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she gest prettier and prettier with time

Welcome back, Natalia! Please don't wait so long to pay Met-Art another visit ... your fans are legion! :)

NATALIA, your lips look delicious!! Don't take so long to return.

Pussy rules!

Puffies, glass cutters, downy hair and pubes are great.

Thanks Natalia, and Alex.

Great to see you again, Natalia !

My gawd, you're more and more beautiful with every passing year.

Thanks so much for sharing your incredible sexiness. Amazing bod.

Excellent work, Sironi.

Beautiful woman and set. Perfect boobs.

Picture #18 in amazing.

This gallerie is nicely done. Natalia looks better than ever. She, her hairstyle and the modern blue surroundings fits together.

I was very fond of Natalia, and then she disappeared... Only two sets all of last year. This is a different look... Same scrumptious pussy...:oP

true dat, Rock.

It was a year ago since Natalia G graced these pages. When I saw her previewed, I went through a few of her older sets to refresh my memory. Yes, I remembered those succulent lips, both above and below. She also has those "significant eyebrows" as Baggy often puts it. This set appears more to my favor than some of her older ones, and I am glad to see that there is more of her in the vault.

With those generous labia, Natalia would be a good candidate for a few of those deployed butterfly shots like Mila M/Matiss gave us two months ago.

Natalia'a hair style gives her the 'friend's little sister' look, and the overall feel of this set is that 'friend's teasing little sister.'

Natalia is a very beautiful girl that I have followed in your photo sets for a long time. She has a special pussy. She also is very beautiful of face and figure. I would love to see a movie of her.

Natalia is a stunningly gorgeous young "girl next door" beauty who poses with aplomb. The boys in the tag section have singled out her lips for attention ~ and they are indeed worthy. ( :
I for one would very much like to play on the couch with Natalia and her generous lips. ( :

I for two! Both sets are worthy for kissing, the lower for more in-depth oral attention, certainly a mouthful.

LOL "Great minds think alike"!! ;o)

What an amazing day. Four 10's by my scorecard, and you, Natalia, with that perfect face and those luscious lips, are prima inter pares.

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