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Catherine with his unmistakable "sound" tidy and elegant.
In four words:
Top marks for two.

Fantastic set. It looks different than your other indoor sets; is it sunlit? Anyway, it could pass for sunlight. I love the choice of setting, the clothing, the removal of that clothing, the revealing of Nastya's wonderful body and especially her cute little feet. I couldn't live in a world without Nastya or Catherine!

Catherine, this is a great set of the beautiful Nastya, and I'm glad to see you conversing with us again. Keep warm in the Kazan winter and know that seeing your work here warms up my morning every time.

Hi kilroy) I missed our conversations) Claus and the bright sun is beautiful weather. I am very pleased that my work warms you)

Libido,self expression, that is what this woman of supreme expression has captured.With out a second of thought, she is present. That is the way things are to go. Delight is she.

Yoda, is that you?

Hi 6.5x55SwM) I'm glad you like our work. Thank you)

The torrant of the display of this woman is overwhelming. She leaves no survivers. Grip on to her, or else drown. Tantamount, is her expression, I will die in your arms beloved one.


I don't like the fact that Nastya isn't nude throughout the set. I do like the fact that there is a lot less airbrushing than the usual sets. This set is lovely overall, though.

Nastya K is my current favorite active Met-Art model.

Hi MonCapitan) Thank you. I forwarded your comment Nastya)

Very delicious Katya... I'm happy to hear that you finally have winter in Kazan... Maybe it will leave me alone for a while! lol ;o) xoxox

Hi rachsback) Kazan at last conditions were pretty good winter weather. Worth good cold minus 15 degrees Celsius. A lot of snow. I wish that the frost has come to us from you. I am glad to read your message and I'm glad to have you back))

Many places here wish they were as warm as -15C...))

Thank YOU Katya... I'm very happy to be back with you! :}


I love the photo of Nastya pressing her breast against her leg. I guess I would like to think she is doing that to me. I love the shots of her rear and upper body. Such beautiful curves.

Hi DUTCHMAN) I understand you) Lines of body Nasty very feminine. It is easy to be seductive.

LOL "Nasty"?..... Freudian slip??? )) ))

Or possibly 'nic-name'...?? ;o)


Another superb creation by Catherine! Nastya is gorgeous and Catherine's artistry and skill with the camera are unmatched.

Hi Gary) Thank you very much) To be honest, I'm very pleased when praised my ability to master the camera. Do it often, it's nice)))

Hi Catherine, Once again, you have made sure that I stay in love with Nastya. She is very beautiful in this set—from every angle. Incidentally, I think that mdbmoss was saying that he likes image 112. So do I. That little round face is irresistible. Thanks again. xoxoxoxo

Hi Sailor) I share your love for Nasty) Honestly speaking, 112 the frame I am not impressed. From my point of view it is quite formal. But maybe I do not understand something. I'm glad you all like it. Thank you very much

What is the superlative beyond "adorable"?

I do not quite understand what you mean.

It means I am at a loss for words because I would describe this uber cutie with a word that was beyond adorable if it was in my vocabulary...hey, maybe "uber cutie" is it!

"Shagedelic!" is a variation of the 60-70's exclamation "Psychedelic!" which meant "Great!"" or "Groovy!" or "Far out!". The "Shag-" part of the word refers to her pubic hair, or "shag" as in "shag rug". Thus the translation to classroom English becomes "Great pubic hair!". Hope this helps!

Thank you.)) Now, I understand everything.

I apologize, beautiful Set and not beutiful Set:-)

All good)

Hi Catherine, how are You? As always, a beutiful Set with this Dream Sugar Girl Nastya (zuccherino in italiano). #112=perfection... We missed Your conversations with us in the last Gallery from Nastya Unnati on November 27th Catherine:-) Welcome back, happy 2014 to You and Nastya and bacini to Both from Switzerland:-):-):-)

Hi Roger) I wish you a successful and good 2014. I'll try to be more attentive to the comments) I am glad to receive greetings from Switzerland) I send you greetings from frosty and snowy Kazan)

Classy, erotic, and hypnotizing....Nastya's intense beauty and sensuality are fully realized as art through the skilled and hungry lense of Catherine. Thank you kindly ladies!

Hi Heathen.) Thank you for your praise. We tried very hard for you. Nastya, especially for still photography bought a dress in India.

Well, it is very lovely... I hope the two of you have much success in your careers and I look forward to appreciating more of your beauty! All the best...

Many thanks Heathen) I am pleased that you liked this set)

Good, daring poses! Statuesque. You feel the skin, the copious flesh.
Sparkling eyes and sensous lips. Warming up not only your heart!

"Copious flesh"?? Are you saying that Nastya is fat?

Many thanks Eridanus) I am pleased that our efforts have yielded good results, and you liked the set)

A good man should be a lot))

Catherine. i do not to repeat what i said previously that you are a great photographer.
thank you for giving us an excellent survey of Nastya's gorgeous body. you showed us her sweet beautiful face,her delicious boobs, her gorgeous ass and her delicious pussy.
thank you both. you gave us an excellent job.

