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Hello, Catherine ! LET ME CONGRATULATE AND THANK YOU for all your work....

Whether it's about Nastya k or someone else, WHEN YOU SHOOT the pictures,

the result has a FANTASTIC EFFECT on whoever watches them...

Many,many thanks again and LOTS of kisses to you from Southern France !

Awesome set!! Nastya looks so beautiful, need more please.

it is extremely unjust that our beloved Nastaya gets a rank of 89 and a vote score 9.03/10. she deserves much much more than that. however , her reward is the love we all have for her and the praise you read from all who view her set. i sent you two trillion kisses for you and her. i adore you both. you know that.

Katya, i am very greedy. i want a trio: Gabriel, Nastya and Vanda. a set full of details and close-ups. please do this favor.

Hi kkronful) I'll think about your suggestion, it seems to me very interesting. I'm sending you a trillion kisses in response))

Nastya and Catherie have gifted us another masterpiece. Nastya for her beauty Catherine for her perfect photography. 10+++ for both

Hi 5seadog) Thank you very much) I am very pleased. This set was improvised. In essence, this defiles Nastay in a dress that she likes)

Fantastic! It's funny that you and your models are what comes to mind when I think of Russia. I really enjoyed watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics, but never once did you leave my thoughts. I somehow expected to find Nastya, Vanda, Susana, Beatrice, Luiza, Gabriel, Gerda, Andere, Kira, Margo, Penelope, Monika, Nelly, Alana, Maggie, ( I can't name all of the rest, sorry) at the event. Perhaps they were in some of the big white costumes. Well, if not, I imagined that all of you were at least watching the ceremony together, while completely nude and with your hair tied back. Oh, that's a thought. Thanks for more of Nastya, and stay happy and healthy!

Hi Ouchstopit) I watched the opening of the Olympic Games and try to watch sporting events. I watch a hockey game, I watched the match between Russia and the United States. Yet I think that the goalkeeper has deceived and pushed the gate) I think that he was in cahoots with the Orbiter match)) I think there was a conspiracy))) This is my female opinion)
Certainly models is young and beautiful. And the Olympics - is the ultimate expression youth, strength and beauty.

Oh, that's a happy thought ~ to be in that room, with all that beauty.... ( ;


The set is somewhat disappointing as Nastya spends too much time with clothing on. She's is a very beautiful woman and the sets of her work best when she isn't wearing a stitch of clothing.

Hi MonCapitan) I understand you) Nastya loves this dress. She specially had chosen this dress for the shooting and has persuaded me to do a set with this dress. She brought some beautiful dresses from India, it can be understood as a girl)

great job! so natural.. (i hate photoshop)

thank you ^^

Sometimes you can't tell that it's been used...like when it's used properly.

Correct me if I am wrong Catherine, but....
I am pretty sure that Catherine is working on another photo shoot this week, so I would imagine this is why we haven't heard from her as of yet.

I hope you are able to find a little time to join us Catherine, I always enjoy reading your responses:)

Take care, don't work TOO hard now:)

Hi Browning) I'm busy casting new models, I hope in the nearest future I will be able to present their Met-Art. I am happy to join you when I have a free time. I think that at the Olympics was not easy to work with, since the very serious security measures. It would be difficult escape from the cameras.

Thank you very much for the high appreciation) I am pleased that there is such a judge))

If "Erotic Photography" was an "Olympic Event", she would be in Sochi collecting a LOT of GOLD!!

They might need to create a new "Platinum Medal" :))

I think Gold would be just fine...

Agreed, Browning!

Thank you very much for the high appreciation) I am pleased that there is such a judge))

I think that this is the best set yet of Nastya, IMO. A well-rounded set showing a softer side to her. Speaking of well-rounded, Nastya's behind is delightfully shown in this set. My only wish was that there were a few more poses with her out of the chair - such as standing ones. The delicious closeups more than made up for that! Thank you Catherine and Nastya.

Hi kilroy) Work with Nastya very grateful. Set is done very easy. Nastya during shooting begins to fantasize or I remember what I stopped this set its willful decision) Nastya really wanted to go on and on.

