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Dear Catherine,

You usually respond to comments on your sets, but you haven't joined in on this one. I hope that you are well.

Warm regards, and warm hugs.

I hope you check in on your fan club soon too, Catherine! We miss you...
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I agree totally N & K Nastya has one of the most delicious rears as as I said no reflection on Nastya or Catherine.

I ve got to admit that this time you have created a special and arousing
ambience,an outstanding photoset featuring one of the most charming models
in Met,Thanks,Catherine,and also for the nice long hair.

The seller

Excellent! Great job!

Another beautiful set by Catherine of Nastya. Love all the photos of Nastya looking back over her shoulder. The ones where she arches her back seem to firm-up her butt (pillow butt). She definitely has an ass that is in my top 10 on MA. Thanks Catherine and Nastya. Nastya, you're a living doll. By the way, I am a little surprised that there aren't bite marks on your yummy butt!

LOL With "tots" I wouldn't leave a mark! ('take-out teeth'...updated name for dentures...;o) And man are you right about that sweet BUTT!!!

Very nice. And what an angel this girl is!
Also I have to say that while I don't have a 'thing' for feet, I certainly DO appreciate that I don't see dirty ones on Katya's girls...to the best of my recollection...which may or may not be 'good'...;o)

Nastya K is SO pretty, with a perfect butt, as well as cute toes and beautiful breasts. Us old men check the butt first that is how we stay warn in the winter.

The Butts Have It!! And THIS one has a LOT of "it"!! It's a valid point you make Mr seadog...lol

Agreed. Pics 72-76 make a nice sequence, but #99....oh my!!! That pose is classic, and there should be at least one of those for every model.

Yes, #99. Nastya should pay Catherine for taking that photo. It captures Nastya at her very best. Any young woman would love to be captured in such a magnificent pose, beautiful, sophisticated, sensual and seductive; but modest and reserved.

An extremely cute bubble butt on Nastya. One prone to have bite marks left on it. An altogether nice pairing of skin coloration, the red top, orange drapes and the brocade couch. Very nice work Catherine!

The Human Race is every day searching for the Paradise; for Me, the Beauty of a young Girl like Nastya, show us that the Paradise is here:-) Thank You to exist Catherine and Nastya... Nastya in red is very nice... As always, a lot of sweet Kisses to both from Switzerland:-):-):-)

We see what we want to see, for the most part. When it comes to the two women in this set—photographer Catherine and model Nastya—that is certainly true for me. I want to see a flawlessly beautiful woman photographed by a truly accomplished artist, and that is what I get.

But this time there are surprises. The first is Nastya's hair, which is wonderfully long and feminine. Nice. The second is the setting, more specifically the warm colors and shapes (note the drapes arranged just so in the background) that frame the model and give her skin a beautiful glow. The third surprise was totally unexpected: Nastya's close resemblance to Andere, another favorite of mine in Catherine's crew. I had never seen it before, but the two might almost be sisters. BTW, that is high praise to both women. Both rank high in my pantheon of sexual desire (and frustration).

Then, of course, there are the usual suspects in a Nastya-Catherine photo set—above all, Nastya's delicious perfection of form from head to pussy to tush to toe. In that regard, some of her pictures for Catherine have been among the most beautiful portraits of the female body I have ever seen. 10s and kisses all around, as always.

Sailor, you pretty much covered it. Nastya's hair and the warm glow of this set are highlights that set this one apart.

Well done, Catherine and Nastya, you are looking very fine this morning.

Nastya is always so very beautiful, so very cute and so very sensual. She has a nearly perfect feminine figure and form. She has the face of an angel. Her lovely brown hair seems longer and wavier than it has been, very nice.

Catherine's photography is always so very beautiful, so very rich, so very sophisticated and so very elegant. She and her team bring out the very best of the model's beauty. Her style is rich, bright and vibrant.

The most beautiful place on Earth is where a beautiful, creative and talented photographer meets a beautiful and talented young model.

Nastya my favorite girl. i love everything on your body.
good work Katya

I thought Katya was your favorite girl kkronful:)

Katya? you mean Catherine ? i do not love her. i adore her
i have 3 or 4 top favorite girls on met art. all are Katya's girls

Yes kkronful, I meant Catherine. I know you are fond of our Catherine, I'm just messing with you:)

Another lovely and pleasing set. One small point, why does Catherine makes the models tighten their delicious rears ? It makes them look androgynous .I do appreciate that some models have been gymnasts .No reflection on Catherine's great work, just an observation .

ergo, it seems to me that in certain positions, one might be required to tighten one's glutes in order to achieve/maintain the pose...

ergo, Nastya has a very well-toned female backside. Nothing androgynous about it that I can see.

