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this set is bordering on the 'too much detail' - and I am not complaining, since it stayed on the pretty side of it..

btw, hasn't Catherine been on the other side of the camera as well?

Yes but only to learn what the models feel and how she should work with them. And yes she is quite lovely.

Catherine seems to be losing her touch. There are far too many photographs in this set with Nastya wearing clothing. She should have been nude from the outset.

In your opinion. There are a lot of us that like to be seduced.

I like the colors and overall brightness. Nastya is a beautiful young woman. One thing I don't much care for about Catherine's galleries is that all her inside sets look like they are shot in a hotel room. Reading through her latest set with Vanda, Catherine stated it was shot in a hotel room and they needed to leave ASAP because a Rock Star was taking the room over. Doesn't Catherine have her own studio?

She is working away from home more now to allow more variety for us. When you are visiting another city you don't have a lot of choice.

Nastya lives in Kazan where Catherine also resides.

If I had never seen a Nastya K or Catherine series previously then I would be enthralled, raving about the fine art qualities, and giving a 10+ rating.

Harsh reality strikes and I find myself giving this a modest rating, adding evidence for the notion that the-quest-for-the-new is all consuming.

Great set of one of our favorite models. I love Nastya from her adorable face down to her cute little feet.

Oh Catherine, surely you will bring me to an early death. What can I say except 'WOW'!!! Thanks Catherine and Nastya.

Catherine's Colors? Fantastic in every way!!! Nastya K? Adorable living Doll!!! ♥Kiss kiss to Both and thank You, Miau♥

125 wonderful photos of a perfectly beautiful young woman. Nastya is at her very best. She is as beautiful as any woman could hope to be. And she is a very talented model, poise and confidence. The backgound colors is perfect for Nastya's complexion. Catherine, this is a wonderful set. Very well done.

Beautiful color scheme! Beautiful dress! Beautiful subject and photography! Magnificent set!! Nothing else except kisses for the beautiful artist and her beautiful inspiration, Nastya! XXXXXXXX :o)

Oops... I see a few pretty faces chopped in half...(92-123)... So sad...:o(

This set captures and emphasizes Katya's incredible beauty all over. There is nothing more to wish for. Catherine has done the best shoot of this type period

At the top of my "Desirable" list is "exotic Eurasian face". At the top of that list is Nastya.

I loved the simple brown dress and watching Nastya slowly remove it. An exquisite set of photographs of an exceptional beauty. Many thanks to both Nastya and Catherine for another wonderful photo set!

What is going through the mind of the beautiful Nastya, in pic #109.....hmmmm.......

Another masterpiece by Nastya and Catherine. I especially love #125, where Nastya is laughing. Wonderful set!

i was about to write to Katya telling her that i miss Nastya very much. Katya responded before i write. i adore Nastya and adore her body in all its details. i adore her curvy ass and thank Katya for giving us multiple shots of that delicious gorgeous ass. i thank Katya for shot 111.

thanks for Nastya and Cathrine.

Nastya was on telephone last night to tell me of this release... Katya and I were happy and toasted to another successful day of shooting...;o)

Shots 111 and 112 are really superb!

Unbelievable good body shoots!! 10+

Ok! I like this photo set too. Some really nice pictures & some good posing by Nastya.

But question to Catherine: Why absolutely all pictures are shot from the same camera position without the merest shifting the camera angle? Are you rooted to the ground?

Excellent from all points of view.

Hi gaetano maria) I'm glad you liked this set. I'm glad to see your comment)

Using the glamorous evening gown to begin the set was a brilliant idea, though with someone as vibrant and pretty as Nastya, I'd like to see a bright splashy color gown on her to play up her sexiness. ( :
In addition, there are some very nice shots that feature Nastya's unique expressions and personality really well in this set, especially the very last shot. ( :

Hi fer_realz_) I think you're right. This dress not enough some wealth, for this reason I painted the the background of the set. Yes, the last frame characterizes the Nastya. Thank you for your comment)

Ah, yes, I see what you mean. That makes sense. ( :

Stunning girl beautifully photographed. Thank you Nastya and Catherine :)

Thank you very much aesthete2) I am very pleased to hear such praise)

A stunningly beautiful set .
Great work Catherine !! :-) .xxx

Thanks ergo) I am very pleased)

You should be VERY pleased Katya....this is Magnificent!!

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