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I like this set. Catherine is quickly becoming my favorite photographer since she usually photographs the models nude for the entirety of her sets. This set is another winner. I am looking forward to the day she can make videos as I would like to see a Sex Art video starring these two models (and maybe Vanda B as well along for the ride).

Catherine, I was disappointed when I went to SA and found that the girls only have photo sets there. I so hoped that they would have a video or two. Girl/girl videos are very popular there. In fact the ones with Lorena B have made her #1 model there. I think Susana and Nastya could be equally as hot and popular.

Unfortunately I can not afford to join any more sites so I guess I will not see this.

Hi hipshot131) I want to shoot video, and do tests. I will certainly do that, but I'm shooting a movie while only student. I really hope soon to finish his studies. Do not worry that there is no video)

Wow this set gets my blood going..really sexy and hot..its like looking at a wet dream for the first time..love the photos in 90-100..u could till they're ready to get it on..wish I was in between that:)

Hi RobDiamond) I am pleased that our work could excite your blood. I hope not to disappoint you in the future)

Catherine, all I can say is that the setting is spectacular -- soft white blanket on vivid green grass, in a small valley protected from prying eyes (except for ours, of course!)... a worthy setting for such a spectacular scene, two amazingly beautiful and vital young ladies playing together.
Images # 39 & 40, "here, let me play doctor... I can hear your heartbeat..."
Wonderful fun, precious passion, beautiful pictures. Thanks for the set, Catherine!

Hi fer_realz) Was so nice to read your letter. I liked your fantasy with the doctor. Thank you very much))

Hi fer_realz) Was so nice to read your letter. I liked your fantasy with the doctor. Thank you very much))

Okay! We're heading in the right direction. Thank you for letting the models kiss each other. More kissing please. More. Much more. Good job.

Thank you SR71) I take into account in the work your wishes)

The girls are hot and the shots are amazing.Thank you Catherine, Natsya, and Susana.

Thank you very much H WU) I am pleased that you liked this set)

Ok, get these two beauties over to Sexart and let them free! Wow...

[14:08:19] Catherine Kazan: Hi Favorito) sets these models are on Sexart. see)

The lighting from sets taken outside by sun is perfect Catherine:-) I like it very much!!! And with this two sweet Cookies like Nastya and Susana is sweeter than everything i know... Kisses to all from S_________d, ...:-):-)

Thank you Roger) I am very pleased that I was able to make you happy. Nice to get as many kisses from Switzerland))

Пожалуйста Catherine:-)

Excellent work Catherine!!!

The photography, the lighting, the outdoor setting, plus Nastya and Susana are all just perfect.
All the praise and accolades you receive are well deserved!!!

Thank you Catherine "The Great"

Hi Browning) Thanks "The Great". I liked it) I forwarded the girls all the comments. They are ready to read and all were pleased. Good luck, take care of yourself)

Would you please share their comments with us.

Thank you for forwarding my comment:) Enjoy your weekend and don't work too hard.

You are the best Catherine:), our beautiful Empress:)

Yes, probably a good thing to be empress. Possible much eat and sleep m tion and not work))

And you can lie back in splendor on your couch while the fan of your choosing feeds you grapes. ( :

Now this is doing it right! Two awesomely beautiful girls who seem to have a genuine connection. This is not just two models posing together like most Met sets. There is a delightful sensuousness and tenderness in this pair that makes them look real not posed. Both of these girls are outstanding and together they become magic. I could easily imagine them going full XXX and that doesn't often happen on Metart. Either these girls are really enjoying this or they are great actresses.

To the powers that be, If your going to have duos on Met this is what they should be.

My congratulations to Catherine and the models for producing a duo that I really liked. That is a very rare accomplishment.

Hi hipshot131) Nastya and Susana do not need to guide and they do not need to explain anything when they are together. Their combined and only press the shutter the camera, they do everything themselves. Thank you for such a kind comment) I'm glad you liked the set)

It is not hard to believe that these girls are a force to be reckoned with when they are together. They are young, in there prime and have fantastically conditioned bodies. There can be no doubt that are really enjoying what they are doing. They are so perfect together. Each is fantastic but when together they are spectacular. They glow with sexual arousal and there movements are supremely feminine and seductive. You have found a wonderful pair here. Each complements the other and brings out the best of both. Two women like this, together is about as sexy as it can get.

Please Catherine do a video of this for us.

Love and many kisses to all three of you.

Yes, Catherine, a video of them together would be fantastic!

Hi) I really want to start shooting video. I wrote that tried to do that. I really hope that I will have to make a video. Thank you very much for kisses))

This set was even better than I expected. I loved all of the poses, the sitting, lying down, standing, caressing, and I loved the stretching! The overall look of the images is fantastic. The occasional sunlight, the superb color, even the sky is perfect. It's fun to see that you have the same vegetation in Kazan that we do in America; it's like looking out the window! Viewing this set was a perfect beginning to my day.

Hi Ouchstopit) It's great that we have much in common: blue sky, warm summer, green grass and two beautiful girls. Thank you, I was delighted to read your comment)

These two look amazing together.

