagination of intimacy.

Maybe some pictures appears more like sportsgymnastic than intimagcy even if they are nice to watch. But that belongs to C's style.

What I really miss are the classic back side photos like in the superb and unique "Vortice" with Luiza and Penelope - knowing it is difficult to record it on a window ledge.

I disagree with Hello entirely about the photos he mentions. He is entitled to his preferences, but to state it so absolutely, shows a real narrow minded lack of open-mindedness. (something we all struggle with sometimes)

Hi. I was very interested in Your comment. It is a pity that I did not quite hit the area desired. Your comment correctly. I agree with You. To do anything on the window sill not convenient, but I wanted to work with this place, a window and a very flexible girls. Thanks for the valuable point.

Hi Catherine. What I wrote was not meant as criticism on the chosen area. That's a misunterstanding. The last statement was a a spontan give-away of praise in terms of the other set with its photos of the back. That's all.
Of course I appreciate the many other ideas You found for the small stage and the models work to put it into practise.

To the " - 4 " : Prefering 116 of 120 photos can't be seriuosly understood as fundamental criticism .

Hello Hello. However, your comment was correct and I agreed with him))

Oh yes, a very beautiful photo set of two very beautiful models, but 075, 076, 080 & 081 were my favorite!

Thank you very much) I am pleased that You liked my work)

These 2 are Smoking Hot together!

Thank you Ladies, for a glimpse into your private party.

I completely agree with You) During shooting with them was very easy to work with, they were very sincere and real)

This is absolutely red hot. Stunning women, fantastic poses and really nice photography. Thanks to all.

Thanks)) I am VERY pleased that You liked Seth)

This is a beautiful set. Great work Catherine.I am not sure if using window sill was as good idea. It restricts the movement of the models. Perhaps a bedroom situation would have given it the WOW.
Fabulous none the less.xx

Hi ergo) Of course the work on the beds could have been more natural. But I wanted to show more of the game and plasticity) To the same view from the window gives unusual rear view. I am very pleased that You liked my work. Thank You))

Very nice photo set. I enjoyed it very much. Congratulations.

Thanks JimmyGeorge))a set very much is pleasant to me))

Wow!!! I think this is the hottest girl/girl photo set I've seen on Met-Art. Not only are they both gorgeous, but they look like they are really hot for each other too!!! Some great shots Catherine, I think 45 is my fav!

These two models are very playful by nature. Their very starts a joint survey) Thank you and You too))


I once wrote that I try to master video)

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