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EVERYTHING you do is great!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we get a picture of the photographer and tell us where your located ( was city,country)

Nastya has gorgeous eyes (and many other body parts too).

I enjoyed this set.

The beauty of the female form combined with art and then to the erotic.

Pic 54 is great, its like she is waiting.

Pic 55 she is showing her most private and intimate parts.

Pic 57 the pose is giving.

A photographer getting the most from the model they are working with, putting the model at ease to get the model to easily bare all, showing us what we want to see, and a model confidently and immodestly showing us everything.

Great work.


This is my first comment ever and I have to say your work is superb! Nastya is so beautiful, she makes my heart flutter. Are there any plans to do a video with Nastya? Photos are great but I sure would love to see her majestic beauty in action. Thanks!

Hi mdbmoss) I Hope, our communication to proceed) I promised for a long time that I will be engaged in video shooting. I hope, at me it will turn out soon. Nastya on video Thanks) will be obligatory)

I agree with mdbmoss about videos... I would be happy to see your videos of any of your models, but Nastya would definitely be a great choice!

I have already commented on this set, this comment is for Catherine, the commentator. Catherine I don't know if you review others artists work and the comments they generate. This whole idea of an un-moderated comment ability has only became a reality I think within the last year. Met-Art itself was taking a risk. Early on the level of the comments was what you would expect on a true porn site, i.e. mostly tits, pussy, tats, etc. Recently I have seen a change. We now seem to be getting beyond that into real constructive posts. I personally feel you and Rylsky have helped bring this about. Yet you both appear to come at it from totally divergent points of view. Ry attitude is that ratings and comments are crap. His attitude is that the only person he has to please is himself. If we bitch about one of his sets, so what. But he has also joined in to the comments in a big way. In the last several weeks I have learned more about Met than I had in many years as a member. And his explaining about the models, and the problems those in his part of the world face, has opened my eyes. He has challenges us to be real and realize our individual "opinions" are just that OUR opinions. Ever model deserves our respect. You have also become a very active commentator. You appear to want us to be happy with your sets. You compliment our comments and appear to even "learn" from some. So you and Ry have to totally different approaches but you both join in and and have helped raise the level of this section, for that I must say I respect you, and can only say, THANK YOU!

Hi swplf2) Thank you for such detailed comment. When I saw that Met-Art gave opportunity of communication with the viewer, I was surprised and it became very interesting to me. I always wanted to have contact with audience for which I work. Main goal of my communication isn't the desire to be pleasant and please the viewer. Interestingly communication with those for whom I make sets. I received a lot of useful information for myself from this communication. Until, when there was no this communication, it is possible to tell that work went blindly. I work for you therefore to me all is expensive and valuable that you write.

Nice post swplf2, I agree wholeheartedly.
I second your "thank you" to both Catherine and Rylsky.
They are my favorite photographers and they also work with my favorite models.

swplf2 and negam13, I gotta agree with both of you.
The two-way communication with Catherine, Rylsky and Deltagamma74 makes their work that much more interesting to me. I like to read what they think about their audience's opinions.
So I definitely agree with both of your comments!

I think Catherine really kicked off the photog comments and Rylsky soon thereafter. Deltagamma also joined in the dialogue and now Flora and Dave Lee have both recently responded. I respect all of them for joining in, hearing what we have to say and then giving their viewpoints. Thank you to all of them for truly making this more interesting.

Hi negam13) I am glad that my work by you is noticed) When I have shootings, to me happens difficult to respond to comments, but I try) Thanks.

Very enjoyable set and I liked the flower. The silly poses were fun as well; Nastya looks like she's in love! Do you have sunflowers in Kazan? A sunflower photoset might look nice as well. I'm surrounded by sunflowers where I live, but they're just not as nice as they could be without nude women holding them. Nude women can make anything look better. Great work, and thank you for entertaining us!

Hi Ouchstopit) Nastya very much loves fun) we have Sunflowers, you about them reminded me. In the future I will try to make work with sunflowers. Thanks)

Catherine, this is another great set from you. I like the color in this set very much. I also like how Nastya has grown her hair long, it is very beautiful, especially the way you show it flowing down over her back in 52,53, and from the side in 58, 67. Brown eyes and now lovely long hair, yes I like how she has changed. This must be a more recent set - I see changes in your style and like the direction you are going.

I also like that you included the shots near the end where she got a little playful and made silly expressions! I think this is probably the best so far with Nastya.

Hi kilroy) Thanks for warm words. When the set already came to the end, Nastya was played and started grimacing. I usually such don't remove. But here I continued shooting, without being going to include these photos in a set at all. But then they were pleasant to me, I am very glad that they were pleasant to you too)

Hi Catherine,

Overall I like this set very much. I'm fond of sets that start out with the model in clothing and progress from there.
Nastya looks great, she is a very attractive woman.
The only photo I don't care too much for is the last one (#135).

My Met Art membership will expire soon, so I hope you have a few more sets that are published within the next week or so.
I love your work, and it's my guess that models love posing for you because you are so sweet and kind.

Thank you very much for passing along my comments to my favorite model (you know who that is), I appreciate that very, very, much.
I may be back to Met Art at some time in the future, if so, it will be because of you Catherine.

God Bless you.

Hi negam13) Nastya is now slightly changed. It looks different from the one which was at the time of the first sets. It has matured and become more feminine. Thank you for the praise) I Hope the Met-Art publish sets before the end of the month. I am glad to work for you. Hope to see you and your comments in the near future. I hope the interval is not very long. Be healthy)


I read that you are working on starting your own site, will this website be available soon?
If so, I would like to become a member of your website.

