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Catherine, I must agree with others, I think that this is about the best set of Nastya yet from you. I like her hair this way (not pulled back into a pony tail). A nice mix of poses, nice expressiveness, just overall great!

great work Catherine love your sets would like to see a few more wide shots in them keep up great work

My favorite set of Nastya so far, Catherine. The lighting was great in this set.
Thanks so much!

Alas, "Dr Catherine" surgically removed the patients feet!

)) You are inattentive, I have removed not only the legs.

Nastya K : BANAVE by Catherine

A gorgeous model and poor photography. Catherine is continuing in her new line of bad photography. Bad resolution and I guess soft focus. This is not what new used to get from Catherine. A very bad set not the quality we used to get from met art.is Cathering experimenting with soft focus photography? 7/10 is the best grade I could give.
I wish Catherine returns to her old line of good photography. Leave soft focus.

Are we looking at the same set?

Hi kkronful) I did a lot of work where other lighting. I think Met-Art will publish them soon. I hope you will enjoy these works. Thank you for your comment)

Catherine, you know my feelings towards you. I used to download your sets before I see it, thank yoy for taking my comments about lighting into consideration because all your models have a fair skin. I commented on that on your set for Dalia.I hope also that you take my comments about focus and resolution and soft focus.
I love you Katia.

thank you Cathrine for your reply. did you use soft focus in this set??

please return to your old line of excellent photography.

Well,I think that Nastya is becoming more beautiful every day, and the set is summed up in shots #8 and #116.And this is the perfect way to do Nastya's hair, straght with just a slight curl at the ends. She is just one of those girls that look better that way.This is a masterpiece from both Catherine and Nastya, and I have rated it 10+ infinity for both

Hi 5seadog) Thank you for such a high rating. I'm glad you liked this set. When I look at this set, I am convinced that the Nastya more suitable long hair.

Nastya...my favorite exotic Eurasian uber cutie!


Catherine continues to produce work that demonstrates why she is my favorite photographer on Met: a stunning model, slowly revealed, and shown sensually as if in the throes of passion. Loved the set!


Hi ProctorGuard) I am pleased that you like as a photographer. Nastya loves to show her sexuality. She did not need nothing to show and teach, it is completely self-sufficient. Thank you)

WOW!! The best set of Nastya yet! This is absolutely beautiful Katya!! The "bottomless w/shirt" look is very attractive on Nastya! Such a gorgeous female and photographed by a "maturing professional"! And I DON'T mean that you're getting old! LOL XOXO Very beautiful work!!

Hi rachsback) Thank you very much) Yeah, I guess arises professional maturity, but also age. Just recently I have turned 19 years old))))

)) )) )) XO ;o) Me too!

Me too, for like the 19th time... LOL

Oh Catherine, thank You once more for this beautiful Set, Miau!!! ♥Настюша♥ looks every day and in every Set sweeter♥ I hope that this Russian Goddess will stay with us for a lot of years... Better forever ♥ ♥ ♥ You too Catherine!!! I wait for Your next Set and as always, a lot of Big Kisses to both from Switzerland♥

She would like better Swiss Chocolates I think ;))))

I think You're right:-) Kisses are sweet, but Chocolates are sweeter:-) Better Choco Pralines for both Nastya and Catherine:-)

Hi Roger) I love chocolate, many times greater than Nastya)

You love chocolate many times greater than you love Nastya, or
You love chocolate many times greater than Nastya loves chocolate..? ;o)

Button-down and bottomless, Nastya melts my heart again. I especially like #16, she seems to like being silly. Nice set!

"Button-down and bottomless," - great phrase! I agree with your (and other's) descriptions and ratings of this particular set of Nastya by Catherine. Sometimes Nastya has some shots that are just so darn cute in her sets that they're just "show stoppers".

Hi Checkers) Nastya loves to play and probably fooling around too)

Nastya is so beautiful in such a simple white background.Good job ladies.

Hi H WU) Thank you very much)

Our little Nastya is growing up and getting even more beautiful and tempting! Still one of Catherine's best models. I love the white blouse and the colors of the background. Awesome closeups of the cleanest, tastiest most perfect looking vulva anywhere. I don't get where you could call this set tame? It sure pushes all of my buttons! I will be reviewing it many times!

