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Flawless, unbelievably beautiful all over. I'd dearly love to take her around the world.

Catherine, you have captured a very very good picture of Nastya's anus in pic #40. Not all models ever allow the photographer to expose that part of them, and Nastya needs to know how glad i am to see it, I love it !

Excusa by Catherine
Nastya is a gorgeous girl. I love every detail of her body. Her body is curvy with the proper amount of f flesh in right places. I love her curvy ass that is very pleasant to see. You did an excellent choice Catherine. I love Russian girls. Nastya is lucky enough to have a top quality talented photographer to present her. I love Nastya’s hair, boobs curvy ass and gorgeous delicious pussy. Catherine, you exceed all other photographers in dealing with naked models. But as usual Catherine , you forgot Nastya’s boobs and nipples .
Nastya and Catherine. I love you both.

Thanks) Nastya read your comment and was delighted with your words.

This is a stunningly successful set. For sheer raw sexiness Nastya is tops, and then Cathetine brilliantly explores every square inch of her amazing body -- from her cute, perfect nose to her sweet puckered anus, to her suckable toes to her adorable little pussy. She offers us her breasts, she sucks her fingers, she contorts her gorgeous body ... This is perfect modeling combined with perfect photography. Bravo, both.

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