Quite a beautiful set of photos of the quite beautiful Nastya! LOVE the shots of that gorgeous rear end! Very nice indeed Katya...you are simply the best! And your work is very good too...;o) OXO

Thank you very much rachsback) Beautiful model, a decent photographer - is a recipe for a good set)
Good viewer - this is the reason a good mood photographer)

Lovely set of a lovely lady. Thank you!:)

Thank you very much Aesthete)

As she often does, our photographic artist gives us color without ruining our retinas. Alas, it disappears too soon.

Views of the curves of the lower back and upper butt are always nice and usually neglected.

A bit vertical. And we lost the usual number of elbows and toes.

Still, it is Catherine. :)

Hi Magwich) Thank you for your praise. I'm glad you appreciated my work well. I do not speak English very well, so I have to use a computer translator. He translates not always correct. I think it happened again)

A beautiful way, to start this day. Another fantastic job from Catherine:-) Nastya is an Angel as always... Her innocence makes crazy:-) Kiss kiss to this perfect Duo (Catherine and Nastya):-):-):-)

Hi Roger) We reply to you with kisses))

Our lovely Nastya looks so soft, warm and curvy... so deliciously feminine. How I'd like to cuddle with her for a day or two. ( :
I especially liked the beginning of the set, playing in and out of Nastya's pretty dress. It adds a nice naughty feeling.
This is a truly wonderful set, Catherine... ( :

I'd have to say this is my favorite set of Nastya... so far. ( :

Hi fer_realz) I did a few sets with Nastya in November, I believe that the other sets like you too)

That is wonderful news, Catherine! ( :

fer_realz, I'm not sure I'd say it's my favorite (I think "Parathiro" is probably my favorite), but I certainly like this set very much....actually I like all of Nastys's sets :)

I agree with your "so far" addendum though:), hopefully Catherine and Nastys will provide us with many more sets to choose a favorite from in the future.

Is Parathiro that wonderful set in the meadow from last summer? If so, I have to agree with you, Browning... almost... I'd say that one's my second favorite. ( :

OK, I just checked, the set I was thinking of is Michilo. That is my second favorite, this is my favorite. "So far." ( :

Browning, I think you are right)

Browning...I think your typo is hilarious!!! LOL

I just now noticed them!
Carpal tunnel causing problems with my left "pinky" finger not being able to reach the "a" key....at least that's my excuse:))
It actually sounds pretty good though....maybe better than the correct spelling of Nastya!

lmao! Maybe you've got something there...lol
I guess there IS an advantage to the "hunt and peck" method of typing... ;o)

This is yet another swell collaboration by Nastya and Catherine.

Nastya's hair here is not long enough for her to tickle her bum. Instead, Catherine has inserted her version of rear cleavage ala Vikki Dougan in #57; very nice!

Thank you Catherine, thank you Nastya for this very nice visit.

Hi Baggy36Pants) Nastya became more feminine and work with her body becomes more interesting. Thank you very much)

131 photos of a supremely beautiful woman, perfect! Nastya is absolutely gorgeous and Catherine's photography is perfect. It is always so nice to see photos of Nastya. I hope we will see much more. Very warm regards and best wishes to both Nastya and Catherine.

Hi Neil) We also send you my best wishes. Met-Art has gained some good sets with Nastya, I hope we will see them soon. Thank you very much)

A predictably classy set from Catherine and Nastya. It even has that endangered species of nude photography (at least on this site) - a standing rear shot or two. I only wish those were whole body shots. But very enjoyable set nevertheless. Some lovely and engaging facial expressions from Nastya.

Hi lember92) I am very pleased that you enjoyed our work. Nastya traveled to India and brought back from India this dress. She asked me, me made ​​a photoshoot with this dress.

Very beautiful dress it IS!! She has very good taste!

Hi rachsback) Nastya can to dress well and I really like that she collects a good composition from of random things.

I appreciate those standing poses from both front and back.

Hi kilroy) Nastya very artistic model, she is with great pleasure comes up with new position.

Amen the standing rear shot(s).