Katya, we need videos.

Hi Kamal) Thank you very much for your praise. I'm glad you liked my work and that of Nastya. If at me solved some of the issues, the video will also be.

where is your personal site?

To me yet very difficult to answer this question.))

i wish you success. i want to see a site for by favorite photographer. i am ready to give any support needed. i want to be the first subscriber

Get in line, kkronful! ( : ( : ( :
If/when Catherine starts her own site, she is going to have a line of fans waiting to be the first subscriber!! ( :

Thanks a lot, I will be glad to see you, members of a site.))

Another wonderfully exciting and warm set of our darling Nastya, Catherine!
I especially enjoy the studies of Nastya's beautiful and soooo feminine curves. ( :
On Catherine's last set, I encouraged all her fans to please contact MetArt via email to request that they feature any new sets of new models that Catherine might offer them.
I am extremely curious to see these rumored sets... please help me in encouraging MetArt to publish them.

Hi fer_realz)) Thank you very much) I'm glad to see you and read your message)

( :
I hope everything is well in Kazan and you have a good balance between work and leisure... ( : ...and friendship, of course! ( :

Thank you very much, I'm fine. In Kazan, there is a heavy snow. Was frosty. The street is very beautiful. We finally came winter. Great.))

I hope you get some more images, like your pictures of the river at night... ( : ( : ( :

Thank you very much, I'm fine. In Kazan, there is a heavy snow. Was frosty. The street is very beautiful. We finally came winter. Great.))

Nastya is absolutely beautiful and so very seductive. She is perfectly gorgeous and Catherine, your photography is magnificent. A beautiful model and an extremely talented photographer. Excellent. Warmest regards and best wishes to both Nastya and Catherine.

Neil, whilst I agree with everything you say and this is an excellent set by Catherine, I never can quite mark Nastya as a 10. Looking back I see that I have marked consistently as a very good night Although she is a very lovely and flexible model, I always seem to feel there is something slightly missing. The wow factor? I can't quite put my finger on it. Anyone got any idea?

I am not sure what to say. Wow factor? Nastya is as beautiful as beautiful can be. She is as seductive, sensual and alluring as any young woman could ever expect to be. If she does not float your boat, enjoy the hunt.

Hi Neil)
I am also sending you a my warmest wishes) Nastya good and I like the set. Thank you for the Reviews)

Catherine, Can you explain your intentions with photo number 113? What were you trying to show? Just curious.

Neil perfectly. I'll try to remember everything and explain) I guess I would like to assume Possible displacement the viewer's eye) This is the first version. The second version. I just forgot to remove this frame of a set) I'm inclined to that is true to the second version, so excuse me for carelessness.))

Oops! Number 112 is a perfect portrait of a supremely beautiful young woman.

Thanks Neil) with this statement I do not quite agree, but take it as an an advance against future work)


I did not understand you.

Hi Catherine:), this is a very nice set of Nastya, she's as pretty as always. I rate it a 10 for both the photographer and model:)

I hope we are fortunate enough to see much more of your work this year. I'd like for Met Art to not only brings us photos of your new models, but also continue to bring us new sets of your current models too (especially my two favorite ladies....and you know who my two favorite ladies are;)

Thank you Catherine, I appreciate all that you do....please pass along my thanks to your team and Nastya too:)

Hi Browning)
I too very much hope that you will be lucky this year to see more of my work)) I was just talking on the phone with Nastya. She was glad that the set has a good rating. Be healthy) I was very pleased to read your comment.

:)) my friend :))


The poses in the photos of the year 2012 are by far much better than in the newer sets.

Furthermore such a lot of similar ass pictures are absolutely unnecessary.

Catherine should draw comparisons and revert to the former style!
Extremely beautiful Nastya simply deserves better photos than the ones in the present set!

I am pleased that you like the sets produced in 2012.)

Catherine, you must have been away on Jan 4th when Nastya last set on Sex was posted. I had two comments and you usually answer all comments but you never did. Had me worried about you! Seeing Nastya back here on Met is great she delivers, with or without toys. I think the 2nd comment I made on the 4th is also relevant here so I copied it and here it is:Just a P.S. Catherine, a while ago you said you would try and get into doing video either by yourself of in concert with an Artist that did. Give us an update on how that is progressing. I think it was a set by Nastya where this came up. Since I have stated above that you and DG seem to connect better in photo sets than most I have bugged him to find a way to "animate" also. I think your special connection w/ Nastya would make her a prime candidate for your first effort in that area. With what Nastya does best, please do it here and NOT on Met. While all of your sets of her on Met are very good, Nastya "comes" alive under the more flexible rules here.
Please, please, do....

Hope you can respond this time...

Hi swplf2)
I will visit today Sex.art and I will try to respond to comments. Excuse for this inattention) I formed technical difficulties for realization of that about what you speak. I think that together with Met-Art I will resolve these difficulties and I will be able to make that you want. I already made the first experiment, made the first video. While I decided to place this video on FB. I hope that Nastya will agree to be my first model for the Sex art.

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