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Look at page 5 of this set, the last photo (1904kb) look at her left foot in High Res. there is a little colored flying bug on her toe.
It is soooo perfect, so cute. Classic,
BTW, I love toes, she has pretty toes.

Shows tongue - and at the same time pussy from behind - great!

Excellence in every aspect

Perfect Job Catherine:-) Nastya is so sweet like a small piece of chocolate, but in big format... Kisses to this dream Angel from Switzerland, the watches Country:-)

Hi Roger) I am Very glad that you liked Nastya and my work) Send you hello from Russia)

This is horrifying!! All these love starved puppies are gonna turn our beloved Katya into a super star with all these "glowing reviews" and before we can zip up...POOF!!! She's GONE!! KNOCK IT OFF!! ;o)

Hi rockhard)) I am glad to see you) I am Very glad)

And I am very happy to be seen by you my sweet... ;o)xo

P.S. Beautiful!!

Who is the guy who keeps saying a girl who has a prominent mons has a giant labia, fool. See anatomy 101.


Nastya is very beautiful, and a perfect outdoor model. I notice and like two things. First, she has cute toes, and second, she has a dimple above each buttock. That is a sign of true beauty.Another thing, she is beautiful all over, and that is purely her. You inherit the body from your parents,you had nothing to do with it beyond proper rest, nourishment and exercise. beauty comes from within, and Nastya is very beautiful.

Certainly this beauty is received from parents. Nastya's mother very attractive woman. Thanks)

Maybe you have some photos of 'very attractive mother'..?? lol ;o)

I think that Nastya's mother not so will like this idea though it is interesting to combine them)

I like this set, but I am disappointed that Nastya isn't nude throughout the set.

Hi MonCapitan) I removed photosets where the model was naked during all set much. I wanted to use clothes in this set.

I think clothes can be a very good "prop" during photosets.
Seeing a model in various stages of dress and undress can be very exciting/sexy... ( ;

Not much to add to others' comments, except to agree that this is a great set. Through planning and preparation, Catherine had utilized the advantages of an outdoor shoot, while at the same time managing to avoid the common pitfalls often present in such cases, such as uneven lighting, uncomfortable location, dirt or sand in model's delicate places etc. This just proves that Catherine takes her work seriously and respects herself and her viewers. And this is why she gets genuine admiration in return.
Great work, Catherine! If I am not mistaken, there is more wonderful sets coming. As always, good luck with your new work!

Hi lember92) Thanks for a good mark of my work. It was one of my first experiences of such work outdoors. For the first experience it turned out is quite good. Though in color it seems to me not absolutely successful. Thanks)

Color is excellent! You always get color right...;o)

Hi rockhard) color of this photoset not so is pleasant to me. I am glad that you are happy with my work.

This is outstanding! I'm so happy to see you do an outdoor set again, and this is a tremendous success. I can't believe how she looks; the sunlight dances on her perfect figure, from her sweet face down to her smooth shapely angelic feet. I lounging poses. The landscape is terrific as well, with the clover, and other plants. In America, we have a problem with the bee population decreasing (Colony Collapse Disorder). Some have blamed people who spray weed killer on their lawns, killing flowering plants like clover, leaving only grass, so that the bees are left with nothing. Obviously, humans require bees, which pollinate the plants, which produce the food us to keep us alive. This photoset could save humanity!

Hi Ouchstopit) I would be glad if my phototypesetting could rescue mankind. If it would be so, I would consider mission of the life isponenny. In Russia too apply chemicals to weed destruction. But it is visible not so in large numbers therefore in fields there are a lot of wild-growing flowers. Thanks for a praise)


Thanks TonyA)

I love - LOVE - the passion in Nastya's posing and facial expressions. The way she contorts her body (as if she is pressed against a partner), the way she closes her eyes and bites her lip (as if she's overtaken by passion). I know it's a performance, but it's a great performance. There's never any doubt that Nastya is, indeed, INTO IT. Thank you, Nastya. Thank you, Catherine!

Hi Zakk) Nastya very playful) And this game she likes the most. I admit it and I like the game) Thank you)

Exquisite model and flawless photography. Catherine I don't see how you master the sunlight so perfectly. Your exposures are so perfect. The way you work with models also is the best.