Thank you for your interaction with all your fans.
I appreciate your sincere kindness, you are a special human being.

.....and, I want to especially thank you for bringing Luiza into my life.

Thank you negam13) Louise now finds a lot of time for education of the small son) Very much I hope that the site will be. This question depends not only on me. Good luck, I very much hope to see you and in next months. I will be glad to read your comments and to read them)

Catherine: Congrats on the set, and your avoiding the boo birds, with their asinine thumbs downs without comment. Your framing today, such as the last photo, created some very memorable pics. Is that the same flower all the way through or did you have a bouquet in reserve? Nastya was a perfect choice for this type of shoot. Two thumbs up, if I could.

A lovely model well photographed, but I would have preferred it if the flower had disappeared about 1/3 of the way through.

Hi hunter69) The Interesting remark, I will consider it)

Hi swplf2) Yes, the bouquet in a stock was) But I that film-making day didn't use it. I approximately know who puts fingers down. I don't want to make comments on it) Thank you very much for your warm comment) Would like that future sets didn't disappoint you.

Awesome photo set Catherine of the always beautiful Nastya.Your photo sets are among the best on the MetArt network.I have yet to see a bad one.Thank you for your art,and I can't wait for your next set.

Hi Okidude) Thanks a lot) I Hope Met-Art will publish my new sets soon. I am glad that it was pleasant to you)

I composed something like the following earlier, but was so anxious to get back to reviewing the pictures, that I didn't click post comment.

Another sweet collaboration by Nastya and Catherine.

I like the shots from behind and how they present Nastya's long hair, her beautiful derriere, and when we are blessed - a view of her championship calibre puffy outer labia. I also like how Catherine did not photoshop Nastya's downy hair.

Thank you to Catherine and Nastya.

Hi Baggy36Pants) You very well and in detail described their attitude to the set. I seemed heavy color of this set. I am very glad that this set pleases the audience. Thanks)

Everyone seems to be in agreement.....one of Catherine and Nastya's best collaborations.

Thanks mincer) At me turns out good cooperation with Nastya)

I adore both girls

Katya, are all Russian girls gorgeous and sexy??? i wish i was not married. i wish to come to Kazan. is Nastya still single?? can i find a place in her agenda.

Katya, are all Russian girls?? i wish i was not married
. i wish to come to Kazan. is Nastya still single??

Hi kkronful) Nastya is now free) Nastya went recently to Paris. Now all to be praised by photos against the Eiffel Tower)

i am very glad she is still free. i want to book a place in her heart

WOW, Catherine, you did again, it´s a homerun. wonderful job in each and every word. you are having a big season. Come on Catherine keep on, don´t stop.

)) Thank you very much fercito999. I don't wanna stop, I hope there are a lot of interesting work.

Dream job from Catherine:-) Why occhiali? In italian it means glasses. A small flower for a Big Flower like Nastya... Totally sweet is this Girl:-) Big greetings from Switzerland, the sweet chocolate Country...

Hi Roger) I now am going to remove new sets with this model. I hope, they too will be good. Hello to you from Kazan from the homeland of beautiful girls)

Thank You Catherine:-) Switzerland is the sweet chocolate Country, but Russia and Ukraine have the sweetest Girls in the World:-):-):-)

The colors in this shoot are magnificent, Catherine.
I especially enjoy how the colors of the flower compliment and accentuate the colors of Nastya's lips.
And I liked the muted but varying colors of the bedding, which also compliment Nastya's colors.
It's so nice that you're back! Nice work. ( :

Thanks a lot fer_realz) I am very glad that this set was pleasant to you and that you liked color. I had small doubts. But I am very glad to your assessment. Thanks a lot))

Doubts? About THIS set? You are a perfectionist, indeed! ( :
It is a truly wonderful set.
I realize I now need to pay closer attention to the color schemes in your sets... ( :

That is a beautiful set, erotic and sensuous .Pink flower adjacent to pink pussy , delicious. However, 125 is unnecessary as the flower is symbolising pussy and not rear .125 is crass.
Stunning .

Hi ergo) Probably the flower behind .. We're just a little bit naughty)) Thanks a lot. It is pleasant to me that you liked a set)

135 wonderful photographs of the supremely beautiful Nastya K, perfectly delightful. What a pleasure to behold. A wonderful job done by both beautiful Nastya and preeminently talented Catherine. Warm regards and best wishes.

Hi Neil) I Thank you for warm statements)

Some beautiful posing of a beautiful model, expertly photographed. I didn't care for the flower, though - it seems an unnecessary prop to me. But, having done so many great sets, Catherine is only in competition with herself. Thank you for yet another one!

Hi lember92) I Admit that the presence of a flower in this set is probably a tribute to tradition. I would like to make a set with lots of flowers. I hope I will. Thank you)

Awesome set of Nastya K, well done Catherine, keep up the good work.

Hi monkeryma) I Hope that ahead good sets with Nastya. I want to resume Vanda and Nastya's pair work. I always liked this couple.

Both are incredible, I can't wait for the new sets of them together!

Nastya, cara mia, I love your long hair—and, needless to say, the rest of you. Your smile in image 132 just melts my heart. Thank you—and thank you Catherine. I didn't think you could surpass Nastya's last set, but you did. This is her best yet. Hugs and kisses to both of you.

Hi Sailor) Thanks for the hugs and kisses)) We tried very hard) I think that Nastya ahead of a lot of good sets.

Agreed, this is indeed Nastya's best set -- yet.
( :

)) Thank you.

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