Androgynous? What photoset are you looking at? Nastya has a decidedly feminine body, perfectly well conditioned and fit.

Nastya is simply a beautiful young woman. Of course I have my favorite photos and sets of her, but she always looks nice (I doubt there's a "bad" photo of her in existence).

As hipshot131 mentioned, I wish Nastya would have shown her beautiful smile more in this set....but maybe it was a long day and she might have been a little tired (only Catherine can answer this).

All in all, I like this set very much. Nastya's beautiful and Catherine did a great job with the photography. I gave it a 9 out of 10. If Nastya would have shown me her smile, I would have given the set a 10.

Thank you Catherine the Great:) I appreciate all the hard work that you, your team, and Nastya put in just to bring a little pleasure into our lives.

Browning, I agree that Nastya's smile is extraordinary and it would have been nice to see more of it in this set...
However, my feeling is that Catherine ~ as always, experimenting with new and different styles ~ and Nastya were aiming at a different feeling in this set than in previous ones... a more serious, "mature" feeling.
This is hinted at by the "adult" lingerie Nastya is wearing at the beginning of the set, and also by her makeup, which is more noticeable than in most of Catherine's sets. Usually Catherine goes for a natural look, but in this set, I feel that she was going for a more glamorous look.

That's definitely a possibility. With Nastya, Catherine is able to pull off different styles quite well.....I especially like her "Gypsy look".

( :
Catherine is MetArt's master of experimentation.
Amazingly enough, always keeping her signature style, while changing the feel of her sets.
She keeps me amazed.
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A nice estethic set but by far not so hot, alluring & exciting as before.

My favorite set with Nastya is "Parathiro"

On the subject of favorites......Epivoli....love how Nastya looks in those jeans. It kinda looks like one of those lazy Saturday afternoons with a lover, that starts out playful, and then turns erotic.

A lovely set of photos, Nastya you look great.

Our little Nastya is growing up... showing a more restrained, elegant, even pensive side than we've seen before.
Lovely photos of a very pretty young lady. Her hair is gorgeous. ( :

It is a sad day for me. A set from Nastya and Catherine that is less than I would expect from my two favorite ladies. :(

Nastya my darling why the long faces? You are much to sober and aloof in this set and Catherine, So many photos with a shiny face? Was this a very hot room? Did our lovely makeup artist run out of powder? I hate to make such comments but I would be less than a friend if I did not.

I agree with you - 100%!

Another highly competent and instantly recognizable set by Catherine. Interesting splash of color in the beginning of the set, nicely lit background, lifelike skin tone, tack sharp focus - all the trademarks of the Catherine's unmistakable style.
Catherine, you have mastered the technique. Knowing how seriously you take your work, I am sure that we will see more great sets that will explore new horizons - new models, locations, stories. Maybe I am spoiled by you, and one can get used even to great things, but I would love to be surprised by your next set (or, dare I say, film). I hope you don't take this as criticism, since I have expressed to you before what I like about your work, even though it was a while ago. I also understand that you do not control which sets are published and when, so maybe there are already your new works in the pipeline.
Thank you and good luck!

Hello Catherine,

I have no choice but to pour my heart out over this glorious set. You and Nastya have done an amazing job together again.

Everything about this set is so warm and soft, so romantic and inviting. There is warmth in the light. There is warmth in the colours of the outfit Nastya wears, the flowing curtains, and the cushioned furnishings. There is warmth in Nastya's smile, and there is warmth in the personality that shines through in every pose and expression that she shares with us. The softness of the fabric is echoed in the softness of Nastya's skin and hair. The atmosphere that you have created is so delightful.

I think that Nastya looks ever so slightly more mature and fuller figured in this and the last set than she did when she debuted last year, and it really suits her. She has not lost one iota of her delicate grace, but she has gained a beautiful and sexy soft curvaceousness. I think that this may be her best set yet, and it is certainly among my favourites of all your work.

I thank you and Nastya for creating this wonderful set of images, and I wish that I could rate it higher than 10/10. I send you both my warmest regards, hugs and kisses. I am glad that I will have the warmth of this set in my heart on a cold day!

I totally agree in every regard, nihil... I've noticed lately that the one adjective that sticks in my mind describing Catherine's recent work is "warm."
And Nastya looks so delicious in this set with her long curly hair and her feminine curvaceousness.

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