Thank you)

Susanna and Nastya have produced another perfect set, although to to frank, I liked their "Perdita" a little better, they seemed a little looser, less stiff,and you could see their ears and base of their necks much better. This is important, as a girl who is enjoying the set will have pink ears and base of throat. Otherwise they can just fake it by rubbimg up a little and breathing heavy. All working girls and most models know that one, and you don't have to be gross to work it. Girls can't fake pink ears or base of throat, it's involuntary. So the impression of chemistry between models is mostly subliminal evaluation of skin tones and breath. (I used to be a psychiatric social worker and my training included muscle reading.)

Are you able to view SexArt, These girls play there together also. I would love an analysis of their body language during a set on Sex. There is a difference between a normal witnesses IMO and that of a EXPERT witness. Did you ever have a chance to testify as an expert?

Hi 5seadog) you describe the right signs, but they can not be absolute and true in all cases (but I do not contradict) Of course, the photography and the girls posing, but they do well with each other. Thank you)

This is probably Catherine's best work I have ever seen from her. I would give this set a 9.7 out of 10.

Hi Ingoodtaste) Wow, I'm so glad such a high valuation. I hope not to disappoint you)

Nastya and Susan are looking great in this set. These two ladies are obviously quite comfortable being photographed together. Thanks for sharing ladies, thanks for photographing Catherine.

Hi monkeryma) I am very pleased that you enjoyed our work)

A set of two supremely gorgeous young girls taken by a supremely talented top photographer. Nastya K and Susana C seem to be made to pose together. excellent work Katya as we expect from you. Thousand kisses for both models right on their cleavage. And one trillion kisses for Katya, the girl I adore on her sweet lips. I love you Katya.

a wonderful amazing set my Katya. wonderful poses for to gorgeous girls with delicious bodies. i enjoyed watching the two girls for many times.
in photo 92 is the girl on the right Nastya?


Hi kkronful) Thank you) You made me smile for a long time) I almost felt all your kisses)

Hi kkronful) Thank you) You made me smile for a long time) I almost felt all your kisses)

Nastya is one of my favourite models. I rather like to see her in solo sets without any others.

I think it could happen soon.

Congrats Catherine, You are getting these sensual G/G sets down pat. nihil said it perfectly, "genuinely passionate at times, relaxed at others, and happy and playful throughout the set." Their body contortions really work.
I have to wonder if you continued shooting and with the SexArt limits and posted the second part in July over on Sex as "Horizon". If that is what you did it was a neat trick, Bravo...

Thank you very much swplf2) Set for SexArt I've done a little earlier. Perhaps it can be called a trick) Susana and Nastya when it together very well. But when they are together, it's like a volcano. You have to be very careful) They are a lot explode all around you)

121 photographs of two supremely beautiful young women taken by a preeminently talented photographer. Nastya and Susana seem to be made to pose together. They complement each other's beautiful physical features. Wonderful, simply wonderful. And such a slendid a fresco location. Great work Cathie. Warm regards to Nastya and Susana. Both ladies are beautiful.

Hi Neil)
I'm glad that you liked our work. The girls felt very comfortable with each other. I would even say that they have merged with each other and took a lot of trouble makeup artist) if started play up one of them, then synchronously started play up and the other)

A blue sky, a warm summer day, a wild flower meadow, and two (three including the photographer) lovely ladies enjoying themselves and each other - it seems like heaven to me.

Nastya and Susana make a wonderful pair. They seem genuinely passionate at times, relaxed at others, and happy and playful throughout the set. The atmosphere of fun and pleasure is a sweet delight.

The photography and choice of shots is excellent as always. Thank you for bringing us a record of these beautiful moments on a summer day. It is a nice reminder of the season now gone.

Warm regards to you Catherine, and to Nastya and Susana.

Hi nihil) Thank you for the kind words for the three of us. I can sincerely say that when Nastya and Susana together, their behavior is sincere and not feigned. Such pairs are rare. When I shot this set, I made a technologica mistake and l took me a lot of work to correct the error during processing of photos.
Summer is a great time), I send you greetings from me, Nastya and Susana.

Catherine, this is hitting below the belt (in more ways than one)! It's not fair to put two of my absolute favorites in the same set. I love both Nastya and Susana, two gloriously beautiful women who are ravishing in this set, and the photography is up to your usual high standard. Lots of lovely kisses in this one; too bad I couldn't have added a few of my own that day. I couldn't so I send them now—to all three of you. Just gorgeous.

BTW, I put a belated note to you about photo 105 in Nastya's set entitled Michila. Basically the note said that I believe that photo is the most perfect I have ever seen of the female body. Everything is right—beautiful model, lovely pose, flawless photography, beautiful composition, perfect alignment of stars and planets. Fantastic.

Hi Sailor) Thank you for such a warm and kind comment. I almost always write what I like to such words. But believe it sincerely. I'm very glad that I was able to please you with this set.

Fantastic job Catherine! I love the outdoor setting, and those two heavenly angels are more gorgeous than ever. Give my love to them both :) Bravo to all three of you.

[0:08:31] Catherine Kazan: Thank you very much Myshkin) I send all comments Susana and Nastya. They are very happy. Thank you)

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