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Natalie has a very appetizing ass, the last pics are the best showing her delicious young pussy and anus. She would be a terrific fuck !

perfect girl. perfect photography. every set should be like this one.

Now That Is Beautiful Woman! Natalie, You are amazingly beautiful!! This nay be the best set ever! A gorgeous, young lady showing her beutiful, wet, pink pussy with a sly sweet smile! What's to complain about?

If no.64 could be replaced, that'd be nice...

And number 80 as well.

These two pics are damaged, what are you waiting to replace them?

Goncharov raises the bar to impossible heights for all other photographers. And his models are the most beautiful. Natalie's voluptuous figure is extremely seductive but her face could launch a thousand ships.

Natalie is GORGEOUS! Goncharov has discovered a GEM. Not much latitude to improve upon Natalie's debut gallery, however this set's poses were spectacular! One complaint...several photos were flawed in the print process? WHY, post photos that are not fully exposed, cropped, or defective? It diminishes the overall effect of the gallery, and leaves the distinguished viewer feeling 'censored'?

Natalie is absolutely stunning!! I think we have a superstar here!
Hoping to see a LOT more of this gorgeous creature... Clothes or no clothes!

I am easy to please...I want to see a beautiful woman...nude or partially nude really does not matter...I think, however; that partially nude is sometimes sexier than completely nude...it depends on the model. I think Natalie looks great as she is in this set.

Smoldering beauty enhanced by a beautiful smile, Goncharov shows us Natalie in stunning form, some lovely shots sat open legged at the start, compete for prominence with some absolutely superb shots of Natalie laid out on her front looking back at the camera, with full knowledge in her expression that her lovely cunt is on full display to the viewer.

I agree. My favorite shots are on the last page where she looks back with a slight smile, knowing we are looking at her open ass. Very sexy.

this is not a nude set. i hate Goncharov. i wish to give him -20

Goncharov has produced many a fine work over the years, so a bit harsh to judge so negatively, but I'd agree that nude (for half or more per series on average) is a prefered state. Clothing is a prop - the best series for me are those that concentrate on the poses of a fine female form and the erotic potential of the model rather than the surroundings or stuff she interacts with.

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