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incredibly beautiful

We seem to start in the middle of this photo shoot, and jump back to the beginning halfway through. I don't read stories that way, and a good set tells a story.

i wish to give Goncharov less than 0. this is supposed to be a nude set

No, it is supposed to be an artistic and sensuous set featuring a woman showing us sexually stimulating views of her body. Mission accomplished.

Semplicemente meravigliosa !

I quite like this photographers work, and this shoot is no exception. Its good to see models on their backs showing their faces and labia - in where both are in focus. Some photographers seem to have trouble with this as either the face is in focus but not the labia, or the labia is in focus but not the face - usually because they are too close. This photographer gets it right both here and on most of his other shoots. Also I will add that this model is brill, fishnet stockings, long hair, legs wide apart and labia gaping open will always work for me!

I agree, the entire model should be in focus. Sometimes are eyes are drawn to a part of the pic, which may have not been intended by the person taking the pic. So, the pic that are in focus no matter where your eyes may roam are by far the best. I also like your comment about the attire. The one aspect I would add, however, you need a balance between totally nude and the pics that tease us to what is under the clothing.

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