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Very nice Catherine! Nastya looks gorgeous!

you wrote: "Very nice to know that I have a viewer who understands me..."

Then I'm very pleased to tell you there's one MORE enthusiast that mustn't be forgotten on the shores of the Mediterranean in Southern France.

I ADMIRE your work, first (every time I see :"Photos by Catherine" I RUSH...as your pictures are nearly always among the most heavenly on this site),
AND THEN I also like the way you behave towards Site Members, as if they were friends for you -----> if that's true, then let me say they are
PROUD of it, and consider you as a Friend too.....
All the very best for you, Catherine !


I love totally Sets made by Catherine:-):-):-) The colors of Her Sets are to die for, Miau!!! Sooner or later, we will go crazy about this Dream-Team (Nastya/Catherine)... Two Sets with Nastya in less than a month is simply fantastic!!! This Angel (Nastyusha) with so an amazing Smile leaves me whenever breathless... Totally beautiful from Head to Toes. I'm already waiting for Her next Set:-) Thank You to both and Kiss kiss♥

Hi all people fortunate enough to gaze upon the incredibly beautiful Nastya K. We are lucky, lucky, lucky, in the extreme. I can even over look the curly hair, although I keep remembering "Presenting Nastya" where she is spread in a field of dandelions on a white fur rug. Yowza!! She is one of the few girls that look a little better with straight hair, specially when playing with Susanna C, who is another hottie, specially when excited. Whew! She is making me dash for another set of heart pills. I have to give both Nastya and Catherine a 10+infinity

Hi 5seadog) I am happy to assess 10 + infinity) I will try in a short time to make new sets with participation Nastya. I hope it will be the beautiful work) I very much hope that you will enjoy these sets)

Nastya is as easy on the eyes as new kitten and just as playful and entertaining but it's the mind of the viewer that is most pleased. Nastya is like a fine wine. She just gets better with time. She is multifaceted, cute, sophisticated, playful, daring and very sultry. This is a woman of depth and a man could spend a very long time learning the complexities of this dream girl.

All photographers apply the signature, the 'copyright' on the back of the photos.
Catherine applies the copyright into the photos.
On the contrary Catherine does not need to sign her photos is sufficient to look at a photo and even children know who are those photos.
The beauty of the photos of Catherine comes from work done before.
The selection of colors and colors according, the lights, the setting, the makeup, the accessories are all designed first and carefully put in place.
Many photographers banging a beautiful girl, naked, on the bed of a sleazy hotel and think they have done art.
No Catherine is not rock noise but a Mozart concerto.
Thanks Nastya, thanks Catherine.

Hi gaetano maria) Thank you for being you see these nuances in my work. Really the preparatory phase before the photographing can be very long. I confess honestly, it seemed to me that many members of Met-Art do not notice it. They do not need it. Now I see that I was wrong. It pleases me) Very nice to know that I have a viewer who understands me. Gaetano maria, your deep and subtle vision I was very touched. Thank you very much)


For those that might not be aware Catherine will out looking for more beauties to delight use for the next few weeks so we won't hear much from her while she is out finding more lovelies for us to enjoy. As always I will miss her comments but I am very much excited to see what she finds for us. I wish you much luck Katya and happy and fruitful times. I think K may still have at least new girl from Catherine waiting for us in her treasure chest. I await her debut soon?

Good new, hip. Thanks for the inside scoop.

Hi hipshot131) Thank you for your good wishes) I hope that my hunting will be successful))

This set is one of the best of Nastya, in my opinion. First, I like her hair style, hanging freely and curled, much better than the pony tail. I like the color in this set, and the wider range of expression Nastya shows (and some smiles!). Also, a decent mix of poses. Thank you Nastya and Catherine.

Hi kilroy) I am very glad you liked the color of this set. I wanted to make a set of juicy, apparently, I did it. Thanks for the praise)

As an *artist of beautiful women*....occasionally.....I see a woman with _just the right approach_ of *beautiful hair* .....*beautiful body*......*just beautiful*.

She's 'got it'.


once again this month Katya presented to us lovely Nastya. gorgeous model and excellent photography, excellent poses and lighting.
i loved Nastya's sweet face, her curly hair, her gorgeous ass and thighs. Katya presented Nastya's delicious pussy in the best possible way.
Katya we need Nastya again.
i love you both.

