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Great set of these 2 gorgeous little beauties!

Where are Catherine's answers?

She does not have to answer us but I wish she would. I miss her.

Two different varieties of cute: Nastya is exotic Eurasian, Susana is classic Greek.

My two top models and my top photographer in one excellent set. Thanks for all who helped in this amazing set.

Ah, Nastya and Susana are the definition of femininity and lesbos. Together they make fine music that is not possible for others. Both of these girls are magnificent models with bodies to perfect to define. Both are gymnasts and dancers with hones there feminine lines to perfection and develops a grace and flexibility that few pairs could achieve. Ad to that that they are close friends and being photographed by Mets finest woman photographers and also a close friend and mentor and you have a combination meant for this form of art. This is not just a good photographer and two beautiful girls, This is chemistry at it's best.

I love these two together, such athletic looking girls especially Susana, however I'm still hoping ( in vain?) for a set of Susana with Vanda.

This silly girl-girl fuss so often is really boring. I hope Nastya will stop posing with other girls at last!

You're an idiot. How can girl - girl sets be boring?

Trust me they can be, but not with these two. There is real fire there and they are very close friends in real life so they are very comfortable together.

This silly girl-girl fuss so often is really boring. I hope Nastya will stop posing with other girls at last!

Our photographer frequently gives us poses that fit model to model like hand to long elegant glove, providing grace and interest that surpass the usual 2 model pairing. 2 dimensional 4 cheek lineups are exceptions, and do not convey the synergy of rapport.

Some color, perhaps from the ground cloth, might be nice.

My high expectations of our artist have been met once again.

Usually not one of my favourite themes, but this set is done with exquisite tenderness, and I think demonstrates why lesbians might prefer their own sex to men. Very nicely done.

Two girl sets SUCK, now if they were sucking each other......

Tricky, have you considered SexArt?
As you can see below the comment section, these two play together on SexArt and they do suck ~ each other ~ there.
It just might make your day...

No, they don't suck. Sets with two girls give the models the opportunity to interact with each other. Because they can't have 'real' sex, they can focus on role playing. To be more specific, almost on any pic you can add a text balloon saying:

"I love touching you, but I don't know if I would leave my boyfriend for you."

Of course it's all an act, but that's exactly what makes it fun to watch, and it's very arousing as well.

For me, taking pictures outside, it is not a legal requirement.
But, also outside, you able to give us very stylish photos with your unmistakable "trademark".
I appreciate the perfect balance of natural and artificial light (which is not easy).
Aprezzo that even in outside rebuilt your typical background shades of color.
A job at the top for style and technique.
And the girls ....
All the sensuality of femininity in a wonderful, prohibited dream.

I love Nastya and Susana. They are very beautiful, but since this is Met-Art they can't explore the possibilities so to speak that they do on SexArt.However their ears get pink which is a good sign, it means the girl is happy since this is involuntary.I gave Nastya,Susana and Catherine a 10++++ for each, this is how duos should be done.Too namy Photographer do net check if the girls like each other,and if they are willing to play with another girl.

It is rare to see g/g sets on Metart that are as sensual and full of passion as these two together. There is usually no connection in these sets on Metart but these two lovely goddesses it fairly explodes form the screen.

Thank You so much Catherine for this double Set (with two Girls)!!! This Set remember me a little bit Michila, but with two Angels today:-) This two Sweeties spin men heads round, me included... They are totally Stunning, Sweet and Soft... Thank You to all three (Nastya, Susana & Catherine) to make our lives so nice!!! Warm kisses to all three Mermaids and a big greeting from Switzerland:-):-):-) до свидания or Пoка...

Catherine shot so many beautiful sets in this lush location last summer... Nastya and Susana look right at home among the vivid green grass. Of all the outside sets I've seen, this one really makes me want to be in on the action... ( :

Once upon a time, Met-Art used to seem to have a lot more girl-girl sets. Now they come along less frequently, but it seems as if the responsibility is only trusted to the esteemed Catherine. And sets like this leave little doubt why. Nobody catches the eroticism and feminine beauty of two women at the same time as Catherine does.

Thank you, Catherine, for another exquisitely beautiful set.

I wouldn't say that Catherine is the only one that does G-G sets right, but it does seem that lately she has the best pairing of women and pushes the envelope on showing us genuine interaction. Catherine has my vote for shooting the hottest G-G sets. Before she came along, I used to largely pass those by.

Nastya and Susana are quite a pair and I enjoy seeing them together.

I still pass them by....not what I'm here for.

O.k. gentlemen, have you been paying attention? Which model is in photo number 120?

Without a doubt Nastya! That's simple for a Connoisseur of the femininity

I think that is Nastya in front and Susana is standing behind.

I think it is Nastya.

That would be Nastya K....in the front. Susan is just behind her.

My dear Catherine, This set is outstanding. Each image is absolutely perfect. Nastya and Susana are perfectly matched to each other. They seem to belong together. Very close and sensual poses. They appear to be really enjoying each other's company. Each photo is so very pleasing. Excellent.

Very warm regards and best wishes to both Nastya and Susana. They are magnificent. And to you my dear Catherine, all my love and admiration.

Dear Catherine,

Thank you so much for this set. I was delighted by every image. These moments that you captured seem so sweet and playful, so romantic and tender, so lovely and passionate. I can only describe them as stunningly beautiful.

Your work always fills my heart with joy, and Nastya and Susana take my breath away with their beauty, their charm, and their personalities, all of which are portrayed so exquisitely in your photographs.

Lots of hugs and warm regards to you and to Nastya and Susana. You have made my day brighter!

A most fun, playful, sexy, and a very appropriate way to welcome May! Very, very enjoyable! Thanks to all involved!

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