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Thank you Catherine for Your Dream Job!!! I like it very much:-) Catherine's Art will never disappoints:-) And with this two Hotties every man becomes crazy for Them immediately, Miau!!! I'm one of them... Both Girls deserve a lot of Miau Miau Kisses from Head to Toes:-) I'm already waiting for the next Dream Set, Miau...

I like 2 girl sets and it annoys me that they always suffer a 1 point penalty from doubles haters even when the set is hot. Met-Art publishes so many sets that there should be plenty of room for all tastes. Please keep the beautiful duos coming.

Wow! Amazing girls and beautiful photos!

Loved the last two shots apart from those two a very average set .Not Catherine's best .

I love Susana's super cute hair--Nastya you should go at least that short--it would be hot...

Are they playing the game Twister?

I'd watch!
Better yet, I'd play along with them!

Pantyhose is not my favorite theme - but some words about the pics from #93 on:
Very, very sexy and arousing.I feel extremely thankful to have the chance to look at the two wonderful bodies entangeld as living sculptures.
The photo sets of Catherine (cf. Nastya & Susana in "Tessera", 01.05.14)
shows the splendors of the feminine body as a whole and at the same time
fulfill our boundless appetite to see intimate details. The two girls
- with extremely beautiful breasts - double our delight.
Thank you Catherine and go on in bringing us hours of lustful admiration.

"Estetik" (aesthetic)....cute "K" :)

BTW....the title of the set is "Estetik"

I enjoyed this set and loved the playful girl on girl poses. Great lighting and the use of different camera angles added to my enjoyment. I don't get the anti-multiple girl set talk though. This site needs to appeal to wide range of customers, you have to expect some variety. Sheesh ;)

Nastya and Susana are beautiful ladies and they are perfect together. However, this is the fourth girl-girl set from Catherine this year and the third featuring Nastya and Susana. I think many of us are simply saying enough of that for now. After all, there is just so many things two models can do with each other. Time to see something new from Catherine and her beautiful models.

Catherine has shown us before how to push the MA limits on girl-girl sets. Unfortunately, this one does not do that, although this pair of lovelies is very capable of it. I do admire both of them in their solo sets. I'm not against G-G, but not jump-up-and-down crazy about them on this site mostly due to the site's guidelines. I'm sure that they are much hotter on SA from what I've heard and seen.

Catherine has not commented much at all lately on her sets. I hope all is well with her and it is only because she is too busy. Come back Catherine, you are missed.

I have to say I really like the 2+ model sets, either when it's two girls merely frolicking for our enjoyment or the beginnings of foreplay in a more lesbian context, I especially enjoy it when there is a marked contrast between the models involved. The bargain hunter in me also likes the 2 for the price of 1.

I rather enjoyed the two girls ripping each others tights, although they could have got to it a lot sooner for me.

Susana is a real favourite of mine, I'd just love to see her alongside Vanda B!.

So who's cuter: Susana the fox or Nastya the exotic? Tuff call, but "exotic" usually works for me.

I'm partial to cuties. Susana totally does it for me. ( :

Yeah Nastya's on my A-list ... just wish I was on hers lol

I'm not usually one to express disapproval here at MA, but I'll jump on the bandwagon here and say that double-sets aren't really my thing. Maybe it's the fact that I go cross-eyed trying to focus on two beautiful models at once, or it might be the lack of chemistry as both models go about doing their own thing, but together.

Having said that, K, if enough people are DL'ing and enjoying these double-sets, then don't stop the occasional double-set on account of us anti-doublers. Four sets a day still beats going to the newstand on the fourth Monday of every month to pick up the new Penthouse magazine like the 18-yr-old Droog used to have to do (aaah the good old days lol).

"I only buy it to read the articles" .... haha

OMG you bring back memories Droog... having to go up to the checkout counter with a porn mag or two certainly was exciting, but I always wondered what the cashiers were REALLY thinking...

Me too Droog:)....I swear, only the articles:)

Playboy always had outstanding fiction --

-- right ?

Hustler had the best cartoons.