Hi kkronful) Thank you that you are noted the quality of lighting. I wanted to make a bright vivid colors. Nastya has a beautiful body, beautiful curly hair.
I waited for the publication of this set. I have great interest in it looked) We love you too)

my dear Catherine.
i disagree with you.Nastya does not have a beautiful body. she has the most gorgeous body i have ever seen. i do hope she will never retire even if she marries.
Nastya did an excellent job and you did perfect photography displaying all the beauty of Nastya.

thousands of kisses to you both.

Nastya belongs in a catagory all her own...how about "Exotic Cute+++++"?

Hi Link Hogthrob) I do not quite understand what you mean.

She both exotic and cute...the "+++++++" is emphasis on the cute, like getting an "A+" instead of an "A" for a school grade.

Just wondering why a lot of the Russian and Slavic women have "white nipples", I have seen this a lot on other sites, any answers? Never saw an American with the white nipples....

There is make-up for that, generally called nipple rouge. Totally original, huh?

Many women in eastern Europe believe that tanning their nipples could cause skin or breast cancer, so they wear what we might call pasties while on the tanning bed.

It could mean they haven't been touched or kissed enough. However, I have a solution ...

Hi) Girls for safety when they visit a solarium, covered nipples stickers. It is the prevention of cancer.

She's just lovely in every way in every setting. Such a versatile model.

Hi) I agree with you.

Catherine! You lucked out finding such a beautiful subject as Nastya and you were able to keep her all to yourself. But in the end, we all lucked out! What a lovely way to start a Saturday morning!

Hi Tomcat8229) I'm glad I was able to paint Saturday morning) nice to know that my work is the reason for this)

Picture 93, so languid and yet ready, that is what I imagine heaven looks like.

Hi Droog) Perhaps this is only the threshold of Paradise) If we there someday there'll meet again, perhaps it will look like this))

This woman is so pink. Gorgeous!

Thank you very much chez22)

Doubtless one of the better photosets shot by Catherine.

After a long time waiting finally again a worth seeing gallery of extraordinary (mostly a bit too decent) model Nastya - thankfully solo!

To the make-up artist:

The less heavy make-up (particularly the eyebrows) as seen in set "Zuzena" from 09 04 2014 fits Nastya better a lot!

Hi uuusssee) I will keep in mind your remark about makeup. Very useful remark. Thank you)

134 magnificent photos of a supremely beautiful young woman named Nastya. Perfect! Nastya is as beautiful as any young lady could hope to be, so very regal and elegant, yet so very cute. The rich vibrant colors in the background are perfect for Nastya. Excellent set .

Hi Neil)
Thank you. When we did this set, was a late night. Nastya showed a good performance and durability.

A real feast for my eyes.What a girl!Nastya,you´re so precious!An extraordinary set,Katya.

The seller

Hi gswkJu) I am pleased to make the holiday for you) Thank you for Nastya patience.

In this set, Catherine uses a lush and rich color palette to set off the somewhat sober mood Nastya begins with. It is complicated, moving from purple through orange and cream to bright yellow and finally the green hues of the couch on which Nastya lounges. For all that, the color scheme seems harmonious with Nastya's mood, her tan, and also her luxuriously curvy shape.

Her use of color in this set is outstanding.

Thanks Kilroy)

Hi fer_realz) I am pleased that you have noticed my work with color in this set. I always pay much attention to this. You gave me confidence that I am working correctly. Otherwise, I began to doubt) I thought that the bright frames are not interesting. Nastya in this set is worthy of all praise. Thank you)

I am very impressed with the evolution of your color sensibilities in your sets over the last year especially, Catherine. I only recently began noticing what a powerful influence color has in photography ~ and then I noticed that you had also been making the same discovery, much earlier than I. ( :

You are doing a wonderful job. ( :

Hi fer_realz) I am pleased that you have noticed my work with color in this set. I always pay much attention to this. You gave me confidence that I am working correctly. Otherwise, I began to doubt) I thought that the bright frames are not interesting. Nastya in this set is worthy of all praise. Thank you)

Thank you Katya!
Thank you K
and above all Thank you Nastya

Hi hipshot131)
Thank you for your comment)))
Thanks K.
Thanks Nastya for work.

Gorgeous, Nastya displays herself beautifully, some jaw dropping spread leg shots here, captured perfectly by the very talented Catherine,very nice.

Thank you bobblehat) All poses that you see in this set, it's totally improvisation Nastyas. She gave me the opportunity only take off. Thank you for your praise)

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