I think this is one of Catherine and Nastya's best sets ever. This one is to good to even rate because 10 is completely inadequate!

You are a master of light and color. That is one of your best skills! Cloudy days make for perfect lighting with just a bit of warming front lighting.

Hi hipshot131) Thank you very much) I sent your comment to Nastya. I am glad that I managed to colorize and make bright and shiny a cloudy autumn day. Nastya was is very bright paint in my palette.

Plus, Nastya has one of the cutest and, pardon me if I'm being injudicious here, biteable little derrieres shown around hereabouts. VERY nice work Catherine and to you Nastya, thanks for being the center of it.

Hi arkie2) Thank you for your praise) It is a pleasure.

#21 is one of the most perfect closeup photos I have seen and it just gets better from there. That is now number one on my PP list.

)) Yes, it's very symmetrical picture.

symmetry is key for me but also I love how the inner lips are moist and how perfectly groomed she is. This picture makes my mouth very moist also! ;)

Lovely Nastya is looking particularly cuddly in this set. ( :
Anytime she wants to borrow a shirt and prance around in nothing else, she's free to come over to my place. How charming. ( :

Hi _fer_realz_) It is very similar to Nastya)) I think it would have been just so. Then Nastya would insist that you went for a walk together the shops.))

Yes, that sounds about right. ( :

It sounds wonderful to me. Walking downtown, window shopping hand and hand with Nastya maybe stopping at a sidewalk cafe? Now that is a dream I could live with!

I know, right? Sounds like the perfect Saturday afternoon to me... and then comes the evening... ( : ( : ( :

123 wonderful photos of an absolutely beautiful young woman. Perfect. Nastya is gorgeous, with a perfect feminine body. I like the white shirt, the white bed linens and white curtains. Very rich and elegant. Warm regards to both Nastya and Catherine. Two beautiful and talented ladies.

Hi Neil) When I look at this set, I remember the autumn. Very little time left before the Christmas.
Thank you Neil) I am always pleased to read your comment.

What I like most about Nastya is that she is a healthy weight. Some of these models are so skinny it borders on ridiculous. She looks healthy and has a healthy body - and therfore the private bits also look good.

And delicious!

...and cuddly... she looks so cuddly... ( :

Nastya often expressed discontent concerning their own weight. She travels a lot on the bike and visit fitness room. She thinks that she had excess weight.

There is no excess there. That is total perfection. She has one of the most perfect bodies on Metart. Just enough to make the thought of cuddling with her irresistible. Not too much and not to little of anything.

Please reassure her that she looks PERFECT.
( :

I agree:-)

I will definitely tell her)


A beautiful set indeed. I do however feel that Catherine's work is getting more sensuous and beautiful at the cost of decreasing eroticism .

Hi ergo) You raised an interesting topic. "I'll think about it tomorrow")))

A wonderful set - I agree. However, I disagree about the "decreasing eroticism." Can't get much more erotic than #42 IMHO. Doesn't "show anything" yet the sheerness of the blouse when marvelously backlit by the light of the window leaves (me at least) wanting to see more. That, coupled with Nastya's closed eyes and upturned face and overall facial expression just seems to ooze sexual desire.

Hi arkie2) Nastya is very flirtatious. She likes to be erotic, even if she wears a strict business clothes.

And I think this is wonderful. It is one of the things that makes her a great model

Doctor Catherine takes very good care of her beautiful models. :)

Yes, Dr. Catherine sometimes makes recommendations model. But these patients are not always disciplined))

If you ever need to "discipline" one of your "patients", I can be available for a small fee. ;-)

One of Catherine's better work! A rather tame photo set but some very nice pictures.

9/10 for this set.

Hi uuusssee) I am very pleased that you liked this set.

Very beautiful Set. Congratulations Catherine and Congratulations Nastya!

Hi JimmyGeorge) Thank you very much) I am glad to read your review. Nastya is very done a good job. Bright window, but it was an overcast autumn day.

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