Hi Gary) I shined model with pulse light therefore sun patches of light beautifully paint model. Thanks for your praise)

Nastya is one of my current favorites and this is a very nice set with some outstanding images. And she's looking at me/us this time ;)

Only minor complaint is that she's looking a little green in some of the pics. But that's understandable with all that grass reflecting light onto her. Color balance is a tricky thing.

Hi bibblefuss) It is because of the color balance, I had some doubts about this set. I made ​​a small miscalculation during filming. I was able to minimize the problem. I hope this is not a spoil your impression of photoset)

No, didn't spoil it. Minor problem.

Catherine, This set is absolutely astounding. The images are supremely beautiful. Nastya is perfectly gorgeous. Her exquisitely perfect brown eyes and lovely light brown hair and that stunning, supremely perfect body. Incredible, just incredible. Each photo is wonderfully bright and fresh. Each photo is pleasant and up lifting to view. One feels happy and renewed by viewing this set. What a joyful and glorious celebration of youthful feminine beauty. Very warm regards and best wishes to both you and the remarkably beautiful Nastya. Thank you for giving us this amazing gift.

Hi Neil) This photoset was one of my first experiences of such shooting. I now see some shortcomings, but I am very glad that everything is pleasant to you)

All true art is no more than the residue left behind by the artist while searching for the perfect.

Absolutely with you it agrees.

I like Nastya's love handles, derriere, and puffy outer labia. I don't know if I should tag her as having a bubble butt, or a beautiful big butt; both are compliments where I come from..

Thank you very much Baggy36Pants) I'm glad you liked the photoset. In the coming month, I'll try to do more photosets with Nastya in nature.

Oh my, Catherine, your work renders me speechless (in a very good way!)...
This set is absolutely classic.
I especially enjoy the shot on the first page where Nastya pulls up her shirt and "discovers" her bellybutton... an adorable shot. ( :

)) Hi fer_realz) Nastya very playful girl and her time it isn't necessary to direct at all. She starts playing... (performance).... )

I'm glad that the two of you can "play" with each other! The result is magnificent. ( :

Nastya K in Michila by Catherine

A gorgeous young tall girl and a talented top notch photographer gives a top rated set. A set full of gorgeous medium delicious boobs, sexy longs terminating in a fantastic ass and guarding a delicious shaved pussy.
Two gorgeous girls one naked in front of the camera and one fully dressed behind the camera. I wish somebody from the crew turns his camera to Katya while busy behind her camera. I bet it will be the pic of the year for the top rated photographer of the world.

Hi kkronful) If the camera is turned in my direction, it may not always be beautiful. To shut out the sun I usually dress hat. Its appearance may offend refined aesthetes)

you are totally and completely wrong. my gorgeous Katya is always gorgeous and the most beautiful girl in the whole universe whatever you dress. i adore you my fair lady. don't be over modest. i am saying what the mirror should tell you

Thanks a lot kkronful))) my hat well protects me from the sun, but to strangers I don't decide to show it))

Excellent flawless photoset of one of MetArt's most beautiful and lovely models!

Lot of compliments for Catherine this time! Actually I really like all Catherine's other sets of Nastya. So I absolutely can't understand why Catherine has shot so much dull sets of other models.

Hi uuusssee) on shooting models behave very differently. Sometimes it is difficult to remove all models equally well.

What a fantastic set! Nastya has never been more beautiful. She just jumps off the page. She has always been gorgeous, but she seems to be more relaxed in front of the camera, and the difference is astonishing. She sexier, warmer, far more interesting. Thank you, Nastya, I can never get enough of you.

And thank you Catherine, both for bringing the best out of Nastya and for bringing us great models two days in a row. You're definitely on a roll

Hi Sailor)) Nastya is good) Thanks for a praise) Catherine and Nastya.

P.S. After looking at this set a few more times, I have decided that photo 105 is the most perfect image of the female body that I have ever seen. It goes beyond sex (though that is there, obviously). It's about a beautiful woman incomparably presented—an ideal confluence of the technical, the esthetic and the erotic. Every inch of Nastya is flawless, and the photo—focus, composition, color, all of it—is dazzling. I can't stop looking at it.

Catherine is definitely on a roll!
Let's all cross our fingers for more...
( :

Thanks a lot) Very much I hope that it will help)

Wow !! Just fantastic. This angel is stunning as always, but there's more eye-contact with the viewer than in some of her previous sets, and a couple of lovely smiles as well. So gorgeous!

Thanks a lot Myshkin) This photoset not absolutely new, I waited when it will publish. I am glad that it is pleasant to you.

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