Political coverage in Barely Legal was pretty good


I like Nastya-Susanna sets BUT this one is too arty. Frankly, on pages 1 and 2 Nastya looks like she is suffering severe gas pains. Pantyhose are O.K. and I like the little gussets girls wear to keep from getting girl juice all over,but this kinda runs it into the ground.I guess what I'm trying to say is we MCP's want sweaty,messy, down low sex! Ha! I quit dancing around.(MCP means male chauvinist pig incase my readers haven't taken ESL slang version)Catherine and the girls should go back to the archives and look at Voronin's "Domina "Saffica "and "Antares " and "Krilius "with Sharon E Ulya A and Ira A. Then ask K about what can go on Met-Art. Also check Anna AJ and Sharon E doing "Tongues " here in the modern world.I just couldn't give anyoe more then a 9 and that's a stretch. The SA shoots are a lot better

P.S. I mean total complete better

Awesome set! I love these two ladies together. Would really like to enjoy them together, as well.

This is a fun gallery with no pretending that Susana and Nastya are lovers, just two beautiful women having fun.

Both ladies have superb butt cheeks and give us pleasing views of reverse cleavage a la Vikki Dougan.

Thanks to Susana, Nastya, and Catherine for this nice visit

There must be a demand for these types of sets because there sure seems to be a lot of them. I'm in the camp of enough already. Both women are stunning but the doubles are not doing it. Give them their own solo sets please.

I don't see a lot of them being posted. Just one a month in Jan. and Feb. and three each in March, April, and May. Two so far in June.

To put it in perspective, that's 13 out of 640 sets so far this year.

Not that I want any more, but 2 per month doesn't seem like "a lot".

Thanks for the clarification, bibblefuss. I agree, 2 a month does not seem excessive to me at all.

Motion seconded -- !!

I'm not sure exactly who's fantasy we're catering to -- but it's not mine.

That would be mine... I LOVE pantyhose. Mmmmmmm....
(Although I admit the tearing part does absolutely nothing for me...)

Dump the doubles, waste of time, almost as bad as the videos

Seriously, what's your problem? If you don't like it, don't watch it, there's plenty of solo content on MA.

A double pantyhose set ~ I highly approve! Nastya and Susana once again bring their chemistry as they play for us. Wonderful set. ( :

Not the best session ever submitted by Catherine.

Two beautiful models in one of the worst multiple model sessions I have ever seen anywhere.

Please ....no more of these !!!!

I agree, not the best set but full marks for innovation and something a little different to keep the site interesting.

The ladies on the rooftop are gorgeous.Hope they didn't cause no air traffic problems.


I agree that "silly girl-girl fuss" is not my favorite type of gallery.

126 images of either of these beautiful women would be preferable. That said, there is this too; 126 images of both beautiful women is better than 0 images of either.

My thanks to a quartet of women for this pleasant visit; Catherine, Susana, Nastya, and K.

And again one of this numerous unnecessary silly girl-girl fuss!

I want to see lovely Nastya in solo sets much more than this!

I would rather see Nastya in a solo set also.

There are loads of Nastya solo sets. They are all very nice.

I agree chez22, I guess I should have been a little clearer though....I'd rather have seen Nastya in "another" solo set.
I do not mean this as an disrespect to Susana (she's a beautiful woman), I'm just not a huge G/G fan (and I am a Nastya fan).

Both Nastya and Susana are so very beautiful and they are perfectly matched to each other. I find it difficult to tell them apart, particularly when they are nude and their bodies are tangled in one of their incredible poses. I always remember that Nastya has slightly larger breasts. They seem to truly enjoy posing together. I am not a big fan of the pantyhose and I do not like seeing them being torn off. I had to scold Rylsky about that a few days ago. But the ladies got rid of the pantyhose by photo 118 and finished the shoot without them. This is a very nice set featuring two gorgeous young woman. Very good work Catherine.

I'm also not a huge pantyhose fan, but in this set I did like how things played out. Susana, try as she might, just couldn't get the damn things off of Nastya, so she had to resort to tearing them up.

I had a feeling things would work out for her. ;)

I must say thou, their legs sure do look longer, shapelier and sexier in pantyhose. (don't like the look of the crotch of the pantyhose, but I guess they're designed that way for a particular reason)

See above about girl juice and gussets

Oops! Yes I see the pantyhose were gone by photo 93 not 118.

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