Nastya, Sigh, such a lovely woman. Darling face, Gorgeous brown eyes, and so many sexy looks to get my heart pounding. So flexible and athletic yet totally sexy. Of course this is a Catherine set so I expect nothing less than the best and I am seldom disappointed. Lovel model, lovely photographer and a lovely set.

I think this is an older set? I recognize this room and the slight color bias.

Hi hipshot131) I join to your words about the model Nastya) She is worthy of praise. This set I shot in November 2013. Thank you very much)

This is good news because it means Nastya is growing even more beautiful. ( :

Yes, Nastya is gradually turning into a beautiful young woman)

Catherine, Nastya has always been a beautiful girl....she is now becoming a much more beautiful young WOMAN:))
BUT....YOU are even MORE beautiful;))

Very nice Catherine and Nastya:)
Nastya looks great and the photography is excellent.
Starting with this set, I'd like to see Nastya's overall rating begin to climb back up into the top 30 (where she had been, until just recently, for a very long time).

Thank you Catherine:)

Just a little tid-bit for anyone who doesn't already know, from my experience Nastya is as nice and sweet as she is beautiful. She's highly intelligent and has an excellent singing voice.

Hi Browning) I also hope that members of Met-Art Nastya will appreciate deservedly)

If personally acquainted -bastard.

Magwich, I also do not understand your comment. In any case, you have written rude and offensive.

Magwich, if you read this response....I'd like to apologize for my confusion and also for being the reason Catherine misunderstood your comment too.

English is my native tongue and I misunderstood your comment, so I think it was very easy for Catherine to assume it was "negative" when she read that I questioned the meaning of your "wording".

Catherine is my friend and she is always thoughtful and caring....I believe that I am the cause of Catherine's confusion and the reason she initially responded they way she did.

An apology is hardly necessary, good Browning. My native English has been known to startle my own friends.

I am glad I was finally understood even with my delayed response. I just learned how to click the button that shows responses to my comments.

My 3 words, one usually an insult, was certain to draw criticism. Only rarely is it used to convey envy or appreciation. And it is still crude. Though standards of language seem to be more tolerant here, I can hardly complain. I have dished out a few, I can expect to receive the same.

Thank you for explaining while I was not paying attention.

Thank you Magwich. All is good:)

Magwich has a distinctive and subversive sense of humor, Catherine. He meant no true disrespect, it was a joke ~ "You know her? I am jealous of you."

My gallant knight.

You're welcome.

I don't understand your comment Magwich. I don't have any exclusive information about Nastya, I simply wanted to let people know that she is much more than just a physically beautiful woman.

I 'think' his intent was to express his envy "if" you were to be "personally acquainted" with her... It just didn't come across very well... Going by his comments so far, I really don't think he was being 'malicious'.

I agree rachsback. I kind of hoped Magwich would chime in and explain his comment, but I do believe you are correct.

I think my response caused problems for Catherine too, I imagine the translation from English to Russian didn't work out very well.
I probably only served to make Catherine believe that Magwich's comment was a negative one....when he probably was, in sort of a backhanded way, praising Nastya.

Only praise for Nastya. And a tip of the hat to those she knows.

(Tip of the hat = show of respect. I don't want to mess up again.)

Exactly. Magwich has a biting sense of humor/sarcasm, (which is why I always look forward to reading his comments, even when I disagree with his conclusions) but I've never seen him be deliberately malicious.

I would never mean to show malice to a model. And never ever to Catherine.

I think I summed up the computer translator. Shame to play the role of a person doesn't understand the humor.

The A-team do it again! Brilliant Catherine and luscious Nastya. What a flawless body! A perfect, clean, sweet, kissable pussy, a heavenly face, and daring, elegant poses.

Hi Myshkin) Totally agree with you, Nastya - it's brilliant. Thanks for the praise)

No Catherine, it's your artistry too :)

Thank you very much)))

a super gorgeous top model and a top photographer. an excellent set. Nastya did an excellent job. i loved her ass shots and her open legs shots giving an excellent close ups of her sweet pussy.

Katya give my regards to Nastya and kiss her for me

Hi kkronful) I handed your kiss Nastya)

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